Karabo Magongwa biography, age, career, House of Zwide and more

Karabo Magongwa (born in 2008) is a South African actress. She is best known for playing Keletso in the E.tv soap opera House of Zwide. She is no newbie in showbiz and appeared in a TV commercial for Oreos in 2013. When she was only 5 years old. In this article, we will look into her life and biography.

Full biography: Karabo Magongwa

Karabo Magongwa who plays Keletso on House of Zwide
Karabo Magongwa who plays Keletso on House of Zwide

Full name: Karabo Magongwa
Date of birth: 2008 (15 years old in 2023)
Place of birth: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Education: Johannesburg International Primary school
Height: 1.48m
Occupation: Actress
Known for: Keletso on House of Zwide and for her 2013 Oreos advertisement
Parents: Patricia Magongwa
Father: Unknown
Net worth: R250 000
Salary: R15 000 to R20 000
Nationality: South African

Early Life of Karabo Magongwa

Karabo Magongwa was born in 2008 in Johannesburg, Gauteng in South Africa. However, her actual day and month of birth is unknown. Magongwa’s mom was mostly her manager and helped her get her earliest TV gigs. Including the famous Oreos advertisement of 2013. According to sources, her passion for acting began while she was only 3 years old.

Magongwa was registered under an agency from the age of 6
Magongwa was registered under an agency from the age of 6

And, at the age of six years old, her mother registered her under an agency. According to briefly SA, her agency’s name is FCB. Which landed her the Oreos advert role and the Standard advert role as well. Her father however, is unheard of, and we can’t assume anything about him. It is also unknown if she has any siblings whatsoever.

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According to sources like briefly SA. Karabo Magongwa studied at the Johannesburg Institutional Primary School. This is unfortunately the only school that she is known to have studied at. Not that she isn’t in high school and what not.

Keletso from House of Zwide
Keletso from House of Zwide

But that her current school is unknown. And there is a possibility she could still be in primary school. But it’s more likely that she’s between the grades 9 and 10 as of 2023. We don’t know what she aspires to do in the future. But we’ll find out soon and update you.

Personal life of Karabo Magongwa

Let’s face it, Karabo is really really young. She’s only 14 years old as of 2022. So, questions about her boy friends are at best unwarranted and thus far, we have no good reason to inquire into such. Her Instagram is only filled with her pictures and pictures with fellow actors. However, this isn’t to say she doesn’t have a boy friend. But we just don’t expect her to have any at this point. However, if anything out of the ordinary on her personal life arises. We will update this page.

Karabo Magongwa Height

Her actual height is unknown. However, in our culculations, Karabo Magongwa should be expected to be at height between 1.48m to 1.51m. These figures aren’t entirely spot on, but are estimates based on our picture object juxtapositioning estimation method. Which estimates height by using objects insight or comparing with heights of known actors while she’s on set.

Net worth and salary

According to Briefly SA and Savannah news, Magongwa has a net worth of about R250 000 as of 2022. This figure is cited in few sources, however, none of which have conclusive authority.

Karabo Magongwa and her on set mother Rea Molapo
Karabo Magongwa and her on set mother Rea Molapo

So, we will take this figure as a suggestive or speculative figure than an actual one. Moreover, her salary is reported to be between R15 000 to R20 000 per month by Savannah News. A news media websites that reports mainly on South African celebrity news.

Karabo Magongwa acting career

The young actress went into the spotlight after starring in a television commercial for Oreos in 2013. Moreover, she played Tjontjo in seasons one and two of the Mzansi Magic drama series Abomama.

Furthermore, In the season one of the Mzansi Magic drama series Ayeye, Magongwa appeared as Azania. She also played Malefo in season one of the SABC2 drama, Bone of My Bones.

Karabo Magongwa did an Oreos ad when she was 6
Karabo Magongwa did an Oreos ad when she was 6

And quite recently, Karabo appeared in the role of Keletso. In the first and second seasons of the E.tv soap opera House of Zwide. Lesedi was the role she played in season two of Mzansi Magic drama Imposter.

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In season one of the SABC1 Drama, Mina Nawe, Karabo played the role of Tshepiso. Ntombi was the role she played on the Mzansi Magic telenovela The Road. On June 30, 2022, Karabo was a guest at the urban radio station Metro FM.

Adverts roles

Karabo appeared in Oreos advertisement at a young age. She played the role of a child who explains to her TV father why she will not share her Oreos. The United States online site, Buzzfeed.com, voted the advert as the cutest kid advert. Buzz feed is U. S website with a user database of about 60 million monthly users. So, this really gave her some international recognition. And, you can’t deny it. That ad was actually really cute and Magongwa’s precocious performance was endearing. Karabo also played the role of a spunky girl who goes to the ATM with her father in the Standard Bank app for tablets commercial.

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Social Media Profiles

The beautiful young actress is on Instagram as @karabo_magongwa. Though her account is new, she has garnered over 33.8k followers. And as aforementioned, Magongwa mostly posts about her work and fashion style.


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