7 Things about Netflix Blood and Water star Thabang Molaba

If you’ve watched the South African Netflix Show Blood and Water, you might have realized the handsome young man Thabang Molaba. He plays KB Molapo on the show and has been suave charming sensation to many. Molaba is also a model and actor. And he is quite a smart young man and holds his values dear to him. However, we won’t be going deep into his already known information. We want to share somethings we believe you might not know about the young actor.

1. Thabang Molaba doesn’t want the fame

Molaba said in a photoshoot with Thick Leeyonce: "I don't want the fame
Molaba said in a photoshoot with Thick Leeyonce: “I don’t want the fame

While most people may admire Thabang Molaba from his TV roles and TV advertisements? He himself doesn’t want to be tied to the fame. Molaba said in a photoshoot with Thick Leeyonce: “I don’t want the fame… I don’t want the fame in my life, maybe out there but not in my personal life”. This he said because he had been in toxic relationships and that his fame had altered the genuine experiences life had to give. As people only saw him through the lens of fame and money.

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2. Molaba is not rich

Yes, you may have seen him carrying a Louise Voutton bag on his instagram but he is not rich. Molaba said in a photoshoot with Thick Leeyonce that most people mistook him for rich. He didn’t say he was broke however but that he just wasn’t rich. According to Thabang, he only posts the lifestyles that he lives.

According to Thabang, he only posts the lifestyles that he lives
According to Thabang, he only posts the lifestyles that he lives

He has enough money to afford the lifestyle that he wants but he isn’t rich. This comes after a lot of people would mis-take his instagram fashion photos for being rich. Molaba is however a model and therefore dresses as one. He takes and shares a lot of photos in collaboration with various brands and this from a layman’s perspective is seen as bourjee. And Molaba set the record straight saying “I got coin but I ain’t rich”.

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3. He doesn’t chase women

Thabang Molaba and fellow actress  Ama Qamata
Thabang Molaba and fellow actress Ama Qamata

Well, before you run to call him arrogant and narcissistic? He isn’t, it’s a philosophical perspective he has as a result of his experiences. Molaba like many of was chasing after women however he learnt that things meant for you will come to you. It’s like the law of attraction in which you attract things that match your energy. In fact in one youtube video with Thick Leeyonce, Molaba said that money, boyfriends and other things were a result of how accomplished one personally was. Citing that if you’re a trashy person you will always attract trash towards you.

4. Thabang loves traveling

Depending on how much of a fan you are of Thabang, you may or may not know that Thabang loves traveling. Molaba even chooses to travel alone most of the time. This usually because his South African friends usually procrastinate on trips and he has learnt to travel alone. Molaba values such experiences a lot.

5. Looks didn’t take him where he is

The blood and water star says looks didnt get him where he is
The blood and water star says looks didnt get him where he is

In an interview with the Themba Kevin Network, Molaba said that he wasn’t keen on looks. Saying that “the object thing” wasn’t a good thing because people will discredit your craft or hard work by your looks. Molaba struggled to get to the top, he started out with Sandile Mahlangu from University at TUT. So, he doesn’t want people to think he made it in the industry because of his looks. He said that he had to take out his own money to make sure he looks good for the TV auditions just to get the job. And it wasn’t easy but it paid off. Most importantly he wanted people to focus more on his acting than on his looks.

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6. Being on “The Queen” was Molaba’s dream

According to Thabang Molaba, he always wanted to be on “The Queen”. This was a show he enjoyed and loved very much and was aiming to be part of. When he got the role it was a dream come true. He had to speak to his acting coach first who told him to find out the people working behind the scenes on the show.

He found them out and made sure he did exceptionally well to impress them. And with impressive porfolio they guranteed him the job. In fact it was such a big deal that when Themba Kelvin (his friend) saw him, he was tearing with joy. He couldn’t believe he was part of all of that after dreaming about it for so long. In fact Thabang’s mom had fasted for him to get the role. So on the day he got the role, she was the first person he called and she broke down. She had also recently had a dream of Molaba getting the role but didn’t tell him to avoid getting his hopes up.

7. Someone once tried stealing his girl friend

In 2021, Molaba posted a tweet about a guy who was hitting on his girl knowingly. He said the guy had a girl friend and he was following them both and they were following him. However, even though the guy knew Molaba was dating the girl, he pursued her and that made Molaba mad. Molaba then went to twitter to slam the guy without mentioning his name however.

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