Who Exactly is Neo Mekgwe aka Thando from Nikiwe

Neo Mekgwe is a South African Actress, voice over artist and performer born 11 march 1997 popular known for playing the role of Thando on Nikiwe, she is Nikiwe’s friend.

Biography Profile of Neo Mekgwe

Neo Mekgwe biography
Image of Neo aka Thando

Full name  : Neo Mekgwe

Gender  : Male

Date of birth  : 11 March 1997

Place  of birth  : Koster, Rustenburg

Nationality  : South African

Occupation  : Actress, voice over artist and performer

Facebook  : Neo Mekay

Instagram  : @neo_mekay

Early life

Neo Mekgwe, who is currently 26 years old, was born on March 11, 1997. She grew up in the South African province of North West, in Koster, Rustenburg. Who are her parents and other family members?

Neo Mekgwe’s schooling

Neo never provided an update regarding her primary school career while attending Reebone Secondary School for half of grade 11 and all of grade 12. Her attendance at Rustenburg Educational College spanned from January 13, 2011, till November 27, 2016. She attended CityVarsity from February 2017 to December 2019 to pursue a BA in acting. [1]

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Personal life of Neo Mekgwe

Neo Mekgwe biography
Image of Neo Mekgwe

Neo resides in Johannesburg at the moment. Based on what is on her Facebook page, she is not dating. If she had ever been in a relationship before, it is unknown. Onalerona J. Mothabeng is the name of her sister. Her two monikers are Kutlwano and Newi.

The Acting Career Neo Mekgwe

As of right now, Neo Mekgwe is playing Thando on Nikiwe. She is Nikiwe’s friend, and they had a falling out over Thando’s boyfriend, Largest. The biggest betrayed Thando by using Nikiwe, ending their friendship. However, they have now reconciled and everything is well, but Nikiwe is dating the biggest.

Neo performs on several channels, such as Mzansi Magic. Her acting debut and method of training are unknown, despite her BA in acting studies. Before making appearances on television shows, she must have started out in theaters. Right now, not much is known about her professional background.

Social networks

Neo Mekgwe is on Facebook, where a lot of her information may be found. Her Facebook friend count is at 4.5K. Additionally, she has 629 followers and 579 likes on her Facebook page. She has 12,7K followers on Instagram, 96 posts, and 781 followers. The lovely photos that @neo mekay has uploaded of herself on Instagram.