Vusi Leremi AKA Clement from Skeem Saam biography, age, sexuality, net worth and more

Vusi Leremi (born July 1, 1999) is a South African actor best known for playing the role of Clement on Skeem Saam. As of 2024, Vusi will be 25 years old.

While most enjoy his gay character on Skeem Saam, few know about the struggles he had to endure to get to that point.

So, in this article, we will do just that. Read till the end for all the important information about your favourite actor.

Biography of Vusi Leremi

A picture of Vusi Leremi who plays Clement Letsoalo on Skeem Saam
A picture of Vusi Leremi, who plays Clement Letsoalo on Skeem Saam

Full name: Vusi Leremi
Date of birth: July 1, 1999
Place of birth: Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa
Education: Roosevelt High School
Height: 1.68m
Occupation: Actor
Known for: Clement from Skeem Saam
Networth: $200,000-$250,000
Nationality: South African

Early life of  Vusi Leremi

Vusi Leremi was born July 1, 1999, in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa, and as of 2024, he is turning 25 years old. The actor was discovered while he was still 12 years old and joined the cast of Skeem Saam at that tender age.

This affected his education, as he had to juggle his time between school and acting. Which wasn’t easy as Leremi isn’t much of an academic. However, with enough hard work, he managed to pass his matriculation in 2017.


Vusi Leremi is not known to have any tertiary education. So, his peak education was at Roosevelt High School, where he matriculated in 2017. He even went to an eventful matric dance with his friends and a classmate. Furthermore, Leremi grew up with fellow Skeem Saam star Lerato Marabe, and they both matriculated in 2017.

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Personal life of Vusi Leremi

This is the part most people have shown interest in because Skeem Saam Leremi is gay. However, as it turns out, in real life, he is actually straight.

And while it remains a secret if he’s dating anyone or not, he has confirmed in an interview with TshisaLive that he is not gay at all. So, depending on his perspective, we might see Miss Leremi someday.

Financial woes

Being an actor doesn’t easily mean you are rich, not by a stretch and some actors like Leremi have found themselves broke after losing work. In 2011, Leremi found himself without work after his character was temporarily removed from the show.

The actor was living in Melville at the time and had to move back to Soweto as he couldn’t afford to stay in Melville. However, after a period of 7 years living on the edge, he was rehired in 2018. And it was difficult for him to readjust but his collegues helped him get back in character.

The Acting Career of Leremi

Unlike what some may think, Leremi hasn’t had that many characters overall. In fact, he has only two known credits on TV. Firstly, his first and foremost role as Clement on Skeem Saam and his brief role on Isibaya.

But we can all agree that the actor is currently only known for his role on Skeem Saam as Clement. What most don’t know is that he had to do at least 3 years worth of research to master his gay role on Skeem.

As a result, he had to talk to a lot of people in the LGBTQ community to understand their struggles. And in an interview with Tshisa, Leremi said that LGBTQI+ people are simply misunderstood and mistreated to some extent.

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Net worth and cars

After recovering from his small fall in 2011–2018, the actor is back strong. He now owns a Ferrari and sometimes rents it out to clients. So, that’s a form of business venture he’s into and gaining some income from.

Vusi Leremi owns a Ferrari as of 2024
Vusi Leremi owns a Ferrari as of 2024

The actor is claimed to earn R89,000 from Skeem Saam by BrieflySA. However, our research suggests that he might be earning around R35,000–R40,000 at best, or even less.

However, he has managed to accumulate just more than enough. In fact, according to our research, the actor probably has a net worth of around $200,000 as of 2024.

Social media

The actor is on Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram. On his Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter accounts, he goes by the username @vusileremi. With 28k followers on Instagram, 3.3k on Twitter, and 142k on Tiktok. We don’t know his agency yet, but you can try to reach him via his email on his social media.