10 Facts To Know About Kwenzokuhle Kwenzo Ngcobo (Age, The Wife, Red Ink, etc.)

Kwenzo Ngcobo (born February 15, 1992) is a South African actor best known for playing Qhawe on The Wife. He also appeared on Imbewu the Seed, Soon Comes Night, Red Ink, and more. He is more involved in wire series and movies than local soap operas.

Furthermore, his recent role on The Red Ink has also earned him some underdog reputation in his career. And, in this article, we will look at 15 facts to know about the actor. So, read till the end for all the details.

Profile Summary of Kwenzo Ngcobo

Kwenzo Ngcobo played Qhawe on The Wife
Kwenzo Ngcobo played Qhawe on The Wife
Full name: Kwenzokuhle Pholoba Ngcobo
Date of birth: February 15, 1992 (32 years old)
Place of birth: Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Education: Durban University of Technology (Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama)
Height: 1.82m
Occupation: Actor
Known for: Qhawe from The Wife, Kagiso from The Red Ink
Spouse: Unknown
Relationship status: In a relationship
Net-worth: $500,000
Children: Unknown
Instagram: @kwenzo_pholoba
Nationality: South African

1. Where is Kwenzo Ngcobo from?

Kwenzokuhle Pholoba Ngcobo was born in Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, on February 15, 1992. He was raised by both his parents. However, his father passed away in March of 2023.

Ngcobo described his father as a disciplinarian who taught him responsibility and order. The lessons he said he would cherish forever. Furthermore, Ngcobo described his parents as being very supportive of his creative career in the arts.

As pertaining to siblings, Kwenzo has siblings, although we are unsure how many there are. His mother is still alive, and he’s grateful to her. In one post, he shares his mother with a woman whom many believe to be his sister.

2. How old is Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo?

As of 2024, Kwenzo Pholoba is 32 years old, having been born in 1992. In fact, he celebrated his birthday 2 months ago, on the 15th of February. Moreover, information about his date of birth was derived from his actual website. So, it’s as accurate as a clock.

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3. Where did he get his education?

If you’re wondering where Kwenzo Ngcobo studied or got his education,. The answer is yes, while we don’t know where Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo got his basic and secondary education.

We do know that Kwenzo Ngcobo studied for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama at the University of Durban. This is where Ngcobo got to sharpen his acting skills, do theatre plays, and even direct some of his own.

4. Is Kwenzo Ngcobo married?

While we can’t say if Kwenzo is married or not, we do know that Kwenzo Ngcobo is in a relationship. According to a relationship he had with Sowatanlive,. Furthermore, Kwenzo talked about his love language, saying that he loves love.

Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo and his fellow actor friend Thembinkosi Mthembu
Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo and his fellow actor friend, Thembinkosi Mthembu

And he was a big gift-giver. However, Kwenzo prefers to give plants instead of flowers. He said this was because flowers would die while plants lived longer. In terms of children, no data suggests that Kwenzo has any children of his own.

5. How did losing his father affect him?

In an interview with The Citizen and Sowetanlive, Ngcobo expressed how his father’s death affected him. His father died in March 2023. This was during the filming of The Wife.

So, it was a fairly difficult time for him to navigate. His father was his pillar of strength, as were both his parents, to be honest. They both raised him and supported his career pursuits. However, his father played a very different role than his mother.

According to Pholoba, he was a disciplinarian and taught Pholoba to be responsible as a man and to take accountability. So, his death was a huge loss to him. However, Kwenzo has given praise to his team, friends, and family for supporting him during those tough times.

6. How did he get into acting?

Kwenzo Pholoba began acting earlier in his school days. However, his recognized theatre credits began when he was at the Durban University of Technology. There, he participated in many theatrical plays like Till Death Do Us Part (2016), Dance Drama (2016), Othello & Hamlet (2016), and more.

However, after moving to Johannesburg, Ngcobo began appearing in some TV series and commercials. His first TV commercial was in 2017 for Polarized HD sunglasses. Thereafter, he went on to appear in other commercials like Supersport, Black and White, Jambo Fix, Orijin, and many more.

In terms of television, Kwenzo’s earliest TV appearances include Freddom Street in 2018, Imbewu in 2022, and The Wife in 2021. His most recent TV and wire series include The Red Ink and Soon Comes Night (both 2024 series).

Ngcobo has also appeared in films like Catch Up (2020), Saloon (2019), Room 33 (2018), Amawele (2015), The Field File (2019), and Fragmented Prisms (2017). Kwenzo is currently filming The Red Ink alongside Nqobile Khumalo and others.

7. Why was Kwenzo Ngcobo accused of being a drama queen?

While most think Kwenzo’s journey was smooth sailing,. It was anything but that, as he had some behind-the-scenes drama with some haters. Apparently, they labeled him as hard to work with and even tried to cancel him by blacklisting him.

However, despite such attempts, Kwenzo Ngcobo landed his current role on Soon Comes Night fairly easily. Furthermore, while Ngcobo knew that his accusers were mere haters, he did some introspection to see if he was truly wrong.

8. What are some of his other endeavors?

While Ngcobo prefers to keep his life private from the public, the actor is also an influencer away from TV. He also loves modest fashion, which suits him well. Ngcobo is also interested in outdoor activities like racing.

Moreover, Ngcobo seems to have a thing for sports cars too, according to some of his posts. But if there’s anything you’ll quickly notice, Ngcobo embraces all kinds of aesthetics and is hard to box into one niche.

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9. How much is he worth?

According to estimates, Kwenzo earns anywhere between R50,000 and R150,000 per month on his TV and Showmax roles. Furthermore, his estimated net worth as of 2024 is around $500,000. This is because he has other endeavors on the side that bring him money, including influential gigs. We don’t know any of Ngcobo’s cars or houses, as he intentionally hides such data from the public.

10. How to reach him on Social media

You can reach Kwenzo Ngcobo in many ways, including on Instagram @kwenzo_pholoba or via his email addresses at info@kwenzongcobo.co.za and kwenzo@kwenzongcobo.co.za. You can also reach out to his agent at info@jerrydeeuwmedia.co.za or 0725331890.