Get to know Gomora’s Nandipha Khubone in 10 Facts

Nandipha Khubone (born in 2000) is a South African Filmmaker and actress. The 22-year-old is best known for playing as Sibongile in the South African television drama series Gomora. In this article we will look into 10 facts about her life and how she became a well known actress.

1. Nandipha Khubone is 23 years old

A picture of Actress Nandipha Khubone
A picture of Actress Nandipha Khubone

If you ever asked yourself how old Nandipha  Khubone was. We have just the answer. According to most sources, her age is between 23 and 24. However, most sources do agree that she is 23 years old. With a date of birth of 2000.

2. She grew up in an imperfect home

We all know that it isn’t easy at home. Families go through a lot. But, would you have thought that even our idols go through the same? Well, according to Nandipha Khubone, her parents separated while she was still in 9nth grade. This led her to submerge into her books to avoid faxing reality. A form of escapism she says was helpful in the long run.

3. Nandipha loves school

A picture of Sibongile from Gomora
A picture of Sibongile from Gomora

We can almost all agree that it is unusual to find someone who truly loves school. However, Nandipha is one such person. According to Nandipha, school is everything to her. After submerging herself into books in 9nth grade. Khubone found herself in love with school. She attended a girls school. Which she says was very beneficial to her mental health. As she had the warmth of sisterhood and no pressure to impress her Male counterparts.

4. She studied in the United States, Los Angeles

Not many people find themselves privileged enough to study abroad. However, Nandipha found herself fortunate enough to do so.

Nandipha studied in Los Angeles, California
Nandipha studied in Los Angeles, California

She studied in Los Angeles and claims she was predominantly vegan while in the US. However, all of that changed when she returned to South Africa. Claiming her family knew she would eat what ever they’d put on the table.

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5. Nandipha Khubone struggled with her mental health

Arguably as a result of her childhood distress she never faced and avoided through school. Khubone found herself in a very dark places. Moreover, she mentioned how playing the role of Sibongile on Gomora was hard to get out of. So, she would find herself stuck in that character. Which she says was a heavy character.

6. How tall is Nandipha?

An image of Sibongile from Gomora
An image of Sibongile from Gomora

While her actual height is unknown. There are few estimates on how tall she is very likely to be. Such estimates are calculated based on objects around her in pictures or around people whose height is know. So, Nandipha Khubone should be expected to have a height of 160cm or 162cm.

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7. What is Nandipha Khubone’s Salary?

Actors and actresses’ salaries vary considering depending on many factors. However, most actors earn a median salary between R15 000 to R45 000. Depending on the role they play and how often they play it. So, Nandipha can be expected to have a salary of around R25 000.

8. Who is Nandipha Khubone’s boyfriend

The answer to who Nandipha is currently dating is we simply don’t know. Moreover, there’s no evidence or suggestive content from her suggesting she’s dating. However, since most actors keep their private lives private anyways? One won’t be judged for asking such a quesfion.

9. She currently lives in Johannesburg

Nandipha Khubone currently lives in Johannesburg
Nandipha Khubone currently lives in Johannesburg

While she was born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Nandipha Khubone currently lives in Johannesburg. Probably because she works and films in Johannesburg. Details into when she moved to Johannesburg remain substantially scarce.

10. What is her net worth

So, what’s her net worth. Truth is, we simply don’t know. This is because she is predominantly new to the big screens. So, she hasn’t caught enough attention for fact chackers to estimate her net worth.

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