Khanya Greens in 10 Interesting Facts: Age, Husband, Parents and Acting Career

Khanya Greens (born February 3, 1992), whose full name is Khanyisile Siphiwe Ngutshane, is a South African actress, artist and DJ. She is best known for her role on Smoke and Mirrors as Xoliswa and Nkuleh on Uzalo.

Furthermore, Khanya has made other appearances on shows like Uzalo, Isidingo, Rhythm City, Generations: The Legacy and more.

And, in this article, we will look at 12 Facts you should know about the actress. So, read till the end for all the details.

Profile Summary of Khanya Greens

Khanya Greens whose full name is Khanyisile Siphiwe Ngutshane
Khanya Greens whose full name is Khanyisile Siphiwe Ngutshane
Full name: Khanyisile Siphiwe Ngutshane
Stage name: Khanya Greens
Date of birth: February 3, 1992
Place of birth: Johannesburg, Gauteng, and South Africa
Education: University of Cape Town (Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance)
Height: 1.7m
Occupation: Actress, DJ, Vocalist/Artist
Known for: Xoliswa on Smoke and Mirrors; Nkuleh Dlamini on Uzalo
Spouse: Mpumelelo Quincy Magudulela (m. 2019)
Children: Unknown
Instagram: @khanya_greens
Net worth: $500,000
Nationality: South African

1. Where is Khanya Greens from?

Khanyisile Siphiwe Ngutshane was born on February 3, 1992, in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. She is the daughter of the apartheid struggle activists and stalwarts, Professor Enos Ngutshane and Dr. Ann Ngutshane. Growing up in Johannesburg exposed Khanyisile not only to a rich and diverse culture but also to opportunities.

2. How does she relate to Nthabiseng Ngutshane?

Khanyisile Ngutshane has a sister named Nthabiseng Ngutshane
Khanyisile Ngutshane has a sister named Nthabiseng Ngutshane

Khanya Greens isn’t her parents’ only child but has a sister, Nthabiseng Ngutshane. Her sister seems to be the same age as her. However, unlike Khanya, her sister is more into sports and was even a player for the Pirates women’s rugby team. She is still a fitness enthusiast to date.

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3. Why were her parents exiled during the Apartheid era?

Her parents studied while in exile during the apartheid regime. So, they are well traveled, and this helped Khanyisile gain so much exposure. According to her parents, they began exposing Khanya to different cultures, music, and places at the age of 5.

Which helped broaden her perspective on life. Furthermore, her parents recognized her talent from an early age, when she was the show of the house. Greens loved singing and was good at it, as her parents also put it.

4. Where did Khanya Greens get her education?

After completing school in Johannesburg, Gauteng, Khanya decided to move to Cape Town. However, her sister Nthabiseng decided to remain in Johannesburg and study at UJ. When she was still in high school, Khanya chose to study drama.

So, she already knew that she wanted to be an actress. After Khanya relocated to Johannesburg, she enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance at the University of Cape Town. She graduated in 2013 and returned to Johannesburg to look for work.

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5. Is Khanya Greens married?

Yes, Khanya Greens is actually married. She is married to a Boston College graduate by the name of Mpumelelo Quincy Magudulela. Magudulela is a director at Gid Worx and also works as a supply chain specialist at Karabo Nhlamulo Co-operatives.

Khanya Greens is married to Mpumelelo Quincy Magudulela since 2019
Khanya Greens has been married to Mpumelelo Quincy Magudulela since 2019

While we don’t know when he met Khanya, the two got married on October 12, 2019. So, every year on the 12th of October, they celebrate their anniversary. Thus far, they’ve been married for 4 years and will be celebrating their 5th anniversary in October. The two don’t have any children yet.

6. How did her acting career begin?

Khanya began acting in high school when she took drama as a subject. And, while she was still at school, she got an opportunity to appear on Rhythm City as an extra during school holidays. However, this was only the beginning, as she still had to go to university to further her studies in drama.

Khanya Greens plays the role of Xoliswa on Smoke and Mirrors
Khanya Greens plays the role of Xoliswa on Smoke and Mirrors

After graduating in 2013, the actress took 2 years before landing her breakthrough role as Nkuleh on Uzalo in 2015. However, even after this, it wasn’t smooth sailing just yet. She acted in local films and series, including Isidingo, Generations: The Legacy, Isithembiso, The Queen, and Gomora.

And now, in 2024, her most notable role to date is as Xoliswa on Smoke and Mirrors. Her role on Smoke and Mirrors has garnered her wide acclaim. The actress’ signature afro has also gotten good praise for being beautiful.

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7. How did she get into music?

First of all, her name, Khanya Greens, is her music stage name. She was discovered by Kwaito legend Arthur Mofokate, who exposed her to better opportunities in the industry. While she initially just wanted to make Afro-Soul music, she got bitten by the Amapiano bug and tried her luck in the genre.

Khanyisile Ngutshane is also an artist and Greens is her stage surname
Khanyisile Ngutshane is also an artist and Greens is her stage surname

She released her afro-soul album titled “Be Still and Know” in 2018. It was in that same year that she tried her luck with Amapiano. As a result, she was featured on the MFR Souls’ “Indlela,” Major League and Abidoza’s “My Baby,” Demthuda and Ntokzin’s “Wawela,” and MFR Soul’s “Ngaphakathi” as of 2020.

She also released “Your Love” with Demthuda and Ntokzin in 2021 and “Ngaphandle kwakho” with Villo. Furthermore, in 2021, she released her first Amapiano album, titled “Piano Journey.”.

8. What’s her net worth?

As of 2024, the actress is estimated to be worth around $500,000. This is because, aside from acting, she’s also a DJ and influencer. So, she has other streams of income aside from acting. However, this figure is only an estimate, not an accurate spot-on figure.

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9. How tall are Khaya Greens?

Khanya Greens is 1.7m tall according to estimates
Khanya Greens is 1.7m tall, according to estimates

Despite what you may think, Khaya Greens is believed to be at least 1.68 to 1.7 meters tall. Which makes her way taller than the average South African woman. South African women are typically 1.55–1.6 m tall, while men are usually around 1.7m tall on average. So, she may be taller than a large number of men too.

10. How do I reach her?

You can find Khaya Greens on Instagram at @Khaya_Greens; she’s also on Twitter at @khaya_greens. As of 2024, she has 28.3k Twitter followers and 46.5k on Instagram. Furthermore, the actress is also reachable via her Gmail address, You can also stream her music on Spotify and other streaming platforms.