Ngobile Ndlovu biography, age, Imbewu, Accidents and more

Ngobile Ndlovu (born 11 January 1994) is a 28-year-old South African Actress, Singer and Dancer. Best known for starring in the SABC 1 drama series called Ingozi as Nobuhle Zungu.

She is also known for playing Nokukhanya Bhengu on Imbewu the seed. The star was once reported to have left Imbewu. However, it looks like it was just false claims. In this article we will cover her full biographical information.

Full biography: Nqobile Ndlovu

Ngobile Ndlovu who played Nokukhanya from Imbewu
Ngobile Ndlovu who played Nokukhanya from Imbewu

Name: Nqobile Ndlovu
Date of birth: January 11, 1994 (28 years)
Place of birth: Mariannhill, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Education: University of South Africa
(Diploma in Chemical Engineering)
Occupation: Actress and Singer
Known for: Nokukhanya Bhengu on Imbewu, Nobuhle Zungu on Ingozi
Height: 1.65m
Net worth: $25 000 to $50 000
Nationality: South African

Early Life of Nqobile Ndlovu

Nqobile Ndlovu was born and bred in Mariannhill in the KwaZulu-Natal Zulu province in South Africa. She was born on the 11th of January 1994. Before making her debut on TV, Nqobile had to make numerous travels to Johannesburg to do auditions.

She did this without her mother’s knowledge. As a result of her mother not wanting her to venture into the entertainment industry. Wanting her daughter to become a scientist.

Her mother assumed that Nqgobile’s unending travels to Joburg were related to her studies. Meaning, while Nqobile was in Johannesburg. Her mother thought she was attending university classes.

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Nqobile attended the University of South Africa to study chemical engineering. However, sources claim that she only did that kind of course because of her mother. Who was pushing her.

The actress has hinted that within she is not a scientist but an actor and entertainer. She would skip varsity classes for Uzalo auditions, and she said, “I dont regret it because that marked the beginning of my journey as an actress.

Personal life

There’s no information on Nqobile Ndlovu’s personal. So, no information on spouses or partners. And, no information on children if any.

However, it is well known that aside from acting, the actress sings in church and also enjoys dancing. Furthermore, when more information becomes available. We will add it under this section.


There’s no conclusive information on Nqobile’s actual height. However, according to our projections, the actress is between 1.64m to 1.67m. With our average being 1.65m or simply 165cm.

Net worth

Results on her net worth vary. However, as of 2022, Nqobile is expected to be worth around $25 000-$50 000. Which when converted to Rands is around R350 000 to R750 000. Which she made from her career for all these years.

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Acting Career beginnings

Nqobile made her entrance into thd entertainment when she landed the role of a choir member on SABC 1 tv series, Uzalo. She got this role because of her singing talent.

In 2016, Nqobile Ndlovu heard of the auditions in Johannesburg for the SABC 1 drama Ingozi and couldn’t hesitate to move to Johannesburg to take part. She was chosen to play Nobuhle on Ingozi, after this she was free to tell her mother about her acting career.

In 2018, Nqobile joined Imbewu the seed, an etv drama series, as Nokukanya or Kanyo Mbengu the daughter to Pastor Phakade Bengu. Nokukanya is also female pastor and has been taking care of her father’s church ever since she was ordained. ‘

Car accident

In 2018, Nqobile Ndlovu was involved in a horrific car accident but survived through an eye of a needle. According to her sister Ayanda, they received a call from a man (whom they called a good samaritan) that Ngobile had been in car crash at Umlazi’s Mega City in Durban, KwaZuluNatal.

According to reports, Ngobile was trying to dodge a drunk man in the road. When Ayanda arrived at the scene, Nqobile had already been rushed to the Prince Mshiyeni Hospital? And fortunately she survived the crash. Hence, the scar on her head.

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Social media

According to our research, Nqobile Ndlovu is not on Facebook or Twitter. But, she can be readily found on Instagram. Her handle on IG is @unqohndlovu.