Tsholofelo Maseko biography, age, education, Career and personal life

‌Tsholofelo Maseko born in 1990, is a South African actress and presenter who gained notoriety after winning SABC 1’s Ses’khona presenter search. She is also known as Portia on Isiphetho: The Destiny.

Biography Profile of Tsholofelo Maseko

Tsholofelo Maseko biography
Image of Tsholofelo Maseko

Full name : Tsholofelo Maseko

Gender  : Female

Age : 34 years old

­Date of birth : 1990

Place of birth  : Middleburg, Mpumalanga province, South Africa

Nationality  : South African

Occupation  : Actress and Presenter

Facebook  : Tsholofelo Maseko

Instagram  : @tsholofelomaseko

Early life

 Tsholofelo Maseko was born in Middelburg, in the province of Mpumalanga, South Africa, in 1990. After winning SABC 1’s Ses’khona presenter search, she rose to fame as an actress and broadcaster. The Mpumalanga-born actress has appeared in a number of TV series, including Soul City, Ngempela, Generations, and a significant role in the second season of Intersexions. In 2016, she executive produced a documentary called Epahsini Lambhudango, which focused on her Ndebele heritage and the seeming disconnection of the younger generation from their legacy. [1]

Education of Tsholofelo Maseko

It’s unclear when and where she attended primary and secondary school. The schools she attended to get her basic education before to enrolling in college must exist even though they are unknown. Boston College awarded her a National Diploma in Business Management.

Personal life

Nothing is currently known about her private or personal life. All that is known about Tsholofelo is that he leads a contented single life. She has revealed nothing, not even information regarding previous relationships. We’ll send you updates as soon as we can, but for now, Tsholofelo’s Instagram and Facebook accounts appear to have material.

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Career of Tsholofelo Maseko

Tsholofelo Maseko biography
Image of Tsholofelo Maseko

Tsholofelo Maseko, an actress and broadcaster, rose to fame after being victorious in SABC 1’s Ses’khona presenter search. Tsholofelo dabbles in presenting but her main profession is acting. Tsholo was one of the South African Traditional Music Awards’ red carpet hosts. Given that she champions African pride and is proud of her background, she was an ideal choice for the role. [2]

She starts by lending Takalani Sesame Basma’s voice. The Mzansi term for the American version of Sesame Street is Takalani Sesame. Basma is a quirky person with a great sense of humor. Tsholo also provides voiceovers for radio and television advertisements. She is an accomplished voice actor in IsiZulu, IsiNdebele, and English. She provides voice acting services for

More work

Earlier in 2022, Tsholofelo took part in a photography competition on SABC1. The program was called The Perfect Picture. Among the many photographers competing for the first prize in the competition was Thick Leyonce. Even after Tsholofelo Maseko left to follow other interests, she remained a member of the SABC family.

It’s encouraging to see Tsholofelo Maseko doing well, as many had been wondering about her whereabouts. Many people who saw her working or just out and about noticed her brightness. She is one of the famous people who seem to be regressing in age. Tsholofelo appears fresh and has an amazing figure. She has a lengthy career in entertainment, but it seems like she is busy than ever right now.

Social media

She does not have 49,900 followers on Instagram alone. Tsholofelo posted 101 times after 1740. She has less Instagram followers than the typical South African celebrity. Nonetheless, her influence outweighs her fan base. For this reason, the celebrity collaborates with brands on a number of occasions. She has collaborated with brands of apparel and electronic devices. Maseko uses Tsholofelo Maseko’s Facebook account as well. She shared pictures of herself on Facebook and in group posts. [3]

The Tsholofelo Maseko’s net worth

The current estimation of Tsholofelo’s net worth is unknown. It is unknown how much money she makes each month. Researching her monthly pay will be our first step in estimating her net worth, which is equal to her yearly wage. We’ll notify you of any updates as soon as we can.