10 Facts you didn’t know about Nefisa Mkhabela

Nefisa Mkhabela (born 5 April 2001) is a South African actress and influencer best known for her role on House of Zwide as Onalerona Molapo. She’s an energetic young South African actress and TV Personality known for her perculiarly styled hair with bright colors. However, to date her House of Zwide role is the only role she has played on television. And in this article we will look at 10 Facts you probably didn’t know about her.

1. Nefisa Mkhabela is only 22 years old

Nefisa Mkhabela is on;y 22 years old
Nefisa Mkhabela is on;y 22 years old

If you were wondering how old the actress is. She’s only 22 years old as of 2023. Being born in 2001 on the 5th of April. She was born in Soweto, in Johannesburg, South Africa. In a very conservative father and reserved but supportive family. Moreover, she has a sister named Kedibone Mkhabela. Who is a radio host at an unnamed radio show. Her mother however is unknown. However, she has mentioned her as being supportive of her acting endeavors from the very beginning.

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2. She dropped out of University

Nefisa Mkhabela attended the Greenside High school in Soweto. Where she graduated and recieved a certificate in Drama. Since she was doing drama studies in high school. And just before she got the role of Onalerona Molapo, Nefisa was to enroll at the University of Johannesburg to study law. This wasn’t something she wanted however. It was more of something her father wanted. However, Nefisa being the head on girl she is, decided to drop out and pursue acting. This led to a fight between her and her father.

3. She got the Onalerona Molapo role without formal training

Nefiisa Mkhabela at the beach 2023
Nefiisa Mkhabela at the beach 2023

However, after she got the role of Onalerona Molapo on House of Zwide. Her old man had no choice but to be proud of her. She got the role with no experience at all. However, it’s important to note that she had some school training in Drama. In fact at her high school graduation, she got a certificate in Drama for her enthusiasm in the act. So, her wowing performance at the House of Zwide auditions had more than just luck within.

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4. She has a net worth of R3 million

According to briefly.co.za or simply briefly SA. The actress is estimated to have a net worth of $250 000. Of which when transferred to Rands amounts to about R3 million. Which is a lot of money but, as a lead role in a soap opera with about 5 million daily viewers. This is quite reasonable an estimate.

Other sources seemed to suggest an estimated net worth of R1.2 million. However, they are from when she had just began acting. So, we assume that her net worth increases with time as she works more. Moreover, it’s important to know that, she’s not only an actress but also an influencer. So, she may be getting more of her other money from sponsorships and influencer gigs.

5. Her height is contested to be 150cm

This one is quite a mystery. According to all internet sources. Nefisa Mkhabela stands at a height of 1.5m or 150cm. Which is very short. However, when you watch her on the series, she’s taller than actors like Linda Nxumalo (Soka on House of Zwide) and Kagiso ya Bakwena (one of the directors on HOZ). So, if that is accurate, that would mean, actors like Paballo (Sandile on the show) and Linda Nxumalo would be at least less than 150cm.

Onalerona Molapo is 150cm according to her agency
Onalerona Molapo is 150cm according to her agency

And it’s at this point you’d realize that, oh well, that figure could be wrong. That’s because it is. But why is it on her management website. Well, Nefisa may have started auditioning when she was younger and thus her height was still coming. Or, they just missed it and wrote 1.5 instead of 1.6m. Because after our calculations, Nefisa’s actual height seems to be around 160cm to 1.64cm. Which matches the figures you see on TV. When wearing heels, she obviously becomes a tower, so, do you think we are wrong and she’s 150cm? You might wanna reconsider that.

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6. She keeps her relationships private

The young actress appears to be entirely focused on her job and is not deterred by the drama surrounding her relationships. Moreover, the media has not yet gotten hitched and has not publicly declared any man as her idol on social media. Which according to briefly.co.za sparked speculations that she was single. However, it could be that she just doesn’t want to reveal her private life to the public. So, no known relationship or kids of Nefisa Mkhabela. Especially kids, you might wanna forget that one a bit. But you never know.

7. Does she own the cars she posts?

In mordern culture. It’s quite common to just take a picture on a car you like, even if it’s not yours. And as per Nefisa’s social media account. The actress already travels in opulent vehicles and has flaunted her white Audi. The car is speculated to be hers due to its frequency on her account. Moreover, she occasionally flaunts a black Range Rover. But, her fans are not sure if the actress owns the vehicle. However, it’s not improbable that she owns these vehicles considering her net worth and how big she’s becoming in the industry.

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8. Nefisa Mkhabela loves traveling

Tell me one person that doesn’t like going to New places. Well, definitely not Nefisa Mkhabela. Because, anyone who follows Mkhabela on Instagram is aware of her love for sightseeing and traveling. Although the actress has not yet shown off her travels abroad. She however, has already taken vacations to several locations in Gauteng and the KZN. So, she’s pretty much into traveling.

9. Is she a fashion designer in real life?

While there’s no evidence of the actress being a fashion designer. Nefisa is actually a stylist and was the one who chose her style of hair to have those color shock bright colors. Moreover, she also color sprayed some of her clothes to portray her character as a very happy and free spirited person. So, while she’s not exactly a designer, not that we know of anyways. She is somewhat technically a stylist and an influencer in the fashion industry.

10. She didn’t know which role she was auditioning for in House of Zwide

This is usually the technique in auditions. And, according to Nefisa, this was exactly the case for her Onalerona audition. She didn’t know the exact role she was auditioned for. However, she did have a hint of the personality needed and she did her thing. And, after she got home, she got a call that the job was hers.

Nefisa Mkhabela has a net worth of R3 million
Nefisa Mkhabela has a net worth of R3 million

All that was left was an interview and it was after the interview that the shock became reality. She couldn’t believe the news and even cried at the thought of all of that. Saying that she didn’t really think she would actually get the role. But, was happy she did as it was the validation she needed. Especially to her sceptical father.

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