Martha from the Isitha The Enemy: Ontiretse Radipabe full biography

Ontiretse Radipabe (born 2004) is a South African actress known for playing Martha on etv’s The Black Door, now called Isitha the Enemy. Radipabe is only 19 years old as of 2023 and is currently in grade 11.

In today’s article, we will be covering her childhood and how she got into acting. Some challenges she had with dwarfism.

Profile summary: Ontiretse Radipabe

A picture of Ontiretse Radipabe
A picture of Ontiretse Radipabe

Full name: Ontiretse Radipabe
Date of birth: 2004 (18 year old as of 2022)
Place of birth: Attredgeville, Pretoria
Education: Unknown
Occupation: Actor
Known for: Martha on etv’s The Black Door
Nationality: South African

Early Childhood and family struggles

As a child Ontiretse moved around a lot. This was a result of her parents always fighting. So, she was moved around a lot to be shielded from it all. Ontiretse Radipabe was born Attredgeville in Pretoria, South Africa.

Ontiretse Radipabe had a tough time growing up
Ontiretse Radipabe had a tough time growing up

However, she moved to Mpumalanga then to Limpopo then to Johannesburg to pursue acting. She finished her 8-10 grades there in Limpopo. Before Moving to Johannesburg when she was 18. Despite her TV presence, Radipabe still wants to pursue school. Saying that she wants to be a doctor and an actor all in the same.

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Ontiretse suffered from bullying

“People used to make fun of me a lot. When I’d be walking in the streets, you’d find people laughing, and mostly that treatment would come from the elders. Some would even call each other to come look at me, making my life really difficult.

But I remember one day looking at myself in the mirror and reminding myself that ‘I will never allow people to destroy my life or stop me from achieving my dream’. I grew up under a lot of scrutiny with a lot of opinions about what I can or can’t do.” Said Radipabe when asked her struggles with dwarfism.

Martha from the Black Door doesn't let her size limit her talents
Martha from the Black Door doesn’t let her size limit her talents

They say people fear what they don’t understand and try to destroy what they can’t comprehend. So was the case with Ontiretse, who was bullied because of her dwarfism. Moreover, some of these opinionated people were adults. Telling her what she can and can’t do.

Who she can and can’t be. However, that was never enough to put her down. As a result, she got even stronger and more resistant, and she told herself she could become anything.

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Ontiretse Radipabe career timeline

While it may be her first acting role, It is, however, not her first time being on TV. Ontiretse had a short stint on YoTV Land. I was one of the children on the bus with Malume. However, due to her constant moving around, I had to forsake that dream for a little while.

Although it was an amazing experience, Ontiretse remembers how she was closed off to people because of her own past. She would be mean for no reason. Because she feared that I would be judged. It took a lot for her to get to where she is now. Very confident and proud of who she is.

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How she landed the role of Martha on Etv’s The Black Door

After her time on YoTV, she knew that being on screen was her true calling. She recalls meeting [actor] Bongani Maseko. Aswell as another lady named Happy, and asking them for advice on how to get my first acting job.

And they agreed to look for something for her. Ausi Happy informed her that a life-changing call would arrive in February. And it did. She simply gambled on Ontiretse, as she put it.

She currently plays one of the lead roles of Martha on the Black Door etv
She currently plays one of the lead roles of Martha on the Black Door TV show.

Martha is Rebecca Mahlangu’s housekeeper. Who is better known as Mam’ Rebs, portrayed by seasoned actress Linda Sebenzo. When Martha is not tending to her cleaning duties. She is Mam’s Rebs’ right-hand woman.

Who keeps an eye on what’s going on in her house when she isn’t around? Martha also keeps an eye on Rebecca’s daughter, Boniswa. Who also has a substance abuse problem.


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