Dikeledi Modubu Biography, age, education, Career, Personal life and social media

Dikeledi Modubu  is a South African actress and Singer born in Soweto in Johannesburg, Gauteng province in South Africa. Dikeledi is currently portraying the character of Nelly on Isitha, The Enemy.

Biography profile of Dikeledi Modubu

Dikeledi Modubu biography
Image of Dikeledi Modubu

Full name  : Dikeledi Nkele Modubu

Gender  : Female

Age : Unknown

Date of birth  : 12 September

Place of birth  : Soweto,  Johannesburg in South Africa

Nationality  : South African

Occupation  : Actress, Singer

Facebook  : Nkele Modubu

Tiktok  : @dikeledimodubu1

Early life of Dikeledi

Dikeledi was born in South Africa’s Gauteng province in Soweto, Johannesburg. Raised by her grandmother, she began going to her grandmother’s church when she was three years old. When she joined a church choir at the age of three, she realized she had a passion for music. She joined the Thabo Senior Secondary school chorus when she was a teenager. She performed, danced, and played music, among other things. [1]


Dikeledi went at the Gauteng province’s Thabo Senior Secondary School in Soweto, Johannesburg. Her primary school and whether or not she metriculated are unknown to us. We shall investigate further on her; we are unsure of the location and date of her varsity attendance.

Personal life of Dikeledi Modubu

Dikeledi Modubu biography
Image of Dikeledi and her husband

Dikeledi’s Facebook page indicates that he is dating. Her partner’s name is Shenge, and it is unknown if they are married. Dikeledi, whose number of children is unknown at this time, has a son, who she shares pictures of on Facebook and Tiktok. Regarding her private or personal life, not much is known. Her younger brother, who attends a high school, goes under an unknown name.

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Dikeledi’s Career

Nkele joined the Full Gospel Holy Choir and the Ntlo ya Modimo choir. In 2006, she began her professional career as an actor, singer, and dancer in the late Gibson Kente’s show. She took part in numerous productions, including Gibson Kente’s directed and written shows, The Call and Mfowethu. These plays were presented at the National Arts Festival in a variety of locations, including Grahamstown, Market Theatre, Pacofs, and State Theatre. [2]

She co-starred in the German play The Off Side Rules alongside Constanza Macras, which was presented at the Market and Hamburg Kampnagel Festivals. In the critically acclaimed Ndlovukazi, she collaborated with Thabang Ramaila. She participated in the dance performance at Soccer City Stadium at the 2013 AFCON ceremony. With Ubuhle Besintu Productions, she traveled to India. She collaborates with Abangani Theatre’s Jullian Seleke Mokoto. She appears in the films Money Maker and She Died Dreaming as an actress and singer. She co-starred in the television program named Magadi(The bride Price) in 2014.

Social media

Nelly is on Facebook as Dikeledi Modubu with 1145 friends. She post her pictures on  Facebook with family and friends. Dikeledi posts her son on facebook as well on Tiktok . On Tiktok she has 676 followers with 1854 likes and she is following 274. Her Tiktok account is @dikeledimodubu1. [3]

Networth  of Dikeledi Modubu

Dikeledi’s estimated networth is unknown at the moment. Her salary is not known but she must be worth thousands annually. She started appearing on the screen not so long ago. She started when the Black Door started. Besides she has been doing other extra jobs.