10 SA Celebs Who Were Deadbeat Fathers

Being a great dad isn’t for everyone, and in South Africa, most kids grow up without their fathers. Because their dads are just scumbags and deadbeats. And here are 10 SA celebs who were deadbeat fathers.

Some were false rumours by baby mamas, while some of the men themselves admitted much.

And while most believe that celebrities should at least be able to easily cover their children’s financial needs, that’s not always the case, as you’ll see in this article.

10 SA Celebs who were deadbeat fathers

So, in this article, we will look at 10 SA celebs who were deadbeat fathers. Some were just baseless accusations by spouses, while others were full-blown scumbags.

1. Vusi Kunene

I know what you’re thinking; Vusi Kunene can’t possibly be a deadbeat father, and maybe you’re right. But here’s the full story: in 2014, Vusi went to court on the issue of allegedly failing to support his daughter with the now-etv’s Scandal headwriter, Grace Mhlaba.

Vusi Kunene was accused of being a deadbeat father
Vusi Kunene was accused of being a deadbeat father

According to details published by the South African newspaper Sunday World. When Grace found out that the story had been leaked, she denied suing him. Saying it was probably her daughter doing the suing.

Which makes sense because she was 17 and probably believed she deserved more. Thinking that her father was rich or something.

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Vusi Kunene’s comments on the matter:

When asked about the matter. Vusi Kunene said he didn’t understand why Grace would sue him or claim he was not supporting his child. However, he did say he would reveal more in court.

Grace Mhlaba denied suing Kunene, saying it was probaby their daughter suing him
Grace Mhlaba denied suing Kunene, saying it was probaby their daughter suing him

The outcome of the ruling remains a mystery. But there was quite a lot of drama, as sources close to Grace said that she was the one suing. Furthermore, she had told friends that for 17 years, she had been paying all the bills for the child alone. And Vusi wasn’t pitching.[1]

Well, whether you think Vusi is innocent or not, there was definitely a serious problem here about Vusi Kunene’s presence in his daughter’s life. Such that it even went to court.

2. Presley Chweneyegae

For starters, you gotta admit, Presley is kind of living up to his Tsotsi character. Because not only is he on our list of potentially deadbeat fathers.

Presley Chweneyegae is also one of the SA Celebs who were deadbeat fathers
Presley Chweneyegae is also one of the SA Celebs who were deadbeat fathers

But his foundation is implicated in stealing 67 million rands from the National Lottery Commission. Of which R15 million is believed to have been stolen by his foundation.

And unlike most people, Presley isn’t a fool and hasn’t responded to these news stories. The same way he hasn’t talked about his absentism in the fatherhood class. Presley is a national treasure for his film Tsotsi, in which he won an Oscar.

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Presley is one of the SA celebs who were deadbeat fathers

But in real life, it looks like he’s also kind of a fraud; the actor has a 16-year-old son he’s allegedly failing to take care of. The baby mama ended up even going to Moja Love’s Papgeld show to expose him.

And, even after all that, Presley has not said anything about it on his social media. According to his baby momma, Presley is not only financially absent. But he is also absent from the child’s personal life, not even knowing which school the child is going to.

If all of this is as true as it looks, Presley could be the leader of the South African Deadbeat Fathers Association. Because he can clearly do better.

3. Andile Nebulane

Okay, before you all think we believe anything we read, bear with us; we know Nebulane is a good man. But, you gotta admit, someone has it in for him. The actor was accused of being a deadbeat father by a woman named Amanda Waller. There was obviously a ghost account hiding behind a keyboard. She accused Nebulane of neglecting his children, sleeping around, and going on drinking sprees.

The woman went as far as to claim that Nebulane just didn’t care about his children at all. Nebulane was deeply offended and refuted the claims.

Andile Nebulane denied being a deadbeat father
Andile Nebulane denied being a deadbeat father

And that’s kind of what we were expecting from some people, like Chweneyegae, if they were innocent. Nebulane stated that he was an amazing father, and both his kids and close friends and family could attest to that.

He even challenged the ghost account holder to come out of the shadow realm and speak up like a real man or woman. Because he takes such claims seriously.

Furthermore, Nebulane said such claims were hurtful to his family, especially his children. Who were shown the screenshots by friends to their great detriment. We honestly believe Nebulane is a great dad too, not like he would say if he wasn’t, but we believe him.

4. King Monada

This one is so funny that it’s even a thing we’re talking about. Apparently King Monada couldn’t afford to pay his child support and could only afford R500 per month.

I mean, even a sparse employee can at least do better than that; no offense to sparse employees. But for context, King Monada has how many cars and how many houses worth how much? The guy is filthy rich, and he can’t afford R500 in child support.

King Monada is one of the SA celebs who were deabeat fathers
King Monada is one of the SA celebs who were deabeat fathers

His baby momma had appealed for him to increase the amount to R1200, but he said it was too much. And only a month later, he posted a new BMW ride worth 10 years worth of R1200 child support.

And fans were enraged and encouraged him to be a little bit more serious about life and take care of his children.

He was also showing off dinners worth R500 or more a day. So, I mean, even if you love King Monada’s music, you gotta admit, that’s a big L for a guy like him to fail to pay R1200 a month. The guy literally has a song about being such a spender, the Moreki song. Bro has zero excuses and should do better.

5. Prince Kaybee

Whether you like this guy or you hate him, you gotta admit, at least he manned up and fixed that Papgeld matter. Prince Kaybee was accused of being an absent father by his Gauteng baby mamma.

However, unlike most men, who either become quiet or try to spin the tale, Prince Kaybee took it on the chin.

How Prince Kaybee realized his wrongs:

He realized that he was repeating the very cycle he had suffered from, as he himself grew up with an absent father who never even called or checked up on him but who favored his other children elsewhere.

Prince Kaybee, now a retired deadbeat father, admitted to being one before
Prince Kaybee, now a retired deadbeat father, admitted to being one before

And Kaybee was now doing the very same thing with his oldest son, favouring his younger children and failing to provide for his older children. But he decided to turn things around, fix the papgeld issue, and be more present in his son’s life.

He also urged other men to become the best men they could be and take full care of their children because being a dad was a full-time job.

6. SK Khoza

I mean, you probably saw this one coming, right? I mean, this guy is a heck of a walking controversy. If he’s not running around time like a zombie, he’s fighting someone or doing something funny; the guy is always up to something controversial.

It’s almost like he has a degree in controversy. And guess what? He has also made it to our deadbeat list. SK was dating Gogo Maweni, and despite what you think, Gogo Maweni looks nothing like what you’d think when someone says Gogo.

SK Khoza was also a deabeat father by choice according to rumours
SK Khoza was also a deabeat father by choice according to rumours

So, the two had a child together. And SK, being SK, decided to join the new club of the South African Deadbeat Fathers Association and abandon his fatherly duties. But Gogo Maweni wasn’t having it and decided to call out the actor for his shenanigans.

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This is why SK couldn’t be present:

And before you all drag SK,. Here’s the full story: SK didn’t want to be a father and had asked Gogo Maweni to abort the child. But Gogo Maweni insisted on having the baby; she decided that on her own because it’s her body’s choice.

However, after giving birth, she now expected SK to care about a child he had no say in bringing into this world. Which is kind of unfair. Considering that if SK wanted the child and she didn’t, her say would still go unchallenged.

Gogo Maweni refused to do an abortion, so, Sk refused to acknowledge the child
Gogo Maweni refused to do an abortion, so, Sk refused to acknowledge the child

So, why would she force SK to care about a child he had no say over either bringing or aborting? As a result, SK decided he wanted nothing to do with the kid and let Gogo Maweni take care of the child on her own, and in all of it, only SK was dragged.

What do you think? Should men be dragged into deciding not to take care of kids they had no say in bringing or aborting?

7. Peter Mashigo

You probably know Peter Mashigo from Mzansi as Lunga, The Queen as Jackal Mkhondo, Ga Re Dumele as Pastor Tlhong, and Lazarus on the throne. He is an amazing actor, but in today’s video, we are not giving flowers. We are giving a reality check on our stars.

Peter Mashigo has been dubbed one of the greatest deadbeats of all time
Peter Mashigo has been dubbed one of the greatest deadbeats of all time

Mashigo was married to his wife for a very long time until they got divorced. Apparently, Mashigo was unfaithful to his wife, and his new girlfriend was his daughter’s age, around 24 years old.

But that’s not all; the actor didn’t care about his children and wasn’t a present father either. Such that when he finally married one of his girlfriends, he didn’t even invite them to his wedding.

Why Peter is one of the worst SA Celebs who were deadbeat fathers

And, they only found out through distant relatives who were invited. Furthermore, Mashigo was bound by law to pay R3000 a month for his children’s financial needs.

But he decided to do something better than that and chose to pay absolutely nothing for over 12 years. Maybe he was preparing for a balloon payment; who knows?

But after 11 years of missing child support payments for his two children, the actor owed nearly R400,000 to his children. However, here he was, paying lobola to his new wife and getting married to a woman with 3 children of her own. So, we think if ever there are awards for celebrity deadbeat fathers, he might come out on top.

8. Kay Sibiya

Hopefully, we won’t have to remind you who this guy is. Because you’ve seen him on Generations and Imbewu the Seed. So, what’s his deadbeat tale? Well, the actor was accused of drugging a lady named Zukiswa Zookay, who is also a radio presenter.

She accused him of drugging her and forcing himself on her, resulting in the birth of a baby girl named Zia-Mia.

Kay Sibiya said his baby momma was out of her mind
Kay Sibiya said his baby momma was out of her mind

According to Zookay, Sibiya denied being the father of Zia; however, in a later statement by Sibiya, he acknowledged the child but refused that he forced himself on to Zookay.

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Kay accused Zukiswa of being insane:

Alleging that Zookay was simply making up those allegations from her imagination. Zookay is a traditional healer and sees things, so Kay Sibiya has accused her of being mentally unstable. And she has said that her calling is just depression in disguise.

But according to her, Kay did those things and even kicked out his parents when they chose to babysit Zia. This is a wholeback and forth thing. But it is important to note that, according to Sibiya, the girl is lying about everything except the fact that he is the father.

On the other hand, Zookay claims Sibiya is a sadistic, deadbeat father who doesn’t care about his daughter. So, figure it out on your own; we simply don’t know who’s lying.

9. Jub Jub

Okay, this one is a bit complicated because, while it’s arguable that Jub Jub didn’t try hard enough to be present in his son’s life, it’s also true that Kelly didn’t want him in his son’s life anyway.

For a few good reasons, one of those reasons includes the fact that Kelly has labeled the rapper as an abuser. Saying she’d rather be hated by her son later in life when she thinks of the things he put her through.

Jub Jub blames Kelly Khumalo for sabotaging his presence in his son's life
Jub Jub blames Kelly Khumalo for sabotaging his presence in his son’s life

However, Jub Jub, on the other hand, says he tried all he could to reach out, including sending gifts and letters while he was in prison. Which Kelly Khumalo would return, making it seem like Jub Jub had never sent anything to his child.

Jub Jub blames Kelly for his absence:

Furthermore, Jub Jub claims that Kelly has made it nearly impossible to see his child, and for those on Khumalo’s side, this is understandable.

But it’s worth considering that mothers can make it extremely impossible for fathers to ever have a relationship with their children if the relationship is abusive, because honestly, its hard to want your child to bond with an abusive man. What good values could he possibly instill in the child?

Kelly Khumalo has admitted to sabotaging Jub Jub's image to his son
Kelly Khumalo has admitted to sabotaging Jub Jub’s image to his son

So, while Jub Jub practically tried and still tries to be part of his child’s life, Kelly Khumalo not only doesn’t want that but is also reluctant to believe Jub Jub is genuine and serious about the relationship.

So, is Jub Jub a deadbeat father? Well, that’s what Kelly Khumalo seems to think, and probably what she has convinced Jub Jub’s son to believe. What would you have done if your baby daddy was abusive? Would you let him see your child?

10. Heavy K

This is a heavy one, but let’s get to it quickly, because honestly, who’s still watching at this point? If you are, thank you. Otherwise, let’s get back to the matter.

So, heavy K was dating some 24-year-old woman named Ntombi, and she couldn’t let him breathe, and she was breathing heavily over his neck about child support.

She went on a rant about how the artist was paying only R5k in child maintenance and that he had kept her in his shadow and didn’t allow her to shine.

Heavy K doing damage control after the accusations f being a deadbeat father
Heavy K doing damage control after the accusations f being a deadbeat father

Furthermore, she also accused him of being very toxic and neglecting his boys, especially the disabled ones, saying that after their separation, Heavy K stopped being present and left her to fend for herself.

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More accusations from his ex-wife

Moreover, she also believed that if Heavy K had let her grow, she could’ve been taking care of those children on her own. And Heavy K never responded to any of that stuff but decided to post a sweet birthday message on his son’s birthday.

And hear me out: he could be using his kids for PR because it’s easier to post a sweet message and a picture of your son on social media than actually taking care of your son and being present. But we’ll never know; all we know is that Heavy K has never denied or confirmed the accusations.