A look at the real life story behind Bradley Bareki AKA Mjomane from Scandal!

Kamogelo Bradley Bareki (born 22 December 1988/1990) is a South African actor, singer-songwriter and presenter famously known for playing the role of Mjomane on etv’s Scandal! First appearing in 2013. In this article we will look at all that is known of the actor.

Biography of Bradley Bareki

Kamogelo Bradley Bareki and his son
Kamogelo Bradley Bareki and his son

Full name: Kamogelo Bradley Bareki
Date of birth: 22 December 1988-1990
Place of birth: Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa
Education: M.H. Joosub Technical Secondary school
Height: 1.72m
Occupation: Actor, Singer-songwriter
Known for: Mjomane on Scandal and Fingers on Z’bondiwe
Net worth: Unknown
Nationality: South African

Early life

Bradley Bareki was born between the years 1988-1990 on the 22nd of December. So, as of 2023, the actor Bradley Bareki is most likely between the ages of 33-35. Moreover, the actor was born and raised in Soweto, Johannesburg, in Gauteng of South Africa.

The actor has always had a knack for the arts and has tried to invite others along in his journey. Hosting various events around his hometown with the group Zingas. At one point the actor, probably and his crew offers acting classes for as little as R100 to their community. In order to expose them to the industry.


According to our research the actor graduated from M.H. Joosub Technical Secondary school in 2007. At which age he was between 17-19 and 20 at best. Afterwards, he attended Boston City Campus for a degree undeclared in public records.

Personal life

The actor Bradley Bareki is actually a father of at least one boy. The kid was born most likely in 2013 and is 10 years old as of 2023 according to records. However, we don’t know anything with regards to the child’s mother.

Bradley Bareki and his alleged partner
Bradley Bareki and his alleged partner

Moreover, Bareki once dated a woman named Dineo Mashego at one time. However, we are uncertain how far that went as this was around 2015 when it was first confirmed. As of 2023, we don’t know anything about Bareki’s love life.

Aside from acting, the actor is also a singer-songwriter and wrote a song called lyf. The song even had a music video which he announced would be released. However, it is unknown if Bradley is still releasing or ever released afterwards.

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Career of Bradley Bareki

Bareki accepted a presenting position on the SABC3 programme iCrew in 2007. This interactive, animated, game/magazine for kids allowed viewers to affect what happened on the programme using their cellphones.

Mjomane played by Bradley Bareki
Mjomane played by Bradley Bareki

He later got a small part in the SABC1 drama series Home Affairs. Which was nominated for an International Emmy. Thereafter, he played a soccer player in the Winnie Mandela film Winnie in 2010. Which had its debut in 2011.

Furthermore, in 2013, he played the lead character of Benzine in the Mzansi Magic miniseries Stash. Moreover, he also appeared as a special guest in the e.tv drama series Z’bondiwe in 2015 as fingers.

Bradley Bareki 2023 Mjomane Reprisal

As of 2023, the actor has returned again as Mjomane on Scandal, who is now terrorizing the young Mbuso Mdletshe on Scandal! In the story, he protected Mbuso, who is only 18 according to the story, from Juvenile prison terrors.

In return he wanted him to do his dirty work. However, Mbuso wanted to change his life and leave that life behind. So, the conflict ensued between the two, leaving Mjomane angry and threatening the young Mbuso.

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Net worth

His actual net worth is unknown. However, some estimates say he could be worth around $200,000. But, that’s unverified.

Moreover, Bradley is expected to be earning around R30,000-R40,000 for his Mjomane role on etv’s Scandal. However, the actual figure is yet to be verified.


While his agency is unknown to the public. His projected height from estimates put him at a height of around 1.7m tall. Which is average height for the South African male.

Social media

Bradley Bareki is not on Instagram, nor Twitter. At least not to the knowledge of the public. However, he does have an active Facebook account under his name Bradley Bareki.