Akhona Ndlovu biography: From retail worker to Ntsika on Nikiwe, age, career and more

Akhona Ndlovu (born June 15, 1997) is a South African actor, director, and scriptwriter best known for his roles as Herbet on Diepcity and Ntsika on Nikiwe.

So, in this article, we will look at how he overcame adversity and became a TV sensation.

Biography of Akhona Ndlovu

A picture of Akhona Ndlovu who plays Ntsika on Nikiwe
A picture of Akhona Ndlovu who plays Ntsika on Nikiwe

Full name: Akhona Ndlovu
Date of birth: 15 June 1997 (26 years old)
Place of birth: Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
Education: Creative Arts College
Height: 1.8m
Occupation: Actor, Model, Director and Scriptwriter
Known for: Ntsika on Nikiwe, Herbet on Diepcity
Net worth: $150,000
Nationality: South African

Early life

Akhona Ndlovu was born on June 15, 1997. So, as of 2023, the actor is actually 26 years old. Moreover, he was born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Unlike most, Ndlovu always wanted to become an actor from an early age. According to Akhona, he never worried about fame or money but about being the best at what he did. However, getting to where he is wasn’t easy.

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After he completed high school, Akhona went straight to college to study for his acting-related career.

So, he studied for an acting-related degree at the Creative Arts College. However, afterwards, things were about to take a down turn for a bit.

Personal life

Akhona Ndlovu is not married, nor is he public about his relationships. However, he does maintain a healthy relationship with his body.

So, he always makes sure to exercise and share his fit body snaps on Instagram. Moreover, he’s also a model and does some influencing on the side as well.

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While most think the actor had it easy coming up on the acting scene, The truth is far from that. Well, here’s how it went. After completing his matriculation, he got a degree from the Creative Arts College.

However, after that, work in the acting industry was really scarce. So, he found himself desperate and ended up working at food retailers as a cashier and such.

Akhona Ndlovu as Ntsika on Nikiwe
Akhona Ndlovu as Ntsika on Nikiwe

But, that wasn’t his dream. So, he found himself quitting a lot of those jobs, to the point where he was permanently at home. But his dream wasn’t over, and there was a bit of pressure from his family.

He got his break after he auditioned for the Mandla N production of Diepcity. However, he didn’t get the call immediately, but after a few months from the time of auditioning, he was cast as Herbet on Diepcity.

He played Herbet on Diepcity sand Phakathwayo on Shaka ilembe
He played Herbet on Diepcity sand Phakathwayo on Shaka ilembe

Herbet is one of his most recognizable roles to date. After this, he played Phakathwayo on Shaka iLembe, appearing not for long. Furthermore, he got a big role on Nikiwe as Ntsika, a role he currently plays at the time of this publication.

Akhona Ndlovu filmography:

Theatre work:

  • iNumber Number
  • Black Brothers
  • Silent voice
  • Land of Kings
  • Ubuqu lwamanqe
  • Between Brothers
  • Asinamali
  • Unolwazi
  • Struggles of love
  • Susana Lamar
  • Karma
  • Lucid, the dream
  • uSihlalo

Television experience:

  • Farewell: Background actor
  • Chommie nfvf youth films: Background actor
  • The unexpected: supporting or Peter
  • Noncebo nfvf youth Films: Cameo/Sipho

Awards of Akhona Ndlovu

  • Best-promising actor, Isigcawu theatre festival
  • The best-promising director, Ishashalazi Women’s festivals
  • Second runner-up: the uNolwazi Insika festival of men
  • Second runner-up: Land of Kings Isigcawu theater festival

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Social media

Akhona Ndlovu is on Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, he has over 3,3k followers, and he posts a lot there. Moreover, on Instagram, he has nearly 23k followers and showers them with his pictures.


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