Lebogang Mgidi AKA Linda from Scandal age, sexuality, kids and more

Lebogang Austin Mgidi (born December 26, 1995–1997), also known simply as Lebogang Mgidi, is a South African actor, photographer, Chef and father.

He is best known for playing Linda on TV’s Scandal. A man who pretends to be a woman to get a job which was discriminatorily opened for women only.

In this article, we will detail all we know about the actor and his background.

Biography of Lebogang Mgidi

A picture of Lebogang Mgidi who plays Linda or Professor on Scandal
A picture of Lebogang Mgidi who plays Linda or Professor, on Scandal

Full name: Lebogang Austin Mgidi
Date of birth: 26 December 1995–1997 (estimate year)
Place of birth: Midrand, Gauteng
Education: Tshwane University of Technology (Drama)
Height: 1.72m
Occupation: Actor, Chef and Photographer
Known for: Linda on etv’s Scandal
Accolades: 2x International Award Winner
Children: 1
Nationality: South African

Early life

Lebogang Mgidi was born on the 26th of December in mid-to late 1995–1997. So, as of 2024, we believe he is around 27–30 years old.

The thespian was born in Midrand, in Gauteng. He was born in a Christian family devoted to God. So, Mgidi himself turned out to be God fearing and a strong believer.


According to our recent research, Mgidi was still in high school in 2015. Afterwards, he studied Drama at the Tshwane University of Technology. That’s where he got his theatrical training from.

He believes in the meisner technique of acting. So, instead of focusing on the character’s inner feelings, he focuses on the reactions of the other characters around him.

This method is contrasted from the method acting techniques. In which the character tries to understand the psychological and emotional aspects of the character they play.

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Personal life of Lebogang Mgidi

After his role on Scandal as a cross dresser, some started questioning his sexuality. But, the truth is, Mgidi is at least attracted to women as he has a child. He hasn’t shown his child off to the world but acknowledged being a dad.

Austin Lebogang Mgidi who plays Linda on Scandal is also a father in real life
Austin Lebogang Mgidi who plays Linda on Scandal is also a father in real life

So, this eliminates all possibilities of him being gay or a transgender female. While we don’t know who the baby mamma is, we do know that he has at least one child. Furthermore, Lebogang Mgidi is a Chef in real life.

Career of Lebogang Mgidi

Before we get into the acting. Lebogang is actually a photographer, and according to his Instagram, he has won 2 international awards, most likely in photography.

Linda is a new character that has been presented on Scandal etv. He introduced himself as a professor in the Scandal drama when he first appeared on the show.

A picture of Lebogang Mgidi in Theatre
A picture of Lebogang Mgidi in Theatre

And, was looking for a job from Malume Mdu. Later, he worked for CJ as a social media marketer. He discovered while working for CJ that NFH is seeking a journalist who is youthful, dynamic, and full of fresh ideas. He went to try his luck, only to overhear that they were looking for a female employee.

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Austin Lebo who plays Linda on Etv Scandal
Austin Lebo who plays Linda on Etv Scandal

According to our estimates, Lebogang Mgidi is at least 1.72m tall. Meaning he’s about 172cm tall in more relatable measurements. However, these are only our estimates, we don’t actually know his actual height and his agency’s website is unreachable at the time of this publication.

Social media

If you’re trying to reach out to him,. He is on Instagram as @austinlebo_m. Furthermore, he has up to 24 posts as of now. He shares his theatrical work and some pictures with friends and colleagues.

Moreover, he is on Facebook as Lebogang Mgidi, you can see his picture to verify it’s his account as there are a lot of accounts with similar names.