The full biography Lethabo Mekoa – Ntswaki from Uzalo

Model, actor, dancer, presenter, and social media influencer Lethabo Mekoa is from South Africa. She will turn 18 in 2022 and was born on September 14, 2004. Lethabo is most known for portraying Ntswaki in the television series Skeem Saam.

Biography of Lethabo Mekoa

A picture of Lethabo Mekoa from her Instagram
A picture of Lethabo Mekoa from her Instagram

Name: Lethabo Mekoa
Date of birth: 14 September 2004
Age: 18 years old (2022) From: Pretoria in South Africa
Occupation: Actress, Dancer, Model, presenter, and social media influencer
Gender: Female Tv shows: Skeem Saam
Known as: Ntswaki from Skeem Saam
Languages: Setswana, Sepedi, Sesotho, IsiZulu, Africaans and English
Height: 1.62m
Net worth: R500 000
Nationality: South African

Early life of Lethabo Mekoa

Ntswaki from Skeem Saam’s real name is Lethabo Mekoa. On September 14, 2004, she was born in Pretoria. The youngest of five siblings, the young actress was born last. Her dad and granny are still around.

Her father is a Chief in the Seabe tribe, while her mother is a Manager for the Competition Commission Business. It seems as though her grandmother has a big impact on her life. It is unknown who her grandmother’s ancestors are; they might be either her mother or father. She disclosed that her grandmother was living at home and getting a government pension after retiring.

Mekoa attended Prestige College in Hammanskraal
Mekoa attended Prestige College in Hammanskraal

Her mother serves as an inspiration to her because she is tenacious and gives everything her all. Another driving force behind her is her ambition to be recognized as an up-and-coming performer. She enjoys reading and writing poetry, but she prioritizes time with her loved ones. She exhibits maternal traits.

Educational Background

She received her early schooling at IKHWEZILETHEMBA PRIMARY SCHOOL and then transferred in grade 5 to Laerskool General Jaques Pienaar. Then Lethabo began her secondary school studies at the Prestige College in Hammanskraal. She took part in the regional Tyler Perry Studios auditions on August 14, 2021, and she was awarded the opportunity to represent her nation in the International Arts and Talents.

Ntswaki from Skeem Saam is Lethabo Mekoa in real life
Ntswaki from Skeem Saam is Lethabo Mekoa in real life

Lethabo was invited to participate in the International ARTS Talent Showcase and was later selected as the best actress. She also received a scholarship worth $60 000 to attend the Arts College in Los Angeles in 2023. Also, she will get the opportunity to showcase her extraordinary talent from July 10 to July 15 of 2022.

Career journey in acting

She spent her early years concealing herself behind the dream of becoming a doctor. The truth is that she is happiest when she is entertaining others through acting, presenting, dancing, and singing. She had thought that wearing a white coat, having a license plate that read “Dr. Mekoa,” and being passionate about helping others were what made her the happiest.

Earlier in 2021, she did some introspection and came to the conclusion that she needed to stop lying to herself and start truly pursuing her passion. She is happiest performing in front of the camera for other people.

At a very young age, Lethabo discovered that she enjoyed performing through his involvement in church and school. She took part in all of the events that were a part of it. Including playing hockey and netball at school, dancing, modeling, presenting, acting, singing, and poetry. She had a great public speaking ability. The Modjadji play, which was shown at the Atterbury Theatre on July 20, 2022, featured her most recently.

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Lethabo Mekoa Hobbies and skills

She had plans to engage in extracurricular activities including singing, acting, modeling, and theater. Moreover, has also been sharing her story with the students at Hammanskraal’s Prestige College.

She currently spends the weekends encouraging the other young people in her community to reduce their drug use. Lethabo was given a part to play on Skeem Saam in 2022. On Skeem Saam, she portrays a character named Ntswaki.

Ntswaki from Skeem Saam storyline

Turfloop was surprised by the arrival of Ntswaki Maputla, a new child who has been labeled unruly. Who is this Ntswaki? It would be an understatement to say that the Kunutu cousins, the first Turfloop gentlemen to notice the young and attractive Ntswaki (played by Lethabo Mekoa), fell in love.

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Since Ntswaki has been working hard, Meikie Maputla (played by Harriet Manamela) appears to have developed a special fondness for the adolescent. Meikie is set to experience nothing but stress, but she is unaware of this. She doesn’t take direction well and does as she pleases. She leads an easy life.

Height and Net worth

According to estimates. Lethabo Mekoa is expected to be around 1.62m. However, other sources suggest she’s only 1.56m. She hasn’t disclosed it herself however those are the estimates. Moreover, pertaining her net worth. Estimates suggest she has a networth of R500 000 as of 2023.

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Social media

She is on social media as Lethabo Mekoa both on Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and Twitter. So, if you like to follow her, you can look her up.


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