15 Facts to Know About Innocent Sadiki (kids, marriage, childhood, Pastorhood, etc)

Innocent Chipa Sadiki (born January 31, 1988) is a South African actor, YouTuber, preacher, Businesswoman and influencer.

She is best known for playing Sthoko on Skeem Saam and for being one of the South African celebrities with an identical twin.

Innocent Sadiki is also a Pastor and a mother to 2 daughters. And in this article, we will look at 15 Facts about her. So, read till the end for all the details.

Profile Summary of Innocent Sadiki

A picture of Actress, Model, Pastor and Filmmaker Innocent Sadiki
A picture of Actress, Model, Pastor and Filmmaker Innocent Sadiki
Full name: Asnath Thabang, Innocent Chipa Sadiki
Date of birth: January 31, 1988 (36 years)
Place of birth: Pretoria, Gauteng, and South Africa
Education: Master’s Degree in Drama (AFDA)
Height: 1.61m
Occupation: Actress, Businesswoman, Filmmaker, and Preacher
Known for: Sthoko, from Skeem Saam
Spouse: Phindulo Sadiki
Children: 3 children
Instagram: @innosadiki
Net worth: $350,000
Nationality: South African

1. What is Innocent Sadiki’s background?

Asnath Innocent Thabang Chipa Sadiki was born on January 30, 1988, in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. She was born alongside her sister, Milicent Sadiki, who is her twin sister.

Innocent and Milicent’s mother died when they were only children, and their dad died when they were teenagers. So, because their father was in prison for the majority of their childhood,. They were raised by their grandmother.

Innocent Sadiki and her twin sister and their grandmother who raised them
Innocent Sadiki, her twin sister and their grandmother, who raised them

So, when they were teenagers, they decided to confront him after his release. The two sisters went to his house to knock at the door, but no one answered. In fact, the last time they saw their father was on his death bed when he survived an attempted murder. He was later murdered.

Despite growing up without both parents, their grandmother held them to a high standard. Teaching them not to use their father’s absence as an excuse but to work hard in life. Which they did and have succeeded very much in that regard.

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2. How old is Innocent Sadiki?

As of 2024, Innocent Sadiki is 36 years old, having been born on January 30, 1988. Most people love how she takes care of herself and keeps herself up to standard. She is also a beauty brand specialist. That should explain why she always looks so good.

3. Does Innocent Sadiki have a twin?

Yes, innocent has an identical twin, Milicent Mashile. The two sisters look identical, and in one video with their partners, Milicent’s brother accidentally kissed Innocent Sadiki. Although it was an innocent accident (no pun intended), this goes to show how indistinguishable they are.

Innocent Sadiki and her identical Twin sister, Milicent Mashile
Innocent Sadiki and her identical Twin sister, Milicent Mashile

In fact, at one point, it was reported that Innocent Sadiki was fired from Skeem Saam for allegedly bringing her twin sister to work. While that was a plausible rumour, Innocent refuted the rumours as pure lies. As you can all see, she’s still acting on Skeem Saam in 2024.

4. How did Innocent Sadiki overcome her childhood trauma?

Growing up without their mother, the twins have suffered from developmental trauma in their adult lives. In a video shot by the twins on their YouTube channels, they revealed how growing up without their mother affected them. Furthermore, the fact that their mother died while they were 4 and she herself was only 26 made things worse.

So, as a result, they felt like they would either die when their kids were 4 years old or. Or that they wouldn’t live past 26 years old. However, after passing those ages, they managed to understand that it was a form of trauma from their childhood. They’ve since overcome this trauma; however, it goes to show the effects of growing up without parents. Especially in such circumstances as theirs.

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5. Where did she get her education?

While most assumed the actress had not furthered her education, new data reveals that she studied at AFDA. The actress even graduated with a Master’s degree in drama from the school. Furthermore, it is believed that the actress will venture into filmmaking soon. So, keep on the lookout for that development in her career.

6. Who is Innocent Sadiki married to?

Innocent Sadiki is married to her longtime partner and husband, Phindulo Sadiki. She actually takes her current and famous surname from his last name.

Innocent Sadiki and her husband Phindulo Sadiki, got married in 2010
Innocent Sadiki and her husband, Phindulo Sadiki, got married in 2010

Her own surname is sort of unknown, but others claim it is Chipa, but we aren’t sure. Sadiki’s husband is a pastor and businessman from Pretoria and has influenced Sadiki’s spiritual journey in a great way. The two have two daughters together.

While we aren’t sure of when the two met, Innocent Sadiki and her husband got married in 2010. Sadiki was 22 years old, and her husband was 27 years old. They got married, and 14 years later, they’re still in love, with Sadiki saying her husband is her best friend.

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7. Why is Innocent Sadiki done having kids?

As of 2024, Sadiki revealed that she was done having kids after her two daughters. One of her daughters, Emma, is 13 years old as of 2024. She conceived her one year after getting married to her husband, Phindulo.

Sthoko from Skeem Saam has twin boys and daughter
Sthoko from Skeem Saam has twin boys and daughter

Innocent said that she wanted to focus on making money and building an empire for her children. So, by the looks of it, we won’t be seeing a fourth child. She has twin boys and a daughter.

8. How did she become a pastor?

While Innocent Sadiki didn’t see herself ever becoming a pastor, she found herself there. However, she has accepted the call, saying that she always knew she was here for a greater purpose. Furthermore, Sadiki believes her position as a senior pastor is also empowerment for women.

Sthoko from Skeem Saam and her real life daughter
Sthoko from Skeem Saam and her real-life daughter

Because such positions are traditionally and occasionally held by men,. So, her appointment to such a position gives inspiration to women who seem to forget they can be anything. She was meant to lead the Moekloof branch in Pretoria. Which was closed in December 2023.

9. Why was her church with her husband in Moekloof closed?

In 2024, Innocent Sadiki and her husband revealed that their branch church in Moekloof would be closing. They did an entire hour-long video on what led to the branch being closed. And to summarize, they say dishonesty on the land or property owners was the reason.

They were leased the property by the owners, who were church owners themselves. In fact, the owners gave them a few months of free rent to establish themselves and free equipment. Furthermore, they were initially told that the owners were leaving the ministry and would never open a church.

And if they did, it wouldn’t be in Moekloof, but that changed, starting with the rent being required sooner than required. It kept on spiraling down, promise after promise being broken, until the owners simply said, We want our church back, but we can work together. Sadiki and her husband decided to leave, wondering what more would come.

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10. How did she get into acting?

Sadiki began acting in theaters at AFDA. Her earliest TV appearances include Co-hosting the Gospel one show with her sister Milicent Mashile. Thereafter, in 2013, Sadiki appeared on the Big Break Legacy.

However, before that, in 2010, she was an MC at the 2010 FIFA world cup fan park in Pretoria. Innocent Sadiki appeared in many TV commercials, including Dstv, Johnson & Johnson, Brothers for life, The Bulls, Vanish and more.


Furthermore, in 2015, she played the guest role of Thina in the SABC 1 Soap opera Generations: the Legacy. She also had a guest appearance on Big Brother Mzansi. In that same year, she acted alongside her sister in Mzansi Magic’s Lokshion Bioskop strand: Poor Sam, The Secret and House warming.

Furthermore, Sadiki has had guest appearance in shows like iThuba Lokugcina, Trending SA, Eish Saan and more. In 2017, she landed her most notable role to date on Skeem Saam as Sthoko.

11. Innocent Sadiki Filmography

TV Show/Film Role
Big Brother Mz, Season 2 Herself
Eish! Saan , Season 1 Featured Extra
Generations, Season 1 Thina
iThuba Lokugcina, Season 2 Guest Star
The Big Break Legacy, Season 2 Herself
Trending SA, Season 1 Guest: Herself
Skeem Saam, Season 5: Present Sthoko

12. What’s her net-worth?

As of 2024, Innocent Sadiki is estimated to have net worth of around $350,000. However, this figure is unreliable and is a rough estimate of her longevity and outward perception based on the data she has revealed.

Furthermore, the actress is believed to be earning above R40,000 on Skeem Saam. Although the exact figure is unknown,. But such salaries are common in the acting industry, and with her longevity, it could/should be more.

13. How tall is Sthoko from Skeem Saam?

While we don’t have CV, the actress is estimated to be at least 1.61m tall with a standard deviation of 2cm. Meaning she could be shorter or taller than the figure by at least 2 centimeters but not more. However, others suggest she could be as tall as 1.65 meters.

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14. What does she do aside from acting?

Aside from acting, Innocent Sadiki is a mother to two beautiful daughters and a businesswoman. She is also a senior pastor, YouTuber, brand ambassador, and influencer. Sadiki also founded the Beauty & Blessed brand, and she’s the CEO at Centwitz Productions.

Sadiki and her sister Milicent own a production company that produces and writes plays for institutions like Unisa and others. They’ve also written plays aimed at raising awareness on certain subject matters, like breast cancer and other things.

15. How do I reach her?

There’s obvious way to reach her. However, you can follow her on Instagram @innosadiki and on Facebook as Innocent Sadiki. She has over a million followers on Facebook and around 730,000 on Instagram. Furthermore, Sadiki also has a Twitter account, @innosadiki, with over 33k followers.