Ten affordable health insurance plans in South Africa

Image from Instagram -OnePlan page: 10 affordable health insurance in South Africa.
Image from Instagram -OnePlan page: 10 cheapest health insurances in South Africa.

If there is one thing that you must prioritize if you want to prolong your life, it is your health. Therefore we have decided to enlist at least ten cheapest or affordable health insurance plans or medical aids in South Africa in 2022.

Most people are very aware that public hospitals and medical facilities are not up to standard here in Africa. So, most people are deciding to take matters into their own hands by choosing health insurance or medical aids. But most of these insurances are very expensive and for an average income employee its difficult to get one.

So we will discuss top ten affordable health insurances in South Africa with plans under R1000 per month.


  1. Tyme Bank health insurance
  2. Episodic health insurance
  3. Health4Me health insurance
  4. Elix health insurance
  5. Momentum
  6. Dis-chem
  7. OnePlan medical aid
  9. Hippo health insurance
  10. Discovery insurance

1. Tyme Bank affordable health insurance

The South African digital banking company Tyme Bank has partnered with the National HealthCare Group to initiate its subsidiary health insurance company Tyme Health. This health insurance company aims to provide for the needs of underinsured South Africans in the market for a supplementary day-to-day scheme to be paired alongside their existing hospital plan.

Their cheapest option starts at R139 per month and is called MediClub Connect, their second one is MediClub Premier for R299 per month and their last option is MediClub Elite for R399 per month.

MediClub Connect, offers members:

  • GP visits.
  • Basic pathology.
  • Basic radiology.
  • Acute medication.
  • Basic dentistry.
  • HIV benefit.
  • 24/7 telephonic employee.
  • Emergency transportation services provided by LifeMed.

MediClub Elite, as TymeHealth’s most expensive plan, offers members all that the Connect plan has but extras include:

  • Accidental hospitalisation, R200,000 per insured per event and R400,000 per insured per annum.
  • Emergency casualty cover in a ward of a private hospital for injuries resulting from an accident up to a maximum of R18,000 per insured per annum.
  • Accidental death with R15,000 benefit payable on the death of the policyholder.

2. Episodic an affordable health insurance

Episodic health insurance benefits cover you and your family for both in and out of hospital events.  Their plans are cheapest so far as they start at R165 per month for Hospital plan.

Hospital plan covers:

  • Optional benefits with flexible levels
  • Accident & Casualty cover
  • Hospital admissions & ICU
  • Critical Illness cover
  • Maternity
  • Permanent Disability
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

They’ve a second plan called Day to Day plan. It is a collection of primary health insurance benefits that gives you access to quality medical care for your basic everyday needs.

This plan covers:

  • Doctor & dentist visits
  • Acute & Chronic Medication
  • X-rays & blood tests
  • Optometry
  • Specialists
  • Flexible levels of cover

Their last plan is called Comprehensive Plan which covers both Hospital plan and Day to Day plan. Check their website for more information.

3. Health4Me health insurance

Momentum Health Solutions’ Health4Me offering, which sits alongside its medical programme solutions, also offers client flexibility. More than 120,000 people have signed up for the service. It is made up of a number of components that cover both routine health care and important medical insurance elements such as emergency coverage. It also gives its subscribers free airtime if they improve their health.

Momentum Health Solutions also provides three daily benefits options: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with fees ranging from R189 to R299 depending on the degree of coverage desired.

  • Health4Me Bronze R189
  • Health4Me Silver R238
  • And Health4Me Gold R299

4. Elix affordable medical and health insurance

Elix is a medical insurance company that partnered with Constantia and Unity Health companies in order to deliver their affordable health insurance through out South Africa. With Elix you get access to quality and private health services anywhere in South Africa. Their plans start at R369 per month under their Blue Plan category which offers primary health care.

The R369/month Blue Plan offers primary care benefits:

  • GP Visits
  • Nurse Consultations
  • Telemedicine Consultations
  • Acute Medication
  • Pathology
  • Maternity
  • Health Screenings
  • Pap Smears
  • PSA Screening
  • Vaccination Programme
  • Assistance Programme
  • Covid Screening

Their second plan is called Purple Plan and it covers everything that’s covered by Blue Plan plus Hospital Care Benefits for only R499 per month.

The Hospital Care Benefits for Purple Plan are:

  • In-Patient Hospital Treatment (Accident Only)
  •  In-Patient Stabilisation (Emergency Only)
  • Out-Patient Casualty Treatment (Accident Only)
  • MRI & CT Scans (Accident Only)
  • Physio & Occupational Therapists
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Emergency Services

They’ve two more health plans which we are not going to cover in details. These are Golden Plan and Black Plan. The Golden Plan covers primary care, hospital care Benefits and Accidental Hospital up to R1 250 000 for only R595 per month. The Black Plan Covers Primary Care, Hospital Care Benefits and Accidental Hospital up to R1 250 000 for R790 per month.

5. Momentum Health insurance

Momentum is one of the most reliable but affordable health insurance in South Africa. It was founded in 1966 and has been delivering services since then. According to businessTech, Momentum has locked prices until September 2022. Slight increases on all schemes will then be instituted including its cheapest option, the Ingwe Option, which will increase from R455 to R482.

The Ingwe Option provides students with comprehensive medical coverage. It’s a low-cost medical plan that includes hospital coverage, as well as day-to-day and chronic sickness benefits through a network of doctors.

Starting at R1,345 (R1,424 after 1 September 2022), the group’s Evolve Option allows hospitalisation at the Evolve Network of private hospitals with no yearly limit.

The Evolve Option includes:

  • Cover for hospitalisation at the Evolve Network of private hospitals. There is no overall annual limit for hospitalisation.
  • A standard Evolve option co-payment for all Major Medical Benefits, except in the case of motor vehicle accidents, maternity confinements or emergency treatment.
  • You need to use State facilities for all your chronic treatment, including doctors, scripts, and medication.
  • You have cover for two virtual GP consultations from Hello Doctor or Evolve Network GPs. The Health Platform provides cover for a range of day-to-day benefits, such as preventative screening tests, certain check-ups, and more.

6. Dis-chem health insurance

Dis-Chem Pharmacies has launched Dis-Chem Health, a health insurance plan with premiums starting at R431 per month for the Core plan and up to R591 per month for the Plus plan, with additional cover choices for accident and medical emergency illness cover available starting in 2022.

Their plans are:

  • Core for R431 per month
  • Core and Accident Cover for R486 per month
  • Plus for R591 per month

The Dis-Chem Health Core scheme provides for a broad spectrum of problems that may arise by offering:

  • Private doctors.
  • Dentistry.
  • Optometry.
  • Medication for acute, chronic and over-the-counter.
  • HIV programme.
  • X-rays and blood tests.
  • Maternity scans.
  • Health screenings.
  • Covid-10 testing.
  • The Plus day-to-day package expands on the Core to include:
  • Unlimited acute medication scripts.
  • Coverage for 27 chronic conditions.
  • Access to specialists.

7. OnePlan medical aid and affordable health insurance

OnePlan offers the cheapest and affordable health insurance from R420 per month. Their health plans are categorized into four from the cheapest to the expensive one. The first one is called Core Plan for R420 per month, the second one is Blue Plan for R830 per month, the third one is Professional Plan for 1115 per month and the fourth one is called Executive Plan for R1465 per month.

With Oneplan Health insurance you get paid BEFORE you see the doctor. PLUS, you can choose to stay with the doctor of your choice, no network lists required.

Their insurances covers:

  • Private Hospital Cover for Casualty, Accident and Illness cover
  • Doctor’s Visits
  • Dentistry
  • Birth cover
  • Blood Tests
  • Optometry Cover
  • X-Rays & MORE

8. AFFINITY HEALTH an affordable health insurance

We have seen AFFINITY on our television screens doing numerous advertisements on life, health and other insurances. Their insurance plans a quite expensive but at least they’ve a plan for less than R1000. This plan called Day to Day Cover for only R719 per month.

The Day to Day cover plan covers:

  • Unlimited doctor visits and consultations.
  • Basic dentistry and optometry.
  • Unlimited radiology and pathology when recommended by your network GP.
  • Casualty room treatment.
  • Unlimited prescribed acute medication.
  • Post hospital private home nursing.
  • Nurse-led Medical Consultation Referrals.
  • Telehealth Consulting.

You can check the rest of their health insurance plans here.

9. Hippo Health insurance company

Hippo is another prominent health insurance company which provide other insurance services to South Africans. Their plans are very affordable. Their first plan cost only R599 per month.

They have Medical aid plans for students, pregnant women, pensioners and families.

These plans offers the following benefits:

  • Medical Aid for students offers financial cover for health-related expenses at an affordable price for those who have become too old to stay on their parent’s policy but are not yet permanently employed and are still studying at a tertiary institution.
  • Medical aid for pregnant women covers your essential antenatal consultations as well as in-hospital childbirth are covered.
  • They also have a Medical Aid for pensioners offers financial cover for health-related expenses specifically for those at the stage of retirement. Medical Aid schemes in South Africa do not have an age restriction, but a fee does apply if you start your cover for the first time after 35.
  • Medical aid for families type of policy covers a family financially for day-to-day and in-hospital health-related expenses.

10. Discovery’s cheapest health insurance

Discovery, South Africa’s most well-known medical insurance company, offers an economical medical aid alternative with its KeyCare Series, which starts at R968. This is also one of the affordable health insurance companies in South Africa.

This level entry offering includes the following:

  • Unlimited hospital cover in our KeyCare hospital networks.
  • Guaranteed full cover in hospital for specialists on the KeyCare network, and up to 100% of the Discovery Health Rate (DHR) for other healthcare professionals.
  • Cover for comprehensive pre-and postnatal healthcare services for maternity and early childhood.
  • Unlimited cover for medically appropriate GP consultations, blood tests, X-rays or medicine in the group’s KeyCare networks on the KeyCare Plus and KeyCare Start plans; and
  • Essential cover for chronic medicine on the KeyCare medicine list for all Chronic Disease List conditions when you use a designated service provider (DSP).

The financial services business, which has a 40% market share in South Africa, also offers Flexicare, a health insurance plan that costs R399 per month plus R160 for R400,000 trauma coverage or R224 for R1 million trauma coverage.

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