6 cheapest data bundles in South Africa


Twenty first century is one of the centuries which saw a great rise in the development, use of technology and internet. Everyone including the old folks are now relying on internet. So, in this article we are going to explore the cheapest data bundles we have discovered in South Africa in 2022.

Key list

  • Home Connecta Flexi bundles for Cell C
  • Telkom Mo Nice bundles
  • Telkom LTE bundles
  • Vodacom Just For You or town
  • MTN cheapest data bundles
  • Rain sim card LTE data bundles

1. Home Connecta Flexi data bundles

Home Connecta Flexi data bundles are the cheapest data bundles we know of in South Africa. The bundles are offered by Cell C as LTE or 4G bundles. Most people know Cell C as one of the slowest Networks but for these LTE bundles, Cell C has partnered with MTN to improve their speed of these bundles. The bundles ranges from 4GB/R49 to 80GB/R299

The disadvantage of Home Connecta Flexi bundles is they do not have coverage all over South Africa. So, before you voucher for them you must visit cellc.co.za to check if your area has cell c coverage. If you want to know how to buy these bundles click here.

2. Telkom Mo’Nice internet bundles

In 2021 Telkom introduced to its customers, Mo’Nice data bundles which includes voice and internet bundles. These bundles are way more cheaper than its normal data bundles. To buy these bundles you must use USSD Codes by dialing *123# and choose internet or voice bundles. [ ¹]

The disadvantage of these data bundles is most of them are not more than 5GB. The data plans (prices and amount) changes now and then which means they’re not reliable. You can buy these bundles for emergency if your reliable plan ended before month end. If you don’t mind its unreliability then you can still voucher for them, the choice is yours.

3. Alternative of Mo’Nice is Telkom smart broadband LTE bundles

So if you really want reliable data plans which are cheaper and which do not change prices frequently, then you can voucher for Smart Broadband Telkom LTE bundles. These bundles are much cheaper than most bundles in South Africa. They ranges from 10GB anytime and night bubbles to 220GB anytime and night bundles.

You can visit the website by clicking here to check their deals. Or you can simply dial *180# to buy these bundles but the first thing is change your tariff to smart broadband. The disadvantage of using Telkom smart broadband LTE bundles is that they’re slow just like the Home Connecta Flexi data bundles.

4. Vodacom Just For You or town bundles are the cheapest data bundles

Most people when they look for cheaper bundles they tend to look away from Vodacom because its expensive. The reason might be because Vodacom is the fastest internet provider in South Africa. But thats not entirely true because Vodacom introduced their cheapest data bundles in South Africa. These bundles are known as Just For You bundles.

To buy Just For You bundles you must dial *123# and choose option 3. Then follow the instructions to buy your favourite bundles.

The disadvantage of these data plans is they’re too volatile and unstable in terms of price and amount. This means they change almost every time you recharge with airtime. Another thing is these are the smallest but cheapest data bundles one can buy as the range from 50MB to 1GB. If you get a bigger offer than this then luck for you.

5. MTN cheapest data bundles

MTN is also on the list of the fastest internet providers in South Africa. They’re also on the list of the most expensive internet providers but in this section we will explore their cheapest data bundles. In 2020 MTN launched prepaid data plans which were reasonably cheaper. These datas include 500MB plan for R10 to 2GB for R50. [ ²]

But these plans were not the best so in 2021 they introduced BozzaGigs prepaid LTE offers which include 10GB for R100. Executive for corporate affairs, Jacqui O’Sullivan said MTN worked with relevant stakeholders to ensure it can keep its prices low and offer more value to customers to remain connected.

BozzaGigs ranges from 10GB to 20GB. These data deals are divided into two meaning 10GB will have 5GB day and 5GB night bundles. If its 15GB it will have 7.5GB day and 7.5GB night.

To use the bundles, customers must purchase a new MTN starter pack and migrate to an MTN BozzaGigs LTE plan by dialling the USSD shortcode *137#. The migration must be performed within the first 30 days of the SIM card’s activation. [ ²]

6. Rain sim card LTE data bundles

Rain internet provider is one of the Cheapest data bundles in South Africa. Most people started using this sim card as an alternative for contracts data plans. The data plans are unlimited data plans which ranges from R250 to R479 for 4G network and R499 to R999 for 5G network.

Its internet is relatively slow but looking at its data plans, its worth a compromise. To view their plans and registering for their services you can click here.