The Untold Story of Molobane Maja AKA Mrs Kgomo from Skeem Saam

Molobane Maja-Mbatha is a South African actress and casting agent who has appeared in Rhythm City, 90 Plein Street, Intersexions, and Home Affairs. Molobane appears in several episodes of Skeem Saam as Mrs Kgomo. Mbatha later appeared as recurring character ‘Serithi Mojalefa’ on Muvhango in 2016.

Biography of Molobane Maja

Molobane Maja who plays Mrs Kgomo on Skeem Saam and Muvhango as Serithi Mojalefa
Molobane Maja who plays Mrs Kgomo on Skeem Saam and Muvhango as Serithi Mojalefa

Full name: Molobane Maja-Mbatha
Date of birth: 18 April
Place of birth: Limpopo, South Africa
Education: Unknown
Height: 1.62m
Occupation: Actress
Known for: Mrs Kgomo on Skeem Saam
Net worth: $500,000
Nationality: South African

Early life of Molobane Maja

Molobane Mbatha also known as Molobane Maja is a well-known Limpopo-born South African actress. She was born on April 18, but her exact age is unknown. She is a voice-over artist, casting agent, and translator in addition to being an actress.

Molobane uses the surname of Mbatha now, suggesting she;s  married
Molobane uses the surname of Mbatha now, suggesting she;s married

The actress has children, but the number is unknown. She usually posts one of her children, her daughter, on social media. They post pictures of themselves as mother and daughter. The daughter has albinism, but she is very attractive.


She was born in and raised in Limpopo. We assume she went to primary and high school there. In terms of higher education, we don’t know where she studied and whether or not she received a diploma.

Personal life

She has two surnames, as you can see. The first is Maja, and the second is Mbatha. She is now known as Molobane Mbatha rather than Maja. We believe her other surnames were derived from her marriage. The name of her husband is unknown, but we believe they are still together. Her relationship information is strictly confidential.

Molobane Maja Career

In 2011, she appeared as Zamo, the wife of a truck driver who is forced to deal with the painful reality of her husband’s infidelity, illegitimate children, and contracting HIV, in an episode of Intersexions.

In 2013, she starred as Mokgadi in the Mzansi Magic miniseries 2020 Orlando East. The series was later broadcast on Mzansi Wethu. Molobane also cast a number of actors in the SABC1 drama Skeem Saam. In 2016, she appeared as Serithi Mojalefa in the SABC2 soap opera Muvhango, and the following year she appeared in the SABC1 drama series Ingozi.

More Career Information

She had another recurring role in the SABC 1 drama series “Ingozi” in 2017. Moreover, also starred in Showmax’s Omen, which debuted on the platform on January 13, 2020. She assumes the role of Chigane.

A picture of Molobane Maja who plays Mrs Kgomo on Skeem Saam
A picture of Molobane Maja who plays Mrs Kgomo on Skeem Saam

Mbatha portrayed ‘Raisibe,’ the first wife of ‘Saint Sesili,’ who leads a double life with two women, in the 2018 drama series “iKhaya.” The series was renewed for a second season later that year.

She played ‘Mokgadi’ in the Mzansi Magic miniseries 2020 Orlando East, which later aired on Mzansi Wethu. Molobane appeared in several episodes of Skeem Saam, a popular SABC 1 soapie. Currently she is still acting on Skeem Saam, portraying a character as Mrs Kgomo.

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Molobane Maja Height

According to our research. Molobane Maja must have a Height of around 1.6m to 1.62m. Which in more easier measurements is simply 160cm-162cm. So, she’s pretty much average height for a female person in South Africa.

Net worth

We don’t yet know her net worth. However, according to estimates on the internet and our own expert’s estimates, she may be well over $500,000. Which would translate to roughly R8.9 million in rands.

Social media

Molobane Maja has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. On her Facebook, she uses her normal name. However, on Instagram she uses the username @malobane_maja. On Twitter she uses the username @malobanembatha, presumably her husband’s surname.


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