10 Facts about Khanyiswa Kheswa AKA Mbuso from Isitha

Khanyiswa Kheswa (born April 11, 1992) is a South African actor best known for his role on Isitha: The Enemy as Mbuso. However, others may know him for his role as Mzi on Vula Vala, a Mzansi Magic series. In this article, we will cover 10 facts to know about him.

Profile Summary of Khanyiswa Kheswa

Khanyiswa Kheswa who plays Mbuso from Isitha: The Enemy and Mzi from Vula Vala
Khanyiswa Kheswa who plays Mbuso from Isitha: The Enemy and Mzi from Vula Vala
Full name:  Khanyiswa Kheswa
Date of birth: 11 April 1992 (32 years)
Place of birth:  Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Education: J.L. Dube High School
Height: 1.65cm
Occupation: Actor
Known for: Mbuso from Isitha, Mzi from Vula Vala
Spouse: Unknown
Children: N/A
Instagram: @nozulu_k59
Net worth: $150,000
Nationality: South African


1. Where is Khanyiswa Kheswa from?

Khanyiswa Kheswa was born in Kwamashu, north of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, on April 11, 1992. So, as of 2024, he is 32 years old. From an early age he enjoyed watching movies and imitating the actors.

2. Where did he get his education?

As soon as he got to high school, he knew that acting is what he wanted to know. So, after matriculating from J.L Dube High School,. He told his father, that he wanted to be an actor.

And surprisingly, his father supported his choice and he enrolled at the Creative Arts College. Where his skills were Sharpened.

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3. Does he have children?

As of 2024, the actor doesn’t seem to have any children or a girlfriend. His instagram shows a very career-focused person. However, if he reveals information about this, we will update this section.

4. He struggled to get to the top

While most see his success today, journey wasn’t filled with roses and lilies. Getting to the top was so difficult that he wanted to give up on his dream at one point.

Khanyiswa Kheswa and Lemogang Tsipa
Khanyiswa Kheswa and Lemogang Tsipa

However, he kept going even though he was rejected left right and centre. He has recalled his journey as being one without short cuts.

5. How his Vula Vala role changed his life

Kheswa claimed that his role in the drama series was somewhat linked to him because, like Mzikayise, he had formerly stayed at home and tried to find work, exactly like his character did with football.

“In 2016, I made the decision to move to Johannesburg in search of better opportunities, much as Mzi did the same with his uncle in an attempt to pursue a football career. We had a similar experience of coming from that background and attempting to succeed in a different province,” he remarked.

6. His role on as Mbuso on Isitha: The Enemy

Kheswa plays Mbuso Ngwenya in “Isitha: The Enemy,” the only son of the royal family with everything. Kheswa stated that he was pushed by his character in this new telenovela. This is because it was something different for him.

“Playing a person I have never been felt challenging. I was never as spoilt as Mbuso while I was growing up. I had to request that I portray the role in my own unique manner and according to how I believe I would act if I were born into royalty because I have never been a member of a royal family,”

he stated.

7. Awards

The actor was nominated and awarded the Simon Mabhunu Sabela Award for Best Newcomer on TV. According to Khanyiswa, he was shocked by the nomination alone.

So, the award was the ultimate validation he needed for his craft. He was beyond grateful and hopes to continue thriving in his craft.

8. Height

According to estimates, the actor is 1.65m or 165cm. However, this is an estimate based on picture-to-picture analysis with actors whose heights. So, in real life, he could be shorter or taller by a small margin.

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9. Net worth

As of 2024, Khanyiswa Kheswa is believed to be worth around $150,000. Despite having a long career, his breakthroughs in the industry only came recently. So, he has only recently started to earn a good salary. His Isitha salary is rumored to be around R40,000.

10. Social media

Khanyiswa Khweswa is on social media. He has only 5.2k followers on Instagram. He is also on Facebook with the same name. However, he is not to be confused with a sangoma named Khanyiswa Kheswa.