How Capitec Cardless ewallet work? Know codes, send and withdraw options

Image of Capitec branch from Facebook. Here we will discuss Capitec Cell phone banking.
Image of Capitec branch from Facebook. Here we will discuss Capitec Cell phone banking.

When bank cards were introduced, it was a strategy to minimise the amount of cash we carry when we go shopping or on trips. Now technology has improved, digital banking and wallets are gradually replacing both cash and cards. So, we are going to discuss Capitec digital banking options or something others may refer to as Capitec ewallet or virtual wallet or cardless banking.

We are going to look at the USSD codes one can dial to do cell phone banking for Capitec and how to bank using their app. Virtual wallets are making payments much easier, quicker and safer for consumers around the world. So, its important to familiarize yourself with the knowledge thereof.

Background on the growth of internet and digital banking

South Africans are increasingly embracing digital wallets as a payment option, according to data revealed at this year’s Seamless Africa Conference. Over half of those polled claimed they leave the house without their wallets at least once a month, preferring to make payments with their phones.

Over the last year, another 85 percent utilized their telephones to make a purchase. This demonstrates the increasing appeal of cellphones as all-in-one devices that make life easier. [ ¹]

How to do cell phone banking with Capitec Cardless options?

How to do cell phone banking with Capitec
How to do cell phone banking with Capitec.

If you want send money or withdraw money on Capitec using your phone then you have come to the right place to find help. To do cell phone banking using USSD Codes you need to follow the following steps:

How to send Capitec money using USSD Codes

  1.  Register for mobile banking first your nearest Capitec branch with your Capitec bank card, ID or Passport and Cell phone.
  2. Dial Dial *120*3279# and reply 9
  3. Accept the terms and conditions
  4. Then reply 1
  5. Choose “From” account
  6. Enter the amount you want to send
  7. Create a 4-digit secret code (this will be used to collect the cash)
  8. Enter your Mobile Banking PIN
  9. The reference number for the cash sent will be SMSed to your registered cellphone number
  10. Send the SMS to the recipient, who needs the reference number to collect the cash.
  11. Remember to send the secret code in a separate message, as it will not appear in the SMS. [ ²]

How to send money using Capitec banking app as Capitec Cardless options?

  1. Download the Capitec android app or apple app or Huawei app first. You can download their banking app here.
  2. Once you app is installed, login and tap Transact
  3. Tap Send cash and enter your Remote PIN
  4. Tap the button to send cash
  5. Choose “From” account
  6. Enter the amount you want to send
  7. Create a 4-digit secret code (this will be used to collect the cash )
  8. Tap Next
  9. Read the terms and conditions, tick the boxes and tap Accept
  10. Tap Yes to confirm the transaction
  11. You’ll receive an SMS with the reference number – send it to the recipient
  12. Send the secret code to the recipient in a separate message

Note: With USSD Codes *120*3279# , you can only send a maximum of R1000.00 per transaction per day and up to R24 999.00 per month.

And when using phone app, you can send a maximum of R3000.00 per transaction and up to R5000 per day and R24 999.00 per month.

If the money is not collected within 30 days, the money you send will be send back to you.

How to withdraw your Capitec ewallet or cardless money at Capitec ATM?

  1. Go to any Capitec ATM and tap on “Cardless Services”
  2. Tap “Collect Cash”
  3. Then tap Stop card
  4. Enter your 10 digit reference number
  5. Input 4 digits pin send to your via SMS [ ]
  6. Then follow the remaining ATM instructions and withdraw your money. [ ]

How to withdraw Capitec ewallet or cash send at retailers?

What you need to collect your cash:

The reference number (this is sent by SMS to the sender) and The 4-digit secret code

How to collect your cash at Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Game, Makro or Builders:

  1. Tell the teller that you have a cash transfer from a Capitec client.
  2. The teller will ask for the reference number
  3. You’ll be asked for your name, surname and cellphone number, along with the secret code
  4. Once validated, the cash is paid out immediately

How Virtual card works? Capitec Cardless options!

The Virtual Card is a completely digital bank card which is accessible on your App.

1. It allows you to make purchases online as well being able to set it as the default card for scan to pay transactions, safely and securely.

2. In addition you can use your virtual card details on platforms such as Uber, Netflix, Takealot or MrD, just remember to set your online limits in our App.

3. The virtual card is only available on the new Capitec Bank App and is linked to your Capitec Global One account.

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