Stevel Marc full Journey from Jamaica to the world and our South African screens

Stevel Marc is a Jamaican-born, South African-based actor best known for his role as Vuyo in Mzansi Magic’s The Unmarried. And now, more recently, he plays Sanka on Etv’s Scandal.

A picture of Stevel Marc who plays Sanka on Scandal etv
A picture of Stevel Marc who plays Sanka on Scandal etv

In this article, we take a look at the actor’s life, all the way from Jamaica to South Africa.

Where does Stevel Marc come from?

Stevel Marc was born on August 16, 1983, in Jamaica. He is one of the children of Jasmine William and Carlton Macdonald.

It’s not clear if his full name is actually Stevel Marc or not, as we find no mention of either of his parent’s surnames in it. Moreover, he was raised in Portland, Jamaica.

How old is Stevel Marc?

Well, since Stevel Marc was born in 1983, on the 16th of August, he should be 40 years old at the time of this writing in November 2023. So, he’s definitely not a young man anymore and has been in the industry for more than two decades.

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How tall is he?

Stevel Marc also appears in The Office Invasion Production as Badrick
Stevel Marc also appears in The Office Invasion Production as Badrick

Well, the actor Stevel Marc stands at a staggering height of 1.88m. Nearly 2 meters tall, shy of 12cm. So modeling was one of his earliest career paths, starting out. At this point, he is signed by Ice Modeling in South Africa.

Where did he get his education?

His earlier education traces back to Titch High School in Jamaica. However, he had to leave for Los Angeles at the age of 16 after being discovered by model scouter Dwight Peters. This opened doors for him to study at the New York Film Academy in New York aswell as at TVI actor studios in Los Angeles.

How did he get into acting and modeling?

At the age of 16, Stevel Marc won the Mr. Titchfield title in 2000. This was after he was discovered by a modeling agency scout, Dwight Peters. Soon after, he got scholarships to study in the USA, namely at the New York Film Academy and TVI Actors Studios in Los Angeles.

At a very young age, he started traveling to many countries, including Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe. Basically, almost all the continents on earth, sparing South America if he hasn’t already. He did a lot of modeling for big brands like Coca-Cola, Shield, Mr. Price, KFC, Cell C, and more.

A picture of Marc in The Office Invasion movie
Stevel Marc also appears in The Office Invasion Production.

He has partnered with Blackberry, Cardbury, HP South Africa, and many more. Moreover, he has emceed for big colossal brands like FIFA, Sony, Standard Bank, and FTV. His list of partnerships is endless. But modeling and emceeing aren’t all he does.

Stevel Marc has also moved to acting and voice-overing for various companies. He has done voiceover work for Samsung, Super Sport, Spar, Pick n Pay, Toyota, and SABC, to name a few.

He has acted in high-ranking Hollywood films. However, his first film of notability is Love is a Four-Letter Word; thereafter, he appeared in other noteworthy movies like Hell Trip, The Honeymoon, Of Good Report, Office Invasion, Unmarried, and One Piece.

On the South African local dramas, he has appeared on Ubettina Wethu, etv’s Scandal as of 2023, as Sanka, and others.

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Photography, book writing, and settling in South Africa?

After traveling the world, Marc decided to settle in South Africa permanently. However, when asked which country he’d prefer between the two, he said Jamaica. Aside from acting and modeling, the star is also an amazing photographer. Moreover, he has also written a book named “Player Refines: Love, Sex, and Dates”.

Was Stevel Marc a player?

When asked about the biggest misconception about him, Stevel mentioned that many thought he was a player. So, is he? Or was he? Well, he actually wrote a book on being a refined player.

However, the book was about his self-discovery as a man in relationships. The book shows that, at some point, Stevel was a player, and the book was a suggestion by a girlfriend who thought he had to write a book.

He wrote the book after someone asked him how many women he had slept with, a question that led him to deep self-introspection. As of now, Marc says he prefers to actually have a steady, long-term relationship, despite what people assume of him.

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Why did he join Etv’s Scandal as Sanka?

Right now, Steve Marc plays Sanka on etv’s Scandal. A plays a famous Jamaican photographer, and in the role, he uses his actual Jamaican Partois accent to communicate.

He will be trying to rekindle his modeling experiences with a longtime friend and possibly lover, Tlhogi, Mdala’s wife. According to him, he actually loves the show and was very grateful to be part of South Africa’s biggest soap opera.

Social media

The Jamaican giant can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On Instagram, he has at least 130k followers on his main account (@stevelmarc); his other Instagram accounts include @trpsld and @stevelmarcphotography.

On Twitter, his main account is also @stevelmarc, and he has over 27.7k followers. Then, lastly, on Facebook, he is Stevel Marc and has an extra account for his photography named Stevel Marc Photography.