Quick Facts about Patrick Sanku Bokaba AKA Advocate Bopape from Skeem Saam (Biography)

Patrick Sanku Bokaba (born July 23) is a South African actor, playwright, gospel singer, and director. She is best known for playing Advocate Bopape on Skeem Saam and Nhlamulo Maseko’s father, Andries, on TV’s Scandal.

So, in this article, we will look at the actor’s personal life and professional career. Read till the end to learn a bit more about the underrated, seasoned, and multi-talented actor.

Biography Profile: Patrick Sanku Bokaba

Patrick Sanku Bokaba who plays Advocate Bopape on Skeem Saam
Patrick Sanku Bokaba, who plays Advocate Bopape on Skeem Saam

Full name: Patrick Sanku Bokaba
Date of birth: July 23, 1970s
Place of birth: Attredgeville, Pretoria, South Africa
Education: Dr. FW Nkomo Secondary School
Alma mater: Unisa (Degree in Music)
Height: 1.8m
Occupation: Actor, Gospel Singer, Director and Playwright
Known for: Advocate Bopape on Skeem Saam, Andries Maseko from Scandal
Spotify: Patrick Sanku Bokaba
Instagram: @patrick_sanku_bokaba
Nationality: South African

Early life

Patrick Sanku Bokaba was born on July 23, 1970, in Attredgeville, Pretoria, South Africa. As of 2024, he is believed to be in his mid- to late-40s. However, we don’t yet know his age.

We couldn’t contact him on his Facebook page as the massage option is unavailable. However, as soon as we discover his actual age,. We will publish it.

The actor was raised in a Christian family in Attredgeville. He attended his secondary school education at Dr. F.W. Nkomo Secondary School. Sanku is still a firm believer in Christ and has taken his journey further in the past few years. By releasing some music.

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After matriculating at Dr. FW Nkomo Secondary School, he went to varsity to pursue his artistic passion. So, he studied music at Unisa.

However, after that, it took him a while before he could release anything musically. Although music was always his true passion, he found himself involved more in the acting space as early as the 1990s or earlier.

Personal life

Patrick Sanku Bokaba is actually a married man, as his Facebook seems to indicate. However, we don’t know who the lucky woman is yet. Furthermore, as pertaining to children, we don’t have any evidence that the actor has any children.

Patrick Sanku Bokaba and his wife
Patrick Sanku Bokaba and his wife

However, we do know that, to some extent, he has been like a godfather to his late sister’s son. Sometime ago, Patrick Sanku lost his sister Patricia, and she was survived by her young son.

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In terms of careers, we are honestly still in the dark. However, the actor has been on so many sets with many actors. He has obviously appeared on Skeem Saam as Advocate Bopape.

And, on Scandal, he currently plays the supporting role of Nhlamulo Maseko’s father, Andries Maseko. A role most TV fans know him for.

Others may know Maseko from his numerous theatrical plays in which he has worked with legendary actors like Mobongeni Ngema and many more.

Bokaba also plays Andries on Scandal, Nhlamulo's father
Bokaba also plays Andries on Scandal, Nhlamulo’s father

Now coming to his music career. Sanku Bokaba was raised in a Christian home and grew up Christian. He also loved singing and music. So, after graduating high school, he pursued a music degree at Unisa.

And in recent years, the actor has been releasing music to his fans. While he is still upcoming, his work will speak for itself. You can stream his music here and many other streaming platforms, like spotify. From our research, he began releasing digitally in 2020 and his last album on Spotify was in 2021.

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Other activities

Sanku is sincerely a man of love for the people. He participates in a lot of humanitarian activities, like doing events at prisons. Furthermore, Bokaba is very involved with the youth and their events, aswell as trying to uplift them in their crafts.

Social media

Patrick is on Facebook and Instagram. With over 2.4k followers on Instagram and similar numbers on Facebook. The actor is honestly underrated and deserves more recognition. You can follow him on Instagram at @patrick_sanku_bokaba and on Facebook as Patrick Sanku Bokaba.