SRD status – This is why your SRD R350 grant is pending

SRD GRANT status for your application
SRD GRANT status for your application

If you applied for your R350 grant but your status still reads as pending or you don’t understand your SRD status then you have come to the right place. So we are going help you understand SRD grant and why its pending until now.

First of all we need to know what SRD stands for. The full meaning of SRD: SRD stand for Social Relief of Distress. Social Relief of Distress Grant. We are going to look at the different SRD Grant statuses and what they mean in general. The status is an update that shows after submitting your SASSA application waiting in the system for human review or after review.

SASSA application pending

If your application is correctly filled, the initial status will be ‘Application complete.’ Application complete indicates that you have completed the reapplication process, and your application for the SRD R350 award will be checked each month.

What should I do about the ‘Application completed’ status? All you have to do now is check your verification and payment status on the Sassa SRD website once a month.

Banking details pending

This implies that while an application or reapplication was received, no banking information or preferences were received.

What should you do if your bank details are pending? You must enter your financial information on the SRD website. Here are the complete instructions for submitting banking information to Sassa.

Reapplication pending status

When your grant status indicates ‘Reapplication pending,’ it signifies that Sassa has not received any re-applications.

What should I do if my reapplication is pending? If the position is open for applicants, you must submit an application via the website or WhatsApp line.

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Pending for a specific time period

If your grant status is ‘pending’ for a specific month, it signifies your re-application was successful. The application for the period is still being verified for that month.

If you check your grant status in June and it says ‘pending,’ that implies your application has not yet been verified for the month of June. The status will be updated as soon as the verification is done.

What should I do about the ‘pending’ grant status? You must return to the status later in the month for an update.

Application Approved status

The application approved status is obvious. It means your application was approved for that period in time.

What you need to do is to check the pay day field for when you will receive your money. If on pay dau field is empty its because your payment is not yet processed.

Application declined status

The application was declined for the period and the reason will be provided. What to do about ‘declined’ status?

You can submit a request for reconsideration via the website, should you feel that the reason for decline is invalid.

Cancelled status

Means the application for SASSA SRD was cancelled on the system. The reasons varies; it can be you who cancelled your own status by mistake or someone at SASSA department did it by mistake or other reasons may be the cause.

So whay should you do if it was cancelled without your approval? One of the ways to reinstate your SASSA application is to visit the SASSA department or their website to request reinstatement of your application.

How to check your SRD status Online?

Step 1: Go to the SASSA SRD website

Step 2; Scroll down to ‘Application Status’

Step 4: Click on ‘Click here to check online’

Step 5: Enter your ID number and cellphone number used during registration.

Step 6: Follow the remaining steps to check your status

So why you haven’t received your payments yet?

Sassa has stated that the R350 grants for the current cycle will be distributed by mid-June. Beneficiaries must be impatiently awaiting the payments by now, as they have been long delayed.

Last Monday, the Minister in the Presidency told the nation that people who are owed money would be compensated. “As long as the SRDs remain due, in accordance with the president’s commitment, they will be paid,” he stated.


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