Tshepo Joseph Senatle AKA Koloi from Skeem Saam biography: Age, Origins, Challenges etc.

Tshepo Joseph Senatle (born May 7, 1996) is a South African actor and entrepreneur best known for his role on Skeem Saam as Koloi Shivambu. He is one of the most loved young actors on Skeem.

So, in this article, we will look at the 28-year-old actor’s life and career. His struggles leading up to Skeem Saam and how his unwavering faith led him to the loved actor we see today. So, read till the end for all the details.

Biography of Tshepo Joseph Senatle

Tshepo Joseph Senatle who plays Koloi on Skeem Saam
Tshepo Joseph Senatle who plays Koloi on Skeem Saam

Full name: Tshepo Joseph Senatle
Date of birth: May 7, 1996
Place of birth: Ottosdal, North West, South Africa
Education: Realeka Secondary School
Height: 1.63m
Occupation: Actor
Known for: Koloi from Skeem Saam
Net worth: $350,000
Siblings: 3
Nationality: South African

Early life

Tshepo Joseph Senatle was born in Ottosdal, North West, South Africa, on May 7, 1996. So, as of 2024, he is 28 years old. Even though most sources state that he was born in 1997, he confirmed his age to be 1996 in an interview with Drum magazine.

In terms of his family and childhood, Senatle has three siblings. Tshepiso, Anes and Ali Senatle. Furthermore, he started his primary school at Dumisang Primary School. However, he only spent 3 grades there before his family moved to Winterton in the Northen Cape.

Koloi from Skeem Saam is a Tswana actor from the Nrth West Province of South Africa
Koloi from Skeem Saam is a Tswana actor from the Nrth West Province of South Africa

Tshepo Senatle spent most of his childhood in the Northern Cape and his family attended the ZCC church. He attributes his fluency in Sepedi to the church and his families in Limpopo. Senatle himself, however, is Tswana.

After living in Winterton, the family moved back to Ottosdal. Senatle Completed his high school education at Realeka Secondary School.

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Where did Tshepo Joseph Senatle get his education?

After matriculating at Realeka Secondary School, Senatle struggled to further his education. Tshepo initially wanted to pursue an economics degree at North West University. However, because his APS score was low, the bursary company didn’t reply.

So, he was forced to look for other options, which included a business partnership in Kimberly. However, he was forced to drop-out because the college was too far from where he lived. And because the taxi fare was too expensive,. So, after all those failed attempts, he went to Johannesburg to look for greener pastures.

Personal life

Not much is known about his personal life. But Senatle is a philanthropist, according to his Facebook. Furthermore, like his onscreen character, he was mugged at least 3 times in Johannesburg.

After which, he chose to buy a car, although he preferred to travel by foot and taxi. The incidents helped him relate to his onscreen character Koloi, who was also robbed after his first arrival in Johannesburg. It’s uncertain if Senatle has a girlfriend or not.

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Career of Tshepo Joseph Senatle

In terms of career, it was easy for Tshepo. After arriving in Johannesburg, he had to look for work. Which wasn’t easy, and after that, he started working as a panel beater and other odd jobs. However, that’s around the time he thought of pursuing his childhood dream of being an actor.

And he even had to bunk work at some point to appear as an extra on Skeem Saam. However, after his role was made permanent on Skeem Saam,.

Tshepo Senatle who plays Koloi on Skeem Saam
Tshepo Senatle who plays Koloi on Skeem Saam

He gave up his job and pursued acting full-time. Senatle has only featured as a full-time actor on Skeem Saam but has been featured in ads and other Mzansi Magic productions as an extra.

As aforementioned, his role as Koloi had some elements that rang true to him. Including getting mugged in Johannesburg three times.

However, in some parts, he had to do research. For example, the part where he lost his mother. Senatle had to attend friend’s funerals to understand that pain and it wasn’t easy.

Height of Tshepo Senatle

According to our analysis, the actor is around 1.62m to 1.65m tall. He is slightly below the average male height South Africa. Which is around 1.7 to 1.72m tall. However, his height isn’t a disadvantage in any way.

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Social media

Tshepo Joseph Senatle is on Instagram and Facebook. On Facebook, he has over 21k followers and uses his full name, Tshepo Joseph Senatle.

However, on Instagram, he uses a slightly different username, @thefamous_sentee. And he has over 32.4k followers on the platform.