How Rain Sim Card and unlimited data works?

Rain Unlimited data bundles. Rain sim card.
All you need to know about Rain Unlimited data bundles and Rain sim card.

We now live in the age of the internet and everyone have a need to be online without worrying about data rates. You obviously don’t want to worry about data depletion in the middle of the month. This is where Rain sim card and its unlimited data comes in.

With Rain unlimited data you can work without the worry of data bundles depleting obviously because its unlimited. Another good thing about rain data services is that you are not bound by a contract such as the 24 months data contracts where you’re obliged to pay every month. With Rain data plans, you pay as you use.

So lets explore how Rain works in details, where can one buy the rain sim card, how much is the data plans and how do you load it with data.

Where can I buy Rain Sim Card?

Before you buy the Rain Sim Card you need to know that rain offers 4G and 5G rain sim cards. This means you need to know the exact type of Sim Card you want and choose the right one.

You can get a Rain Sim Card at Clicks stores. Rain, South Africa’s unlimited data network, has teamed up with Pargo to make rain SIM cards available at over 100 pick-up points in select Clicks stores.

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If Clicks stores are far away from you then you can buy a Sim Card from Take Alot online store, hi-online or order it with your food parcel from Mr D Food app. You can also buy it in person from an individual agent in your area. These agencies you can find them through Facebook (but take caution of thugs so its recommended to meet in a public places).

How to get started with Rain Sim Card?

The first thing you need to do to start using Rain Sim Card is to register for its services on their website. Visit and register yourself there.

You must have in your position the following documents; your valid SA ID or foreign Passport, Proof of residence and picture of yourself holding your Identity or Passport document. You must be sure you’re the one registering or you’re there in person if someone is helping you to register.

The reason why you must be available in person when registering for Rain data services is because they also require you to prove that you are real person. They do this by telling you to shoot yourself a live video during the time of registration. You are also required to shoot pictures of your passport or SA ID and proof of residence live from their website. This means you cannot upload pictures of your personal documents that you shot long time ago.

How do I buy unlimited Rain Data bundles?

During the process of registering for Rain Sim Card you will be required to choose the data plans of your choice. To buy Rain unlimited data bundles you must visit their website and login. Then you must choose between datas made for mobile phones only or for all devices if its 4G. But for 5G which comes with a free rooter, the data works on all devices.

Note: In order to buy, you use your bank card using card number and CVC number. The card must be loaded with the amount of money enough to purchase the data plan you want.

Rain unlimited data plans prices are as follows:

  • 4G – unlimited for phones only – R299.00 (no hotspoting)
  • 4G – 19 hours unlimited off-peak for any device – R250.00 (works from 23H00 until 18H00 the following day)
  • 4G – unlimited data – R479.00 (works indefinitely for a month)
  • 5G – unlimited home basic – R499.00 (works indefinitely for a month)
  • 5G – unlimited home standard – R350.00 for the first month and R699.00 as you renew further
  • 5G – unlimited home premium – R999.00 (works indefinitely for a month)

Note: that all 5G data plans comes with a free 5G rooter.



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