Mbalenhle Cele biography: Tiny from Smoke and Mirrors, Career, age, kids and more

Mbalenhle Cele (born May 11, 1989) is a South African actress, dancer, singer and mother, best known for playing Tiny on Smoke and Mirrors. However, her journey began a while back on the etv series like Imbewu the Seed and Gomora.

In this article, we will look at the actress’s journey in the entertainment industry and her personal life. So, read till the end for more information about her.

Biography of Mbalenhle Cele

Mbalenhle Cele who plays Tiny from Smoke and Mirrors
Mbalenhle Cele who plays Tiny from Smoke and Mirrors
Full name:  Mbalenhle Cele
Date of birth: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Place of birth: May 11, 1989 (35 years)
Education: Diploma in Drama (Durban University of Technology)
Height: 1.5m
Occupation: Actress, Make-up Artist, Singer and Dancer
Known for: Tiny from Smoke and Mirrors, Nurse Lydia on Gomora, and Mbali Nkomo from Imbewu
Instagram: @mbalenhle.cele
Children: 1
Spouse: Unknown
Net worth: $150,000
Nationality: South African

Where is Mbalenhle Cele from?

Mbalenhle Cele was born on May 11, 1989, in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. So, as of 2024, Cele is 35 years old. While we don’t know how she grew up,.

We do know that the actress has some siblings. Cele got her secondary education from Ogwini Technical High School and matriculated in 2005.

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Where did Mbalenhle Cele get her education?

After her high school education at Ogwini Technical High School in 2005, Cele pursued a degree in drama. So, she enrolled at the Durban University of Technology for a diploma in drama.

And she graduated in 2009 with a National Diploma in Drama. From there, she had to feature in theater plays, which helped her nurture and refine her acting skills.

Is she married or in a relationship?

Well, we don’t know if the actress Mbalenhle Cele is in a relationship or not. However, the actress has one daughter who is at least 12 years old as of 2024.

It’s believed she has two children separated by a few years, but this information is yet to be conclusively validated. As for the children’s fathers, we simply don’t know them.

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How did she get into acting?

Mbalenhle Cele began acting at an earlier age. Her first recognized works include her theatrical plays during her education at the Durban University of Technology. She also directed one play while at DUT named Last Tango, Little Grimley. However, for her television career, it wasn’t so easy.

Mbalenhle Cele who plays Tiny on Smoke and Mirrors
Mbalenhle Cele who plays Tiny on Smoke and Mirrors

Her first television works include appearing on commercials like Lunchbar and Grandpa in 2015. As well as the Absa Gold Value Bundle in 2017. Furthermore, in the same year of 2015, she landed the role of Zandile on him, her, and the guys. This was only the beginning of her career.

What are some of her notable TV roles?

Between 2016 and 2017, she appeared as Gash on Isithunzi, seasons 1 through 2. Furthermore, in 2017, she appeared on 40 North South Africa as a cleaner. In the same year of 2017, she played Masseuse in FC Champions, then Ayabonga in Hope (2018).

Her television career kept advancing from there and on. So, in 2021, she landed a cameo role in Pearls of Wisdom and another role as Nonhle in Baecation. Then, from 2020 to 2022, she landed her notable role on Imbewu as Mbali Nkomo.

Things kept getting better for Mbalenhle Cele, such that in 2022, she landed the role of Nurse Lydia on Gomora. Thereafter, in 2023, another role in miseducation. And now, more recently, on Smoke and Mirrors, she has landed the role of Tiny. A role she is currently notable for. Her latest role is in Madumane as Beatrice.

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Mbalenhle Cele’s struggles in the industry

Cele is a very humble soul. However, her time in the industry wasn’t without some troubles. For example, when she got her call role on Imbewu the Seed, she had just gotten out of the hospital. The actress had accidentally burned herself with hot water and was rushed to the hospital the night before.

However, on the day of her call, she went and explained the situation. Even though the crew didn’t understand why she came in such a state, she explained that she couldn’t afford to miss work and wanted to build her resume.

How tall is Mbalenhle Cele?

For height freaks, Mbalenhle Cele is reported to be 150cm. Her short stature has been a blessing in her roles, as they really compliment her acting. Furthermore, the actress has shown that with talent, your height, weight, or looks become invisible. The beautiful actress inspires hope for other aspiring actors to go for what they want, no matter what.

What’s her net-worth and salary?

According to sources, the actresses has an estimated net worth of around $150,000 as of 2024. However, such figures are usually inaccurate. Furthermore, her salary is believed to be around R30,000–R40,000 as of 2024. But she could be earning more from other endeavours as she is also a make-up artist.

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How can you reach Mbalenhle Cele on social media?

Mbalenhle Cele is represented by Elysian Management, and they report on all her latest work. So, for booking, you’ll have to approach her. Furthermore, the actress is on Facebook, where she has over 27k followers.

On Instagram, however, she is not so popular, with only 1.4k followers. But we believe she will continue to grow her following. You can also follow her on Instagram at @mbalenhle.cele.