Sibulele Ntlebi biography: Life without parents, playing Nolitha on Isitha, school issues and more

Sibulele Ntlebi (born December 19, 1997) is a South African actress best known for playing Nolitha on Isitha the Enemy on etv. Apart from acting, she’s also a social worker in real life.

So, in this article, we will look at her life from the Eastern Cape, her tuition crises at varsity, and then her appearance on our screens on etv.

Biography of Sibulele Ntlebi

Sibulele Ntlebi who plays Nolitha Sokhulu on Isitha the Enemy
Sibulele Ntlebi who plays Nolitha Sokhulu on Isitha the Enemy

Full name: Sibulele Ntlebi
Date of birth: December 19, 1997 (27 years old as of 2024)
Place of birth: East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Sexuality: Bisexual
Education: Gonobie High School, University of Western Cape
Height: 1.61m
Occupation: Actress and Social worker
Known for: Nolitha Sokhulu on Isitha the Enemy (formerly The Black Door)
Net worth: $50,000
Nationality: South African

Early life of Sibulele Ntlebi

Sibulele Ntlebi was born and raised in East London, in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa. Her birthday is December 19, 1997. So, as of 2024, she is turnng 27 years old.

Both her parents are deceased. So, her unemployed grandmother had to take care of her and her younger cousins. However, it wasn’t easy for her grandmother to take care of her and her younger siblings.

Nolwazi Kweyama and Nolitha played by Sibulele Ntlebi
Nolwazi Kweyama and Nolitha, played by Sibulele Ntlebi

According to Ntlebi, her late mother was her inspiration when venturing into the arts. She says that when she’s acting, she feels her mother breathing and living within her.

She even claimed that she was doing art for her mother and was taking over where her mother left off. Insinuating that her mother was also into the arts.

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Education background

According to our research, Ntlebi was enrolled at the University of Western Cape. However, because of her family background, she couldn’t quite pay off her 2017 fees. Furthermore, because she couldn’t get her 2017 results, she couldn’t get any bursaries.

Nolitha from Isitha the Enemy on etv and her onscreen child
Nolitha from Isitha the Enemy on TV and her onscreen child

So, she resorted to looking for donations towards her social work studies. Her grandmother would try to send her grocery money when she had it, but things were tough sometimes. So, at times, she’d go to bed hungry.

In the end, Sibulele Ntlebi eventually got the funding she needed and finished her degree from the University of Western Cape. So, as of 2023, she is a qualified social worker.

Personal life

As aforementioned, she lost both her parents and had to be raised by her grandmother for the most part. However, it wasn’t as easy for her grandmother as you can imagine.

This was because it wasn’t just Sibulele she was taking care of, but her other four younger cousins. Sibulele has also revealed herself to be bisexual, meaning she is sexually attracted to both sexes.

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Career of Sibulele Ntlebi

Sibulele has always been into the arts from a very early age. She attributes her love for acting to her mother, saying she is the reason she’s acting. While we do not know much about her earlier roles, her biggest role yet is that of Nolitha Sokhulu on Isitha the Enemy.

Nolitha graduated from the University of Western Cape as a social worker. So, when she’s not working, she’ll probably be busy pursuing her dream of becoming a social worker.

This career choice makes so much sense, as the actor had a rough childhood and upbringing without both her parents. So, it only makes sense that she wanted to help children in similar situations.

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According to our estimates, the actress stands at a height of 1.70 m. So, she’s way above the average height of a South African woman. And she is as tall, if not taller, than the average South African man.

Social media

Her social presence is yet to grow. As of now, at the time of this publication, she has 5k followers on her Instagram and only 4k friends on her Facebook. She posts a lot of her content on Instagram.


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