Vuyiseka Cawe full bio, age, husband, growing up without parents and more

Actress and model Vuyiseka Cawe was born in South Africa on August 1, 1987. Her roles in numerous regional television soap operas, including The Queen and Imbewu: The Seed, are what made her most well-known.

On The Queen, Cawe portrayed Listerina, a woman who planned to exact revenge on her husband’s mistress. She began appearing as Nokuzola Ndamase in the soap series Imbewu in 2019.

Biography profile of Vuyiseka Cawe

A picture of Vuyiseka Caee who played Listerina in The Queen
A picture of Vuyiseka Caee who played Listerina in The Queen

Name: Vuyiseka Cawe
Date of birth: August 01, 1987
Age: 34 years old
Occupation: Actor
Known as: Nokuzola from Imbewu
Height: 1.59m
From: Port Elizabeth
Net worth: R2 million
Nationality: South African

Background and Early life of Vuyiseka Cawe

On August 1, 1987, Vuyiseka Cawe was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She and her siblings were reared by their single mother and grandma.

A picture of Nokuzola from Imbewu played by Vuyiseka Cawe
A picture of Nokuzola from Imbewu played by Vuyiseka Cawe

The actress participated in numerous performances and artistic endeavors in her neighborhood. Vuyiseka Cawe moved to Johannesburg in quest of greener grazing.

Unfortunately, her grandmother passed away from a kidney condition four days after her mother passed away in 2016. The care of her siblings had been shared by her grandma.

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Vuyiseka Cawe career

Back in her hometown of Port Elizabeth, where she participated in plays and creative projects, Vuyiseka Cawe began her acting career. Cawe relocated to Johannesburg, joined the Duma Ndlovu Actors Academy, and studied performance because she was passionate about acting and wanted to succeed in life.

Vuyiseka, the Imbewu star, traveled the nation performing industrial theater in underdeveloped communities while working with Themba Interactive Theatre Company.

Roles on Generations: The Legacy, Muvhango, Rhythm City, Ekasi Our Tales, Rockville, The Big Mistake, and The Playhouse Production of The Game by Duma Ndlovu are just a few of the projects Cawe has been cast in. All the while, side jobs included modeling.

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More Career information

As Listerina (Cawe’s character in The Queen) planned to exact revenge on her husband’s mistress, the Mzansi Magic telenovela The Queen became her a household name.

Subsequently, in December 2019, Cawe began acting in the television drama Imbewu the Seed as Nokuzola, the lawyer for Shongololo oils and Zithulele’s wife. The CEO of the business Shongololo oils is Zithulele.

She portrays a liberal woman who is also in some ways spiritual. Her other current part is in The Queen on Mzansi Magic. She portrays a housewife named Listerina. With Imbewu, this is one of her most significant current duties.

Growing up and losing her favourite matriarchs

Nokuzola From Imbewu
Nokuzola From Imbewu

At the Eastern Cape province’s Gqeberha, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, Vuyiseka Cawe was born. She was conceived on August 1, 1987. She attended Victoria Girls High school in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, according to a wikipedia entry.

Cawe lost her mother later in life, when she was 28 years old. Coincidentally, her mother and grandma passed away a month or a few days apart. This was a significant loss for her, and once Cawe’s grandma passed away, she realized how much she admired her and wanted to be just like her.

Taking care of her siblings

Vuyiseka Cawe, also known as Listerina from the Queen and Nokuzola from Imbewu the seed
Vuyiseka Cawe, also known as Listerina from the Queen and Nokuzola from Imbewu the seed

Cawe was forced to assume the challenging job of caring for her siblings after her mother passed away. Cawe believed that she was the only chance for her underlings. She had to give up something in order for her siblings to live happier lives.

Furthermore, she had numerous part-time jobs, including modeling, to help her siblings. Her siblings were 12, 15, and 18 years old when she took on this task, taking 5 years out of her life. She also stepped away from the screens for a moment to cry.

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Vuyiseka Cawe’s controversy relations with Mfundi


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Vuyiseka Cawe is now dating someone, but we don’t know who she is because she isn’t very open about it. She was, however, rumored to have been romantically involved with veteran producer Mfundi Vundla in 2015. Mfundi was charged with lavishing cash on the woman and her companion.

In addition, Mfundi was alleged to have paid for Vuyiseka Cawe and her friend’s airfares to Hong Kong. When challenged about this, he said that it was absurd and far from the truth.

He claimed, “I haven’t gone to Hong Kong, and I don’t know those girls. Andiswa, her friend, acknowledged traveling to Hong Kong for the Lion King premiere when questioned, but she denied knowing Mfundi.

Community Profile

Cawe has a presence on numerous social media platforms. She earns additional money in addition to her blog, where she publishes images of herself and her work.

On these platforms, the Imbewu celebrity has promoted various products, such as Channel. On Instagram, she also showcases her acting and modeling work.

Vuyiseka Cawe’s Net worth and cars

Few sources assessed Vuyiseka Cawe’s net worth to be $150,000. Hence, her net worth is greater than R 2, 096, 041. which is admirable given her distinguished career. She also has a paid partnership with Audi and now owns an Audi R8 that is valued at roughly R480 000.