How does Telkom unlimited data works?

Image of Telkom unlimited data
Image of Telkom unlimited data.

Nowadays most people spend most of their leisure time online streaming movies and other video content of their choice. Some spend time online playing video games with other gamers world wide or some needs data to work online. But most of these people don’t want to use contract data bundles and this is where Telkom unlimited data bundles comes in.

Telkom has always offered cheap data bundles than most mobile networks in South Africa. Unlike rain sim cards, with Telkom you can also make calls with their sim cards. In 2022 Telkom launched unlimited data bundles which are prepaid bundles. This means to buy these bundles you don’t need to be on contract but you buy the same you buy other data bundles.

So, let’s take a look at how these data bundles work. We want to let you know where to buy these bundles and how much they cost.

How to get started with Telkom unlimited data bundles

So if you have considered to use Telkom data bundles you must obviously own a Telkom Sim Card. If you were not a Telkom customer then you can buy a Telkom Sim Card from any Telkom shops, buy it online or in accredited stores such as Pick and Pay, Game or Makro stores. You also need your ID or valid passport to activate the new Sim card.

Note: Some of Telkom Sim cards come being activated depending on where you’re buying them. Most sim cards we buy from street vendors are already registered and ready to be utilized.

Once have your sim card and its activated, then its time to change your tariff to Smart broadband. In order to change your tariff you must dial *180# and choose the tariff option and change it to smart broadband.

When you are done you are now ready to buy your Telkom unlimited data bundles.

How to buy Telkom unlimited data bundles

To buy Telkom unlimited data bundles you must change your tariff to smart broadband and when you’re done. Telkom offers two offers of unlimited data bundles which are:

  • Unlimited Off-Peak offers uncapped mobile data for 31 days between midnight and 19:00 for R229. Customers can buy regular once-off capped bundles for the hours between 19:01 and 23:59:59, Telkom says.
  • Unlimited All-Hours is R849 and is also valid for 31 days from the day of activation. As the name implies, it doesn’t have any time restrictions and is available 24 hours per day.

So, how do you buy these bundles? You can buy these data bundles via USSD Codes or online on Telkom’s website. You can load your sim card with the amount of air time equivalent to the price of the option of the unlimited data bundles you want to buy.

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Then you will dial *180# and choose smart broadband data bundles or LTE then LTE unlimited bundles and buy unlimited data bundles of your choice.

If you buy online, you will have to visit Telkom’s website and choose the type of unlimited data offer you want. And you must have in you position a bank card which is capable of buying online using CVC and Bank Card Number.

Both packages are governed by Telkom’s fair use policy. It works as follows:

* You get 250 GB of data at a maximum speed of 10 Mbps. After that, you get 50GB of data at 4 Mbps. After that, you are limited to a top speed of 2 Mbps for the rest of the month

* Both packages work only in places where there is Telkom network coverage. This means you cannot rent Vodacom or MTN network to use this data.

* Telkom shall not be held accountable if a subscriber fails to use their data bundles within the 31 days in whicg their unlimited data bundles was active.

* If you buy other data bundles such as 10GB day and 10GB night, they will be used first then when they’re depleted, Telkom will automatically switch to unlimited data bundles.

You can read all terms and conditions for Telkom’s unlimited data bundles here!

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