Gcebile Piiliso Dlamini full bio AKA Ma Hilda from etv’s Scandal

Gcebile Piliso Dlamini (born October 18, 1986) is a Swazi-born-South African actress, director, writer, and community facilitator. Gcebile is popularly known for playing the role of Hilda on the TV soap opera Scandal.

Biography profile of Gcebile Piliso Dlamini

Gcebile Dlamini who plays Mahilda on etv's Scandal
Gcebile Dlamini who plays Mahilda on TV’s Scandal
Full name: Gcebile Piliso Dlamini
Gender: Female
Age: 38 years as of 2024
Date of birth: 18 October 1986
Place of birth: Siteki, Swaziland
Occupation: Actress, Director, Writer and Community facilitator
Instagram: @dlaminigcebile
Nationality: South African

Early life

Gcebile was born October 18, 1986, in Siteki, Swaziland. Dlamini hails from a family that values the arts. So, as of 2024, Gcebile Dlamini is turning 38 years old.

Her mother’s family originally came from Alex and then relocated to Siteki. Which is located in the Libombo district of Swaziland. She was born there in 1986 and began her career in the creative business by doing church and school performances.

There are few members of her family we know, which includes Spijo Spijo, a brother, Ncobile Ncinci Dlamini, her sister, Thwana and Mbuyave Dlamini, her nieces and nephews. N

Education of Gcebile Piliso Dlamini

Gcebile went to Siteki Nazarene High School in 2001. The very same year, she went to DANSA International College. In 2008, she studied at Durban University of Technology.

Ma Hilda from etv's Scandal graduating
Ma Hilda from TV’s Scandal graduating

She then went to Tshwane University of Technology in 2011. She studied masters in applied theater at Witwatersrand University. All this information is on her facebook account.

Career of Gcebile Piliso Dlamini

Gcebile is a South African actress best known for playing the role of Hilda on the TV soap opera Scandal. Moreover, Hilda is a former drama facilitator at the Outreach Foundation Hillbrow Theatre Project and former program coordinator from March 15 to December 2016.

She is currently working as a freelance actress as well as an independent community theater director in Johannesburg. Furthermore, she is a drama mentor at Dumisani Maselela Theatre. So, she is a Kickstarter facilitator at Assitej South Africa and all of this started on November 14, 2022, up to the present.

So, nothing much is known about her debut in acting; that’s the only information we’ve got for now. There is nothing much to say or explain about her career because nothing much is known yet. We will give you much more information as soon as we find out more about her career.

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Personal life

Gcebile is currently residing in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa. So, she is fluent in English and Swati.

Piliso is single, according to her relationship status on Facebook. However, it is unknown if she ever had a partner before and whether she has children or not.

Gcebile Dlamini in real life
Gcebile Dlamini in real life

The check-ins she had been in were at the Dumisani Maselela Theatre situated in Germistono on December 9, 2023. The TV Theratre was held on December 8, 2023, in Tembisa and Emalahleni, Mpumalanga province, on December 3, 2023. When it comes to films, she likes scary movies.

Social media of Gcebile Piliso Dlamini

She is on Facebook as Gcebile Piliso Dlamini; that’s her facebook account where she posted her pictures. Moreover, she has 3852 friends and is followed by 985 people.

She is also on Instagram, @dlaminigcebile with 564 posts, 1120K followers and 969 followers. It is unknown if she has other social media platforms except these.