Matthews Manamela biography: Babeile from Skeem Saam, age, kids, wife,and more

Matthews Manamela (born November 1st, 1978) is a South African actor, choreographer and arts administrator. He is best known for playing Sergeant Babeile on Skeem Saam.

In this article, we will look at the actor’s career and some personal information about him. So, read till the end for more information.

Biography of Matthews Manamela

A picture of Matthews Manamela who plays Babeile on Skeem Saam
A picture of Matthews Manamela who plays Babeile on Skeem Saam

Full name: Matthews Manamela
Date of birth: November 1st, 1978 (46 years as of 2024)
Place of birth: Seshego, Limpopo
Education: Diploma
Height: 1.67m
Occupation: Actor, Choreographer
Known for: Babeile from Skeem Saam
Spouse: Pauline Maisha Manamela
Nationality: South African

The Early life of Matthews Manamela

Matthews Manamela was born in Seshego, Limpopo, on November 1st, in the 1978. His actual year of birth is unknown; however, it is believed that the actor was born in 1978. So, as of 2024, he is 46 years old.

He moved to Johannesburg in 1991 to live with his uncle. Furthermore, the actor was only in his early teens when he moved to Johannesburg.


While we don’t know which schools Manamela attended,. The actor did get a 3-year diploma, probably in a theater-related course. This is because the actor joined a community theatre early after finishing his high school education.

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Personal life

First of all, Matthews is married to his beloved wife, Pauline Maisha Manamela. Who played the role of Connie on TV’s Scandal? She was Motshabi’s therapist. Furthermore, Manamela has two daughters and one son, one of whom is in her early teens.

Babeile and his real life wife, Matthews Manamela and his wife, Pauline Manamela
Babeile and his real life wife, Matthews Manamela and his wife, Pauline Manamela

Another unknown fact about Matthews Manamela is that he is actually a cousin to Harriet Manamela. Who plays Meiki Maputla on Skeem Saam.

Furthermore, the actor is very fond of his wife, who is also an actress and a businesswoman. She promotes and sells a self-made brand of dishwashing gel.

So, aside from acting, the family is very financially active. Matthews Manamela is Christian by religion and believes in God. Furthermore, the man is very fond of his work, both professional and philanthropic.

The TV career of Matthews Manamela

In terms of career, Manamela started at a community theatre level and upgraded to television over the years. However, his most famous role to date is his Sergeant Babeile role on Skeem Saam.

Babeile and John Maputla from Skeem Saam
Babeile and John Maputla from Skeem Saam

Furthermore, the storyline that shot him to fame was that of the serial killer, wherein Sergeant Rathebe was believed to be the killer.

For his role, the actor said he did his full research on how cops act and some of their codes of conduct. So, as you can see in Skeem Saam, he definitely carries himself differently from the average person.

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The actor is believed to be around 1.67 meters tall. While he may look short on screen, in real life, he is actually just about average height. So, don’t expect him to be shorter than you unless you’re above average.

Philanthropy and other activities

Manamela is not just an actor but a choreographer. So, most of his work has to do with uplifting the youth through movement.

Furthermore, he has hosted numerous events and choreographed a lot of young people. So, the work he does for the youth is not only limited to choreography but also upliftment.

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Matthews Manamela on Social Media

On social media, you can find Matthews Manamela on Instagram at @manamelamatthews, and he has over 1.4k followers. Furthermore, he is also on Facebook under the name Matthews Manamela.