Zinhle Mabena story: from killing 2 people, a dark divorce with Mugabe, Smoke & Mirrors etc.

Zinhle Mabena (born 8 June, 1991) is a 32 year old South African actress best known for her current role as Virginia on Smoke and Mirrors.

Zinhle played Sihle on Isibaya
Zinhle played Sihle on Isibaya

However, her life in the industry comes way back. And, in this article, we will look at Zinhle Mabena’s good, reputable, and controversial side.

Zinhle Mabena’s career background

If you don’t know exactly who Zinhle Mabena is, here’s where you might remember it. She played Sihle on Isibaya, a role she’s more famous for than most. However, she was also in the series Winnie Mandela.

And now, more recently, she is Virginia in Smoke and Mirrors. A role she is getting critical acclaim for. However, she has been part of other less notable productions and projects.

Where does Zinhle come from?

Zinhle Mabena was born on June 8, 1991, in Gauteng, South Africa. So, as of 2023, she is 32 years old. She was born to two parents: a Ndebele father and a Zulu father.

However, in a turn of unfortunate events, her father died while she was young. So, she was raised by a single mother until adulthood.

A look at Zinhle Mabena good side

Before we get into the controversy, let’s start with Zinhle Mabena’s philanthropy and humanitarian work. First of all, she is a women and children’s activist.

She has advocated for disadvantaged children, and against the trafficking of women and children. To such causes she has campaigned as a voice on her social pages.

Zinhle Ngwenya is also ana activist for children and women
Zinhle Ngwenya is also ana activist for children and women

Before the end of her marriege with Robert Ngwenya, they started a NGO called The MZ Ngwenya Foundation. Which targets people with drug abuse problems and women who were abused.

Moreover, while together, they started a rehabilitation center in Brits, North West. It was named after Zinhle’s mother. So, it was named Nomaqala Home of Hope. Which was meant to rehabilitate people.

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Why did she divorce Robert Mugabe?

She was married to Robert Mugabe Ngwenya or simply Mugabe Ngwenya. The couple was one of a kind.

It would be an understatement to say they inspired many. They did too many things together, built NGOs and businesses, and had 2 children together.

Zinhle Mabena met Steve Harvey through her husband Robert Mugabe Ngwenya
Zinhle Mabena met Steve Harvey through her husband Robert Mugabe Ngwenya

Although Ngwenya had three children already, their relationship was with the public, which is the ideal type. Although initially Zinhle was not open about it, while we do not know what went wrong, we do know they had a messy divorce.

The two had a fairytale-like relationship filled with love, butterflies, and chemistry. But it ended with sour and bitter feelings, with claims of abuse and other undisclosed matters being mentioned. It even ended with Mabena having protection against Ngwenya.

She was accused of trying to kill her husband

In 2021, after divorcing her husband, Robert Ngwenya, she was accused of trying to kill her husband through a hitman.

In fact, she was arrested because the police believed they had evidence against her. They had a video showing Robert being shot at with AK-47s by unknown hitmen, an incident that left one of his bodyguards dead.

Zinhle Mabena plays Virginia on Smoke and Mirrors
Zinhle Mabena plays Virginia on Smoke and Mirrors

However, when the matter hit court, the case was thrown out. Her advocate cited the fact that she was unfairly accused and that the charges were unfounded.

As a result, the case was not prosecuted to start. However, prior to the incident, Ngwenya had said to be receiving death threats. But, he thought they were from his business enemies.

So, it’s unclear as to whether the threats from his wife or his business enemies. Moreover, he has stated that his wife threatened to kill him. But ironically, his wife also had a protection order against him.

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Did Zinhle Mabena get away with double homicides?

While it wasn’t intentional, in 2017, her drunk driving led to the deaths of 2 people and the disability of one. She was drunk and driving and head collided with a corolla vehicle, killing 2 people and injuring one with permanent disability.

One of the families went into a long battle to get justice, but to no avail. To this day, the family wants justice for their untimely departed loved ones. On the day of the accident, her then husband, Robert Mugabe Ngwenya, came to the scene and took her to the hospital.

According to the by standers, she was found unconscious. Moreover, she tried to get cover for her car. However, she couldn’t covered because the insurance cited that she was drunk and speeding.

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