5 Facts about Lehlohonolo Moloi AKA Warona from Nikiwe: Age, Lesbian identity, tik tok hack etc.

Lehlohonolo Moloi is a South African actress, model, and influencer best known for playing Warona on Nikiwe. In this short article, we will look at some facts about her that are known.

Profile Summary of Lehlohonolo Moloi

Nolo Moloi plays Warona on Nikiwe
Nolo Moloi plays Warona on Nikiwe

Full name: Lehlohonolo Moloi
Date of birth: 2000s
Place of birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
Education: Unknown
Height: 1.6m
Occupation: Actress, Model, Influencer and Tik toker
Known for: Warona on Nikiwe
Net worth: Unknown
Tik tok: @_nolo_official
Instagram: @lavish_nolo
Nationality: South African

1. Lehlohonolo Moloi is from Gauteng

Lehlohonolo Moloi was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is fluent in Tswana, Zulu, and English. Moreover, she’s from a Tswana family and was raised as such. According to our estimates, the actress was born in the 2000s, but the exact age and date are currently unknown.

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2. She has a younger brother

On her TikTok, she shows off her younger brother, whose name is still unknown. The two have a really close and dynamic bond. It’s almost enchanting to see such closeness between siblings. However, we do not know if she has any other siblings aside from him.

3. Her Tik tok was hacked

Aside from being an actress, Moloi is an influencer on Instagram and TikTok. However, her following on TikTok is bigger, with 60.5k followers. But this is her new account since her old one was hacked some time ago.

The person who hacked her account started texting her followers and asking for money. According to the evidence that Moloi showed, the impersonator pretended to be an agent working with or for a model agency.

Lehlohonolo Moloi's tik tok account was hacked by an impersonator
Lehlohonolo Moloi’s tik tok account was hacked by an impersonator

So, he or she would ask for a joining fee from those who were getting recruited. Nolo denied the accusations that she had anything to do with it.

Furthermore, she urged her followers to become more aware and not fall for scams like that. And she added that she will not be paying anyone anything back.

4. Lehlohonolo Moloi is Lesbian and Queer

Most people who see her on Nikiwe think that the actress is straight. However, as it turns out, she’s anything but straight. On Nikiwe, Lehlohonolo Moloi plays the role of Warona, the daughter of Skeitla. She’s smart, beautiful, and straight-talking.

Lehlohonolo Moloi from Nikiwe is Lesbian in Real life
Lehlohonolo Moloi from Nikiwe is Lesbian in Real life

While the definition of queer is as sketchy as a sketch can get, the actress is a self-acclaimed queer lesbian. So, she’s attracted to other women. Even her socials have the flag to show her identity. So, no matter what the young lads in her DMs may say, they stand no chance.

And, on her account, she often shares reels and videos around her attractions. Some are showing that people’s girlfriends are hitting on her. She has denied having any attraction to men.

5. Moloi loves dancing

Warona from Nikiwe is also a Model and influencer
Warona from Nikiwe is also a Model and influencer

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the actress is not only interested in acting. But in her spare time, she enjoys dancing and filming herself. Like most Gen Zs, she participates in tik tok dance challenges.


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