Andile Nebulane bio, Generations, Depression and drug accusations

Andile Nebulane (born 28 December 1979) is a South African actor from Lady Frère in the Eastern Cape.

The current roles of Officer Pele on Generations The Legacy and Jonga on iGazi are those for whom the South African actor Andile Nebulane is most recognized.

Read more about the actor and his tribulations with depression and alleged drug abuse below.

Biography profile of Andile Nebulane

Andile Nebulane who plays Officer Pele on Generations the Legacy
Andile Nebulane who plays Officer Pele on Generations the Legacy

Full name: Andile Nebulane
Date of birth: 28 December 1979 (44 years old)
Place of birth: Lady Frère, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Occupation: Actor
Education: AFDA (BA in Live Performance), New Africa Theatre association and DMT SSS,
Sibling: Xhamela Nebulane (older brother), Wiseman Nebulane (brother)
Instagram: @andilenebulane
Facebook: Andile Nebulane
Nationality: South African

Early life and Personal life of Andile Nebulane

Andile Nebulane was born on the 28th of December in 1979. So, as of 2023, he is 44 years old. Moreover, he was born in Lady Frere, in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

Furthermore, that Andile Nebulane was born and raised in Lady Frere. Which is in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Which explains his fluency in Xhosa.

Nebulane loves his siblings so much he almost never forgets to wish them a happy birthday
Nebulane loves his siblings so much he almost never forgets to wish them a happy birthday

However, we don’t know anything about his upbringing nor influences. We do know however that Nebulane has an older brother named Xhamela Nebulane.

Young Andile Nebulane (left) and brother Xhamela Deon Nebulane (right)
Young Andile Nebulane (left) and brother Xhamela Deon Nebulane (right)

Furthermore, he has another brother named Wiseman, whom we can’t establish if he’s older or younger. Andile has a sister or two aswell. He never misses an opportunity to wish all his siblings happy birthday.

Education of Andile

Nebulane was officer Pele on Generations the Legacy
Nebulane was officer Pele on Generations the Legacy

At the University of Cape Town, he pursued a Performers’ Certificate in Speech and Theatre.

Additionally, he completed an AFDA acting for camera course. Other institutions the actor is said to have attended include New Africa Theatre School and DMT SSS.

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Personal life

The actor who currently plays officer Pele on Generations the Legacy is actually in a relationship per his Facebook account.

However, it is unknown who the lucky girl is. Furthermore, aside from acting, Andile Nebulane is actually into bikes and has taken numerous pictures with his bikes.

Career of Andile Nebulane

The handsome actor makes his acting debut in 1996 with the release of Behind the Bars. In 2003, he appeared in Oedipus at Kirstenbosch Open Air Theatre.

Duma, the owner of Slyza Records in the drama series Hustle, then assists him in becoming well-known on television. He does his job exceptionally well, which leads to several acting roles.

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He has appeared in theatrical works at numerous festivals, including Grahamstown, the KKNK, Suidoostefees, and the Spring Arts Festival in Toronto, Canada.

For corporations including Old Mutual, Royco, Knorr, Engen Wimpy, Shoprite, Eskom, MTN, Metropolitan, Coca-Cola, Vital Foods, and Exxaro Mining, he has made several appearances in corporate theater performances and television commercials.

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Andile made his debut appearance in a leading role on television in the 2016 drama series Hustle on eKasi+. Which followed the life of a has-been diva (played by Brenda Ngxoli).

She embarked on what would prove to be a challenging path back to the top of the charts. This is just one of out of the many roles Nebulane once played in his entire career.

Andile Nebulane’s net worth

According to, the actor earns a good living through his acting work and they estimate him to be around $250 000 worth of television commercials.

However, despite his wealth, Nebulane has never been one to flaunt his wealth.  Even though he conceals his wealth, he continues to work very hard to grow it.


According to our estimates. We believe that Andile Nebulane has a height of about 1.74m. However, we don’t yet have conclusive information on this.

Narcotics accusations

The actor was savagely beaten by armed police officers in 2011 after being unjustly accused of being a narcotics dealer. I can only make out a large cut on my left shin as a scar.

My supporting materials, which include images and a medical report, are all listed in my docket at the Nyanga Police Station in Cape Town, where I submitted my case.

Officer Pele from Generations the legacy
Officer Pele from Generations the legacy

“I was bleeding, and I could see a piece of meat hanging from my left leg. They proceeded to punch me around while I sought cover in the corner and watched.

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“I was weakened and helpless as I lay in a pool of blood. My left ear was struck hard by the butt of a rifle. I had already pledged my devotion to them.

One of them finally said, lifting my chin and looking into my eyes, “Are you Andile or Anele?” The entire time, the police had been killing the wrong individual. [3]


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