Six Nyamane full biography, Nozipho on Generations, age, kids and more

Actress Six Nyamane is from South Africa and was born on April 6, 1998. She is well known for portraying Sassy Buhle on the television show Scandal and Nosipho in Generations: Legacy. So, in this article, we will look at her life and career.

Biography profile of Six Nyamane

Six Nyamane who plays Nosipho on Generations The Legacy
Six Nyamane who plays Nosipho on Generations The Legacy

Full name: Six Mpume Nyamane
Gender: Female Age : 25 years old
Date of birth: April 6, 1998
Place of birth: Newcastle, Kwazulu natal province
Occupation: Actress, Dancer, Singer and Presenter
Instagram: @six nyamane
Known as: Nosipho from Generations the Legacy
TV shows: Scandal, Rhythm city and Generations the Leqacy
Nationality: South African

Early life

Six Nyamane, real name Mpume Nyamane, was born on April 6, 1998, in Newcastle, South Africa’s Kwazulu natal region. Mduduzi Nyamane and Zah Lets, Mpumi’s parents, give birth to Mpumi (father).

She consistently responds “Yes” when asked if her true name is Six. Because a lot of people think its not her real name. And, they’re not wrong.

Six Nyamane who plays Nosipho on Generations The Legacy
Six Nyamane who plays Nosipho on Generations The Legacy

She earned this nickname while playing position six in regional hockey. Coaches had to refer to the numbers on the field because the team was so large and they didn’t have time to memorize everyone’s names.

Furthermore, she started playing hockey in fourth grade and continued through matriculation. Mpume stopped participating in sports after moving to Johannesburg since she couldn’t find a team, in addition to that, she genuinely doesn’t have the time to keep up with practice and games.

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Personal life of Six Nyamane

According to her Facebook page, Mpumi is presently dating, but we don’t yet know his name. She currently resides in the province of Gauteng, in Sandton.

And, she is bilingual in Isizulu and English. Six stands at roughly 1.68cm in height and has black hair and brow-colored eyes. She also has a three-year-old son or daughter.

Career of Mpume Nyamane

During her first year at the University of South Africa (Unisa), she discovered her love of performance, but despite her enthusiasm for the field, her mother did not share her enthusiasm for pursuing a career in acting over academics.

Nyamane is famous for playing Nosipho on Generations The Legacy
Nyamane is famous for playing Nosipho on Generations The Legacy

She recalled looking at many institutions, but ultimately decided to enroll at the same Unisa that she had initially intended to. After studying finance for a few months, Six found the topic uninteresting. As a result, she started skipping class to attend auditions after a guy she met at the gym told her she had a face for television.

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Her first audition

She went to her first ever audition, and she got the part. Six decided to film the movie in secret without notifying her family, but for some reason the school called her mother to inform her that she hadn’t attended class or turned in her exam.

It would be an understatement to say that her mother was upset with her; for two weeks, she didn’t speak to her. That’s how bad it was at home.

Her mom didn’t want her pursuing acting

Nyamane continued honing her acting skills despite her mother’s wishes. Her mother finally gave in when she saw how committed her daughter was to her craft after being cast in numerous roles.

Playing Nosipho on the well-known soap opera appeared challenging and confused, despite Nyamane’s excitement for her new part, because her character is the daughter of Nkosiyabo Cele, a courageous journalist who seeks out and exposes important news despite danger (played by Muzi Mthabela).

Playing Nozipho on Generations was challenging for her
Playing Nozipho on Generations was challenging for her

“Because I didn’t want to be redundant or dull in my role, I value giving my character more and learning more about her every day. Muzi is another person I usually talk to while filming, and we both teach me a lot of things. In retrospect, I suppose I have shaped Nozipho to resemble his father.

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