10 SA Celebs who don’t Want Kids

Let’s face it, not everyone of us will get married or have kids, either by choice or by consequence. And this is true for our South African celebrities as well, who either just don’t want kids, never had the chance to, or can’t have them.

So, we’ll go through 10 South African celebrities who either don’t want kids or, for some reason, couldn’t have them explain each one and their reasons.

Some may shock you because you probably believed they had children because of their TV roles. So, watch till the end, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content like this. Thank you for tuning in.

Here’s a list of 10 SA Celebs who don’t want kids

1. Celeste Ntuli

It may surprise some fans to find Celeste on our list of South African celebrities who don’t want children. But Celeste turns out to be one of the people on the corner who is open-minded about the pressures of having kids and getting married in society.

In an interview with SNL, she revealed that such pressures can lead people into decisions they’re either not ready for or meant for, saying that not all people are meant to have kids.

Celeste Ntuli is one of the SA celebs who don't want kids
Celeste Ntuli is one of the SA celebs who don’t want kids

These are sound reasons. Seeing how many people have kids and become terrible parents, it is important for people to think it through. Celeste herself has no children and doesn’t mind staying that way unless she meets someone who satisfies her standards, according to her.

Furthermore, she has blamed men for being unwilling to date financially independent women like herself because its hard because they have zero control.

So, it looks like until Celeste meets a man who meets her standards, she will probably never get married or have children, and to be honest, she honestly doesn’t seem to care at all.

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2. Zolisa Xaluva

I mean, this is the only man on this list, so there’s got to be a story, right? Well, not really, but it seems like Xaluva either doesn’t want kids or just hasn’t met one.

Xaluva talked about being lonely at his mansion with no one to permanently share all that wealth with. But recently, someone almost headlocked him into a life commitment by claiming she was pregnant with Xaluva’s baby.

A picture of Zolisa Xaluva
A picture of Zolisa Xaluva

However, after DNA tests, it was proven that the baby wasn’t his. This left fans speculating on millions of things, from the idea that Xaluva had a vasectomy to saying that he simply fires blanks.

Whether its intentional or not, it honestly doesn’t seem like Zolisa is having any children anytime soon. But if it is in his will and capacity, we do hope to see little Xaluvas in the future.

3. Tebogo Khalo

For those of you who know Kgalo, you are probably aware that she played the role of the troubled Puleng in Rhythm City. Who had a child with Suffocate Ndlovu. And most really believed she had a baby and a family in real life.

But life doesn’t deal the obvious cards. Because it turns out that Kgalo has no desire whatsoever to have kids. She would rather live her best life with her partner, doing whatever makes them happy.

Tebogo Khalo is one of the SA clebs who don't want kids
Tebogo Khalo is one of the SA clebs who don’t want kids

Kgalo shocked the world when they found out because they were used to seeing her in a motherly, family-oriented light. While its unclear if it was by choice or consequence, Kgalo seems to have made the decision too early in her life.

This is because she has adopted children from her family, like nephews and nieces, and raised them like her own, according to reports and interviews.

But she said she would have no time for her own biological children. Some believe she may have undergone an irreversible procedure, hindering her from having kids too early in her life. This is why always leaving the door open for such big decisions is important; you can always change your mind.

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4. Chichi Letswalo

Okay, this one, unlike the two before, isn’t confused or confusing about her stance on kids. She simply doesn’t want them. While she loves kids, she doesn’t want kids of her own, saying that not everyone wants kids.

According to Letswalo, one doesn’t necessarily need to have kids or be married to be a professional. And she has made a promise to herself to not have kids.

Chichi Letswalo also doesn't want kids
Chichi Letswalo also doesn’t want kids

Saying it was a personal choice and a promise. Furthermore, according to Letswalo, she was discouraged by seeing how hard having kids was on her close friends and family.

This dissuaded her from looking at a kid and wishing it was hers. She has washed her hands from this, but there’s always room to change your mind. So, it’s always good to leave that room in advance.

5. Lira

This one is a classic, but we had to add it to our list, you know, so that it can reach 10? But seriously, Lira was one of the first South African women to be outspoken about not wanting kids.

Saying she’d just enjoy life with her partner. However, it looks like the two ended up running out of things to do or enjoy together. Because kids can offer a bit of a distraction from micro-analyzing each other in a relationship to the point of resentment.

But too many years of dating the same person without kids can accumulate some level of resentment on both sides. And it looks like it did with this couple. But the full story is always behind the shadows.

Lira is also another Sa celeb who doesn't want kids
Lira is also another Sa celeb who doesn’t want kids

In some of her interviews, Lira said that her schedule was too busy to have time for children. It looks like the guy was just following Lira’s lead, hoping she would change her mind, but nope, she remained faithful to her choice.

While it was unclear why the two separated, there were rumours that one of the partners wanted kids. Like we said, some of the celebrities didn’t choose, and this is the portion of celebrities who either can’t have kids or just haven’t gotten the chance to.

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6. Lerato Kganyago

Okay, so unlike the four before this, Lerato Kganyago can’t have kids because of a condition. However, she has also had a tough time in the dating game. So, she has opted to give it time.

Lerato Kganyago also doesn't seem to mind not having kids
Lerato Kganyago also doesn’t seem to mind not having kids

However, she has stated that if it came to a point where she and her partner would want kids, she would explore every possible avenue to make it happen. But thus far, finding that person has been a hustle.

As you all know, finding a decent person in Mzansi is like searching for a niddle in a haystack. However, we do hope she finds someone soon because she’s growing and it might become harder to have kids later on.

7. Zandile, Msutwana

Msutwana is kind of controversial, but before we start, let’s quickly remind everyone who exactly Zandile is. She played Vuyiswa in The Queen and Akua Yenana in Society. Msutwana had an onscreen romance with Loyiso McDonald, and rumours started spreading that she was now having an affair in real life.

While she denied the claims, like anyone would ever admit to them, Loyiso’s wife was becoming paranoid. And this almost broke McDonald’s happy marriage.

Zandile Msutwana is also one of the SA celebs who can't have kids
Zandile Msutwana is also one of the SA celebs who can’t have kids

So, if those reports were lies, then people need to be careful what they write about these celebrities, as it can ruin their relationships in real life.

So, back to the kid’s stuff: Msutwana isn’t against kids per se but has a condition that prevents her from having kids. The condition is called fibrosis, and without it, who knows?

Maybe she would’ve been a mother. And while she was okay with not being a mother when she got the news at an early age, she is now ready to try different avenues to have kids if she meets the right person and they want kids.

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8. Gcina NkNkosi

Let’s be honest, we all probably know Gcina from her long-term role as Zinzile on TV’s Scandal. She played the role so long that many people really believed she was a mother in real life. But as it turns out, life dealt her different cards in real life.

While she’s not barren, according to our knowledge, it has been reported that she lost her husband a very long time ago and hasn’t met anyone to marry ever since. She’s currently in her 50s, and it looks like having kids the natural way is slowly leaving the park.

Gcina Nkosi was unfortunate not to have kids of her own
Gcina Nkosi was unfortunate not to have kids of her own

However, she has shared that if, by chance, she met the right person, she would be willing to pursue all possible avenues to grow her family. So, while it’s not like she doesn’t want kids, she hasn’t gotten an opportunity to do so.

However, thus far, she has her family as the youngest of six siblings. Her family is everything to her, and she gets to use her nurturing capabilities on her nephews and nieces.

9. Clementine Mosimane

While it may be controversial, Clementine is happy that she didn’t have any kids in her 19-year marriage. She has expressed gratitude for that because it seems like the man she was married to was anything but someone she would rather forget existed.

Cementine Mosimane doesn't have her own kids but is a mother to many
Cementine Mosimane doesn’t have her own kids but is a mother to many

In an interview with King David, when asked if the man was still around, she said, “He’s not, and I’m glad he’s not.”. While Clementine didn’t get to have her own children, she takes care of many children, even from outside her family, and she has many adoptive children.

She’s a mother to many. Furthermore, Mosimane also encouraged people to understand that marriage is not for everyone and that not everyone is meant to get married and have children, saying that life would be boring that way.

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10. Keketso Semoko

Most of you probably know Keketso from many places, like How to Ruin Christmas and Isidingo, depending on how old you are. But Keketso is one of those South African celebrities who was just not blessed with a husband and children.

However, she has accepted that and is very happy with the hand life has dealt her. According to Semoko, her family, siblings, friends, and fans are her driving force, and they fulfill her.

Keketso is allegedly still a virgin
Keketso is allegedly still a virgin

However, Semoko hasn’t expressed any strong views against having children but has accepted that this isn’t something the universe has in store for her.

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