From The Queen to Nikiwe – Craig Nobela full biography

er,South African actor Craig Nobela (4 May 2001) is well-known for playing Nkosiyabo on The Queen and Menzi on Nikiwe. His rogue persona is a far cry from who he really is, and he plays the part expertly. Many people are curious about him off the small screen as he is gaining a sizable fan base. Learn more about Craig Nobela’s age, career, girlfriend, net worth, and The Queen in his biography.

Biography of Craig Nobela

A picture of Nkosiyabo from The Queen
A picture of Nkosiyabo from The Queen

Full name: Craig Ayanda Nobela
Date of birth: 4 May 2001 (22 years old as of 2023)
Place of birth: Isiphingo, KZN
Education: Unknown
Height: 1.7m
Occupation: Actor
Known for: Nikiwe
Net worth: R200,000
Nationality: South African

Early life and Education of Craig Nobela

The fourth of May 2001 saw the birth of Craig Ayanda Nobela. Craig Nobela is 23 years old as of 2023. He was raised in Isiphongo, in the South African province of Kwazulu Natal. Moreover, attended Kings Way High. He left finance school after graduating to follow his passion for acting. In 2019, he enrolled in an eight-month performing arts course.

Career of Craig Nobela

Craig Ayanda Nobela initially intended to pursue a career in banking, but he jumped at the chance to follow his love of the arts by accepting the part of Nkosiyabo on The Queen. He is Brutus Khoza’s most difficult child.

An image of Craig Nobela full name Craig Ayanda Nobela
An image of Craig Nobela full name Craig Ayanda Nobela

Nkosiyabo is an unruly, arrogant, and rude youngster who frequently causes trouble. He has always been successful at tricking his parents and getting away with it.

I did my best to portray my character based on what I know about Nkosi’s demeanor, even though I am nothing like him. He advised watching to see whether he changes after being imprisoned to determine whether he has learned his lesson.

Menzi from Nikiwe

He plays Menzi on Nikiwe
He plays Menzi on Nikiwe

Aside from The Queen, Craig Nobela appears on the new etv series Nikiwe. He plays the role of Menzi on the series. A young flamboyant boy born in a rich family. Of whom after his father died, he’s left to navigate his father’s Legacy with his sister Nikiwe played by Lungelo Mpangase and their mother played by Clementine Mosimane.

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His experiences at The Queen

The actor had no trouble playing the role of Nkosiyabo on The Queen. He creates a troubled young man who is the son of Brutus and who always gets away with everything.

Craig Nobela says he's the opposie of his The QUeen charcter Nkosiyabo
Craig Nobela says he’s the opposie of his The QUeen charcter Nkosiyabo

The actor said, “I am nothing like my character, but I have learned about the kind of person Nkosi is, and I have tried to portray him as such.”

Changing his career dreams

According to the Sunday World’s interview with the then 21-year-old from Isiphingo in KwaZulu-Natal, he had always desired to become a chartered accountant.

He plays ,Menzi on Nikiwe
He plays ,Menzi on Nikiwe

“I took a sabbatical after graduating from college since I was no longer interested in the career. I enrolled in an eight-month performing arts training program in 2019.

Nobela had to cease working on his course for unstated reasons while he was busy. He admitted that he had not been very interested in pursuing a career in the arts and that he had only recently become interested in it.

Craig Nobela’s estimated wealth

The aspiring actor is gaining from balancing multiple jobs and is surely making a great living. For Craig, who is worth R200,000, this is just the beginning.

Social media

Instagram user @craignobelaofficial is Craig Nobela. He has 32k followers, is following 636 people, and has published a total of 33 times. Also, he has active Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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