Siphesihle Zondi full biography, age, being a pastor and etv Scandal!

A South African actor, director, choreographer, and teacher by the name of Siphesihle Zondi. Most famous for his role as Mr. Hlatshwayo in Scandal! Someone you might also be familiar with as Malume Jakes from Scandal. We shall examine all the facts that is currently available on Siphesihle Zondi in this piece.

Biography: Siphesihle Zondi

Siphesihle Zondi plays Malume Jakes on etv's Scandal!
Siphesihle Zondi plays Malume Jakes on etv’s Scandal!

Full name: Siphesihle Zondi
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Education: Unknown
Occupation: Actor, Educator, Choreographer, Motivational speaker and preacher
Known for: Malume Jakes or Mr. Hlatshwayo on Scandal etv.
Spouse: Unknown
Height: 1.78m (est.)
Net worth: Unknown
Children: Unknown
Nationality: South African

Early life of Siphesihle Zondi

South African actor Siphesihle Zondi was born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. His birth year is still a mystery, though. Moreover, Zondi was reared in Durban in addition to being born there. But what about the specifics of Zondi’s early life, his upbringing, and all that? Nothing substantial has been said about that. Provide details about his high school as well as any siblings or parents. However, we will be able to provide all that is currently known about the actor in this post.

Education of Zondi

Although we are unsure of the particular institutions Zondi attended after high school? As he stated on his Instagram, Zondi is a teacher, so we do know that. It is debatable whether he is making a reference to his preaching responsibilities. Given that he discussed the two individually, it is safe to assume that this is not the case. Therefore it seems to reason that Siphesihle Zondi studied education.

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Personal life of Siphesihle Zondi

Zondi plays Malume Jakes on Scandal which airs on etv
Zondi plays Malume Jakes on Scandal which airs on etv

Siphesihle is a member of Instagram. His private life is still largely unknown to the general public. So, we are unsure of his marital status or whether he is a father. In that case, how many? Nonetheless, he presumably keeps his life private for a purpose given the media’s animosity.

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His exact height is still a mystery. His height is thought to be between 1.78 and 1.82 meters. Hence, it can be said that Siphesihle Zondi is approximately 1.79 meters tall. Then again, for a male in South Africa, it is rather typical. A lot is achievable in the film industry with such height.

Net worth

Another such unsolved enigma is what his net worth is. Also, he is a very private and reserved person. There is just no way for us to know. There are also no estimates given because this is arguably his first formal biography. About his salary, there was a click-bait article, though. but within the text or video. Nothing about his pay is available. That’s because they’re merely using his name as bait because no one knows his pay yet.

Career of Siphesihle Zondi

He is Mr. Hlatshwayo on Etv Scandal
He is Mr. Hlatshwayo on Etv Scandal

He just started an acting career. In Scandal, he is now known as Malume Jakes. You might be familiar with him as the uncle of Mbali Khubeka or Mr. Hlatshwayo if his name is difficult to relate to. He plays Mbali Khubeka’s drunken uncle in the episode. who attempts to maintain her wealthy husband Jojo Khubeka by making him believe she is similarly wealthy. She is married to him. She hired her uncle to pose as her wealthy father as the centerpiece of her deception (Mr. Hlatshwayo).

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Other endeavors

Siphesihle Zondi is also a preacher in real life
Siphesihle Zondi is also a preacher in real life

Siphesihle Zondi may only come to mind as an actress. Actually, he is more than that. Although it’s unknown what or where he teaches, Zondi is also a teacher. Moreover, Zondi is a director, choreographer, and motivational speaker. Thus, if he’s not portraying the wealthy Mr. Hlatshwayo or the alcoholic uncle Jakes on TV. He is out there instructing, inspiring, and leading.

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Social media/ Contact details

Malume Jakes from Scandal on etv
Siphesihle Zondi is also a preacher in real life

His contact information is unavailable. We also don’t have his agency’s address or phone number. Thus, the only method to try to get in touch with him right now is through his Instagram. @zondi siphesihle is his user name. On the platform, he has 185 followers or such. He is solely known to be on that social networking platform as of right now.


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