Anathi Gobeni – Lindo from Imbewu biography, sexuality and more

An actor, dancer, presenter, voice actor, and writer from South Africa, Anathi Gobeni is well recognized for her role as Lindo in Imbewu: The Seed. He was born on July 20, 1989, making his age 34 as of 2023. Read this article to know more about the actor.

Biography: Anathi Gobeni

A picture of Anatha Gobeni who played Lindo on Imbewu
A picture of Anatha Gobeni who played Lindo on ImbewuA picture of Anatha Gobeni who played Lindo on Imbewu

Name: Anathi Gobeni
Date of birth: 20 July 1989 (34 years old)
From: eThekwini, KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa
Origin: Eastern Cape, South Africa
Education: Durban University Of Technology (National Diploma in Drama)
Occupation: Actor, Dancer, Presenter, Voice over artist and Writer
Tv shows: Imbewu, the seed
Height: 1.75m
Net worth: $250 000- $500 000 (estimates)
Nationality: South African

Personal life history

Anathi Gobeni, a 34-year-old woman, was born on July 20, 1989. In an interview with Mthobisi Mkhwanazi from 2020, Anathi made a suggestion that he was born in the Eastern Cape. He was only 6 years old in 1995 when the Gobeni family relocated to eThekwini.

Lindo from Imbewu is originally from the Eastern Cape
Lindo from Imbewu is originally from the Eastern Cape

His family moved permanently where and wherever. It’s vital to remember that Anathi and his family frequently migrated between the KwaZulu-Natal region, the Eastern Cape, and the Western Cape. The longest-lasting relocation was, however, to eThekwini. They moved eThekwini before he began college.

Because of their frequent moves, Anathi claimed it was challenging to build enduring ties. making it challenging for him to understand himself. When he was in high school, he finished all 8 of the available topics and performed well in the classroom.

Educational Background

Anathi performed exceptionally well at school, as mentioned. He earned a B in physical sciences during his senior year of high school. But he did not, and still does not, like accounting at all. In addition, he attended acting classes in high school when the school’s single history teacher retired, forcing students to choose another topic. When Anathi decided to give up history for acting, he was about to start grade 11. and expressed how happy he was to be taking acting classes.

Life after high school for Anathi Gobeni

When Anathi Gobeni completed her secondary school education. He was under a lot of family pressure to change his career. His mother encouraged him to become a computer scientist because he was intelligent.

Gobeni studied drama at DUT instead accounting
Gobeni studied drama at DUT instead accounting

He hated accounting, but he nevertheless applied for the job since his father wanted him to be an accountant. However, personally wasn’t into that, though. Universities responded to her first two choices after taking their time. She seized the chance to pursue drama instead. It was an arduous but worthwhile road.

He rapidly switched to his dream because DUT had already reacted while the other two possibilities had taken some time to respond. Gobeni enrolled at the Durban University of Technology the next year to study drama, and he graduated with a National Diploma in Drama in 2015. focusing on singing, dancing, and acting.

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Height of Anathi Gobeni

His official CV states that Anathi Gobeni is 1.75 meters tall. He has a startling height that makes it possible for him to be both a model and an actor. on fact, he admits that he also works as a model on his Instagram bio.

Net worth

Based on possibly ludicrous assumptions. The actor’s wealth ranges from $250 000 to $500 000. which she has accumulated during the course of her career. In truth, Anathi has launched a project to pay for the acting students’ tuition. and launched a fundraiser on her birthday, July 18, 2019, to raise money for this project.

Anathi Gobeni Sexuality

The most difficult obstacle, according to Anathi, was coming out, even if he wasn’t mocked for it when he was younger. He felt obligated to come out because of his family’s expectations.

Anathi, on the other hand, had known since the age of nine that he liked guys to girls. In an interview with Kungenzeka Nakuwe, he clarified the myths and facts of homosexuality. He stressed that people’s sexual inclinations were misinterpreted. Because they lack information, and he had no other choice.

Challenges with his sexuality

When asked about the difficulties he had as a result of his sexual orientation. Anathi confessed that his relative from his hometown in the Eastern Cape was gay and feminine. So, on one occasion, they had a terrifying encounter with an elderly lady.

Lindo from Imbewu has faced very hard challanges with people who are homophobc
Lindo from Imbewu has faced very hard challanges with people who are homophobc

They were walking back from the store wearing skirts and fancy clothes when this elderly lady noticed them. Anathi claimed she didn’t know this woman and had never seen her before.

She did, however, lash out at them with the words “you will die” and go on a rant about homosexuality being horrible. Anathi, on the other hand, did not take this to heart, arguing that education was vital and that LGBT people were, on the whole, nice people.

Is Lindo from Imbewu a woman?

Lindo from Imbewu is a man whose real name is Anathi Gobeni. He enjoys dressing up and applying make-up like a woman. His interest is in men rather than women, indicating that he is a gay man. Most people are perplexed by his role on Imbewu since he portrays a gay male.

Career journey in acting

Anathi had already appeared in at least 20 theater productions by the end of his first year. He was starting to articulate his sexuality in a more open and honest manner at this point. The story of how Anathi on Imbewu came to be known as Lindo is an odd one. She observed an elderly man following her as she went grocery shopping. She kept diverting his attention because the man was still following him from a distance.

Thu Sheleni, Lindo (Anathi Gobeni) and Poppy
Thu Sheleni, Lindo (Anathi Gobeni) and Poppy

But, after a long chase, she turned around and saw him—Duma Ndlovu in person. Duma Ndlovu wrote Imbewu, Uzalo, Muvhango, and many other South African stories. He was drawn to Anathi, but his status at DUT posed a barrier. Duma then handed him his email and returned to Durban to audition for an imbewu cast alongside him and another Indian female.

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Social media

Anathi can be accessed on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. However, there is a good chance that age will not respond to uninvited massages. You can, however, follow her, and her handles are Anathi_g1, Anathi1, and Anathi Gobeni, respectively. Please keep in mind that the actor does not have an agent, thus you cannot contact him through his agency.