Who is Oritando from Skeem Saam? Prince Magoai Bio, age, being gay and more

Prince Magoai is a South African actor, performer, and creative artist. He was born in 1997 and is 27 years old as of 2024. The actor is best known for portraying a character Oritando in Skeem Saam. Read more about him below.

Biography: Prince Magoai

A picture of Prince Magoai from Skeem Skaam as Oritando
A picture of Prince Magoai from Skeem Skaam as Oritando

Name: Prince Magoai
Born: 1997 ( 27 years old)
From: Unknown
Education: Tshwane University of Technology
Occupation: Actor and Creative artist
Tv shows: Skeem Saam Known as: Oritando from Skeem Saam
Accents: South African, Zimbabwean and Nigerian
Nationality: South African

Early life of Prince Magoai

Prince Magoai is a South African actor who is acting on Skeem Saam. He was born in 1997. So, he is 27 years old as of 2024. Moreover, Prince grew up in a Tswana speaking community.

Furthermore, Oritando fro Skeem Saam grew up in a Tswana speaking family
Furthermore, Oritando fro Skeem Saam grew up in a Tswana speaking family

However, his Home Language is Sepedi but he can also speak Setswana and English. Since he is quite curious, he learned the accent of other countries, such as Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Even though there is no evidence as to if he can speak the individual languages or not.

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Personal life

When it comes to his personal life. The actor is very private about his personal life so there is no much information about his wife, kids or girl friend. However, he is presumably residing in Johannesburg since that’s where Skeem Saam is filmed.

Where did Prince get his Education?

Prince Magoai is the man behind Oritando from Skeem Saam
Prince Magoai is the man behind Oritando from Skeem Saam

Educational Background He studied at Tshwane University of Technology in 2020 where he obtained his National Diploma in Drama. In 2021, he posted pictures on his social media of his graduation at the same institute where he studied Advanced Diploma in Performance Art.

How tall is Prince Magoai?

While his actual height remains undisclosed, an estimation of his height based on object comparison can give a close figure. With object juxtapositioning calculations. His height can be placed between 1.78 and 1.82 with standard deviation of 2cm. Remember that these heights aren’t 100 accurate but they are 80% of the time very very close to the actual height.

Career of Prince Magoai

He began his career in acting by participated in Theatres. The Theatre plays which includes Lugha Sio Marito | in 2021, for physical theater productions. Also he played other roles such as Gavin Cole on the Big Killing, and Young Oedipus on Oedipus the King. He acted as a bodyguard on Motlotlegi, and a cook on Mother Courage.

Currently, he is acting on Skeem Saam portraying a character as Oritando. Oritando is a gay as a University student, he is dating Clement. On the last episode the two went for a vacation and fall victim of hate crime.

Other interests

In 2020, he became a presenter on Motionsence HD virtual Web. He has other skills which he is good at such as dancing, sprinting, physical theater, stunts, voice over artist, radio

Is Oritando from Skeem Saam Gay in Real Life

If you were wondering if Oritando from Skeem Saam was gay in real life or not. We have bad news. Aside fron just showing a feminine embrace in his looks and style. Not much about his sexuality is actually known. Oritando whose real name is Prince Magoai didn’t reveal anything about his sexuality. The sexuality that everyone knows him to be is the one known. Also it’s not yet known if he has girlfriend or not cause he is too private.

Social Media

Concerning his social media. Prince is predominantly on two major platforms. Namely, twiter and Instagram. His username on Instagram is @prince_magoai. However, on twitter he went for a different approach and named himself @princeEthan7. Which may lead some to believe he has another name as Ethan.