Biography of Skeem Saam actress Zizo Sobhutyu, life, career and dreams

Zizo Sobhutyu (born 2006) is an actress based in South Africa. She comes from Pretoria in South Africa. And is best-known for portraying the character of Mosebjadi on the Educational drama series, Skeem Saam.

Biography: Zizo Sobhutyu

A picture of Skeem Saam actress Zizo Sobhutyu
A picture of Skeem Saam actress Zizo Sobhutyu

Name: Zizo Sobhutyu
From: Midrand, Pretoria in South Africa
Occupation: Actress
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Date of birth: 2006
Tv shows: Skeem Saam
Known for: Mosebjadi from Skeem Saam
Net worth: Unknown
Height: 165cm
Nationality: South African

Personal life history of Zizo Sobhutyu

Zizo Sobutyu is a young South African actor from Midrand. Many people want to know what her real name is. Mosebjadi from Skeem Saam becomes well-known for her acting abilities. She was born between 2005 and 2006. So, she’s between the ages of 17 and 18 as of 2022.

Mosebjadi from Skeem Saam played by Zizo Sobhutyu
Mosebjadi from Skeem Saam played by Zizo Sobhutyu

However, further facts about her life are unknown because she is currently in Grade 11. While we don’t actually know about her personal relationships. It’s very possible that she may or may not be dating as a teen considering how things work these days. In fact, some information on her Instagram suggests she’s in a relationship but keeping it private.

Educational Background

Zizo attended primary school in Midrand and is currently enrolled in high school, according to sources. As of 2022, Sobutyu is stated to be in grade 11. Furthermore, she hasn’t said much about what she plans to do after finishing her education.

Despite the fact that Zizo Sobhutyu is still in school. She is a Baobab Drama Academy graduate. During the National Eisteddfod of South Africa. She became a member of the Brynston Parallel Medium Dramatised Poetry Group. Zizo and others received diplomas. In order to compete in the 2017 National Young Performer Awards. They performed a dramatic poem called “Come with Us.” The film was written and directed by M.B Jokozela.

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Her actual height is unknown. However, estimates place her in the 1.56m to 1.62m range. Howeve, when we do get a reliable figure, we will update this section.

Net worth and salary

While we don’t know her net worth as it is clearly too early to tell. We do know that the actor is most likely getting a median salary between R15K to R30k depending on the nature of her role in the production.

Career journey in acting.

She took part in the Johannesburg Theatre Arts and Culture Festival in 2018. Anele Ngwane and Zizo Sobutyu performed a Classical Duet titled “The Brighton Beach Memoirs” and received the symbol (B) with a rating of 70-74%. She was cast in the role of Mosebjadi on Skeem Saam in January 2022.

Zizo Sobhutyu on her career

Zizo Sobhutyu is also an influencer and model on Instagram
Zizo Sobhutyu is also an influencer and model on Instagram

While most wonder how it feels to play such a sensitive character as Mosebjadi. Zizo actually opened up in an interview about her character. Stating that she got so consumed in it that she can relate so much with it. Zizo also mentioned that the emotional baggage was a bit complex and was taxing to handle. Nonetheless, the actress was grateful for the role and called it a challenge from God that she was happy to face. Moreover, the young actress also emphasized that the character taught her to be kind.

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““I’ve let her take complete control of me in the pursuit of understanding her, to the point that I’m losing myself. I’ve developed a slew of insecurities about myself. Every little thing sets me off. At times, I want to give up and shut the world out. It’s been an incredible journey playing this character.” said Zizo Sobutyu when interviewed about her role.

Sobutyu says that she learnt to prioritize kindness playing Mosebjadi

According to Zizo, the role of Mosebjadi tops all of her previous roles. Saying that portraying the character had been nothing but an amazing journey. And that she loved portraying the girl and had fallen in love with her character.

Mosebjadi from Skeem Saam
Mosebjadi from Skeem Saam

According to Sobutyu. She learnt so many things from her character. However, one of the the most important things she learnt was how bullying could affect one in so many ways. And, how it could easily destroy a person.

“Be kind ,we all wear masks. We all portray ourselves as happy souls but things we go through are bigger than us. Seek God . Pray. Again be kind. ” said the actress.

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Zizo Sobhutyu on Social media

According to Mosebjadi from Skeem Saam. Whose real name Zizo Sobutyu has an Instagram and Facebook. However, she is very active on Facebook  than on her Instagram. Moreover, her Instagram is still in its early stages and she’s still growing a fan base. And, her username on Instagram is Zizo_Sobhutyu.

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