The full Kennedy Stab biography: from Gwedla in Shaka iLembe to etv’s Scandal John

Kennedy Stab is a South African actor best known for playing Uncle John on etv’s Scandal. He has also appeared on Shaka iLembe as Gwedla and on Isibaya as Simelane.

So, in this article, we will look at the actor’s life and career, from theater to movies and television series. So, read till the end.

Biography of Kennedy Stab

A picture of Kennedy Stab, who played Simelane on Isibaya
A picture of Kennedy Stab, who played Simelane on Isibaya

Full name: Kennedy Stav
Date of birth: 18 January
Place of Origin: Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa
Education: Fuba Dramatic College (Diploma in Speech and Drama), Trinity College of London, SWASWA (Film Scriptwriting)
Height: 1.74m
Occupation: Actor, producer and director
Known for: Reyka, Shaka iLembe (as Gwedla), Inkaba, Scandal as Uncle John and Isibaya as Simelane
Net worth: $250,000
Nationality: South African

Early life

Kennedy Stab was born in Alberton, Gauteng, which is a city on the southern part of East Rand Johannesburg. So, by nationality, he is South African. We believe he was born into a Zulu family since his home language is Zulu, per his CV.

Moreover, pertaining to Stab’s age, we simply know that he was born on the 18th of January, but his age is unknown. Furthermore, the background behind his name is unknown, as it doesn’t seem to be in English.

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Education of Kennedy Stab

While we don’t know where he completed high school, we do know where he went afterwards. From 1995 to 1997, he studied for a diploma in speech and drama at the Fuba School of Dramatic and Virtual Arts.

Furthermore, he also got film scripting experience from SWASWA and another degree from Trinity College of London. Which is located in London. So, he did more of his training overseas.

Personal life

His personal life is hard to track down. He has only one social media account that is active. And that’s his Facebook. So, from what we gathered, the man doesn’t seem to be legally married, as we see no ring on his finger.

However, he may have children and a wife; I thought this would be a far-fetched assumption. He loves body-building content and African empowerment content. So, we believe he’s conscious of his black history.

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Career of Kennedy Stab

Unlike his personal life, his career is well known. Like many artists in the acting industry, he had to start with theatrical performances. His CV is very long, so we will name his most notable works and try not to leave anything out.

His most notable theatrical performances include Black Jesus, Crisis of Hope, Lerato’s Dream, The Bunkards, Can You Take It?, How Long II, and Sweet Chocolate. Other performances include Hilili Halala, We Shall Sing For The Father Land, Another Jive Mzala, and Abangani, which was a puppet shoe.

Kennedy Stab and fellow actor
Kennedy Stab and fellow actor

In terms of his television roles, he has appeared most notably on Isibaya as Simelane. Moreover, he can be seen on Scandal as Uncle John, which was a call actor’s role.

Other TV performances include Backstage, Binnelanders, Izingane Zobala (as Behk’sisa), Home Affairs as Zweli, and Mponeng as Rasta. Moreover, he has appeared on Isidingo as Vusi, Generations: The Legacy as Skhenjane, and Society as Kennedy.

A picture of Kennedy Stab, who played Uncle Jojo on Scandal etv
A picture of Kennedy Stab, who played Uncle Jojo on Scandal etv

Furthermore, he can be seen as Sithole in the series, Sokhulu and Partners. As well as playing a doctor on the Phat Joe Show, Bheki on Shreads and Dreams, Kabelo on Kebo Boleletse, Det. Zondo on Inkaba, and Vusi on Pay Back.

Moving on to movies and big series, he played Gwedla on Shaka iLembe and Dabula Vilakazi in Reyka.

Height and Bodybuilding

According to his agency at, he is 1.74 meters tall. which is just slightly above average for a South African male. This is his verified height by his agency.

He played Gwedla on Shaka ilembe
He played Gwedla on Shaka ilembe

Furthermore, he is also a committed bodybuilder—a monster in sight. We don’t know anything about his body-building history, but he has shown commitment to his body-building.

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Social media

As aforementioned, social media is not his biggest pick. He is active on only one social media platform, with 4.5k friends and followers.

However, other than that, he has an abandoned Twitter account he made in December 2013 and an Instagram account long forgotten with 1 follower.

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