Thapelo Sebogodi in 10 Facts: Kopano on HoZ, Khabzela from The River, Putla Sebogodi etc.

Thapelo Sebogodi (born October 23, 1988) is a talented South African actor best known for playing Khabzela on The River. Furthermore, as of 2024, he is currently playing Kopano on House of Zwide.

And in this article, we will look at 10 facts you should know about Thapelo Sebogodi, including his lifestyle, age, past, and career achievements. So, read till the end for all the details about this.

Profile Summary of Thapelo Sebogodi

A picture of Thapelo Sebogodi best known for playing Khabzela on The River
A picture of Thapelo Sebogodi, best known for playing Khabzela on The River

Full name: Thapelo J Sebogodi
Date of birth: October 23, 1988 ( turning 36 years old as of 2024)
Place of birth: Attredgeville, Pretoria, South Africa
Education: Tshwane University of Technology
Height: 1.8m
Occupation: Actor
Known for: Khabzela from The River; kopano from House of Zwide
Net worth: $150,000
Father: Putla Sebogodi
Siblings: Kgothatso Sebogodi, Thabang Sebogodi, and Sebogodi Sebogodi
Nationality: South African

1. The early life of Thapelo Sebogodi

Thapelo J. Sebogodi was born on October 23, 1988, in Attredgeville. So, as of 2024, he will be 36 years old. He grew up in Pretoria, according to our research, and even attended his high school education there. According to our research, Thapelo was into the arts from an early age, having a father who was already in the arts.

2. Thapelo has a National Diploma in Drama and Field Studies

Thapelo’s high school education was completed in Pretoria West at Max Stibbe Greenwood High School. Thereafter, Sebogodi attended the Tshwane University of Technology for a National Diploma in Drama and Field Studies. This was in 2008, according to his Facebook account.

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3. Who are Thapelo Sebogodi’s family?

Aside from this, Sebogodi has one full brother, Kgothatso Sebogodi, and two half siblings, namely Sebogodi and Thabang. Furthermore, he has a cousin named Daniel Sebogodi, with whom he was very close on Facebook in the 2010s.

Furthermore, if you didn’t know, Thapelo Sebogodi is veteran actor Putla Sebogodi’s firstborn son. While there’s no clear knowledge of who his mother might be, it is suggested by reporting outlets like that he is Debora Futhi’s child. This is because that’s Sebogodi’s first wife.

4. He once acted with his father, Putla Sebogodi

It’s rare, but not impossible, for a father and his son to act together in the same film. And this was the spectacle with Thapelo Sebogodi and his father, Putla Sebogodi.

Thapelo is veteran actor Putla Sebogodi's firstborn son
Thapelo is veteran actor Putla Sebogodi’s firstborn son

They performed together in the theatrical play Flak My Son, and it was quite astounding for fans to see them together. However, they have yet to act together in a TV show or a film, but we await to see that crossover.

5. Acting is like therapy to him

In the 2010s, Thapelo began the slogan “I walk alone” after a difficult time in his life. But he was very much in and out of theater performances every now and then.

He would attend the performances, come rain or shine; he was very much obsessed with it. That’s how passionate he is about acting. In his CV, he has over 20 theatrical credits to his name.

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6. Which TV shows or films was Thapelo Sebogodi in?

To name all of them would be a very tedious task in this summative article, but we will name his most notable. For starters, he is most famous for playing Khabzela on Mzansi Magic’s The River. And now, he currently plays Kopano on House of Zwide, a very villainous character out for revenge.

Thapelo Sebogodi plays Kopano on House of Zwide etv
Thapelo Sebogodi plays Kopano on House of Zwide etv

Then, in other credits, the actor can be seen in films such as Beast, where he played Camo; Pusha Pressa Phanda, where he played Rocco; and Our Girl, where he was the Boko Haram leader. Other notable roles include Outlander as Temeraire, Bram Fisher as Joseph Mashifane, Donkerland as Bongani, and Strike Back as Raage. For those interested in his full credits, go to his agency resumè here.

7. How tall is Thapelo Sebogodi?

For those of you interested in the actor’s physique, he isn’t like the average South African man. He is tall, dark, and handsome, like his father. The actor is reported to be 1.8m or 180cm tall by his agency at So, he is statistically way above the average male height in South Africa, which is 1.7m or 170cm. Meaning you’ll likely find him taller than you.

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8. What are his social media handles?

Thapelo Sebogodi in his theatrical perfomance at the Market Theatre
Thapelo Sebogodi in his theatrical perfomance at the Market Theatre

Well, if you want to follow Thapelo Sebogodi on social media, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On Instagram, he goes by the username @thapelojsebogodi, while on Twitter, he is @thapelosebogodi. Furthermore, he has over 13.5k followers on Twitter and 35k on Instagram.

9. The estimated Net worth of Thapelo Sebogodi

According to reporting outlets like, Thapelo Sebogodi is expected to have a networth of over $150,000 as of 2024. Meaning he is worth over R3.8 million or so by 2024 exchange rates. However, such estimates are usually inaccurate as they can’t take everything into account.

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10. Sebogodi keeps his personal life private

Well, if you were one of his fans with the girlfriend question, believe me, you won’t find the answer online because Sebogodi doesn’t disclose such information. Furthermore, he has himself shown distrust in such things as relationships, perhaps because of bad past experiences.

He has shared so many cryptic posts about relationships and the pain people can bring you, but has shown that going forward is the only way, encouraging others to stay strong and move forward. However, if someday he opens up about such things, we will update this article to include such information.