Who is Litlhonolofatso litlhakanyane, Tebello from scandal bio and wiki

Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane (April 27, 2010) born  is a South African born actor best known for his role on Scandal etv as Tebello. In this article we will look into the young child actor’s life and career. So, read till the end for the full details.

Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane Biography Facts

Image of Tebello from scandal as Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane
Image of Tebello from scandal as Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane

Name: Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane
Date of birth: April 27, 2010 (age – 13 years old)
Place of birth: Johannesburg, Gauteng Province
Occupation: Actor (Scandal etv- Tebello)
Gender: Male
TV Shows: Scandal
Height: 1.45m
Net worth: $20 000-$30 000
Nationality: South African

Early life and Age of Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane

Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane was born on 27 April 2010 in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province in South Africa. Thus far his childhood background as far as who his parents or influences are is unknown. However, we do know that the young actor found acting through his agency of star quality. And, his sister helped him whom he looks up to.

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The education of Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane

According to many sources, the young actor is currently doing Grade 7 at Laerskool Oospark. He is good at acting but he do not have formal training in acting as yet. Moreover, even though he has experience in acting and has appeared on big screens like Scandal. He had shared that he has no apparent interests in studying acting. In fact, he has said he was inspired by his sister to study law when he grows up.

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Acting career of Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane

Litlhonolofatso never dreamt of becoming an actor but he is currently one and he loves it. The question is how did he become an actor? Well, the young man, has his sister to thank for convincing him to try out acting auditions after she had seen it on Facebook!

Litlhonolofatso litlhakanyane who plays Tebello on etv's Scandal
Litlhonolofatso litlhakanyane who plays Tebello on etv’s Scandal

Litlhonolofatso agreed and the producers loved his natural acting skills thus we have our Tebello on our screens. Though Tebello is the character we came to know Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane with, he didn’t get it that easy. He had to go through various auditions for on-screen adverts.

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His role as Tebello on etv’s Scandal

In the long-running melodrama on Scandal etv, Litlhonolofatso plays Tebello, a 12-year-old. The Tebello character represents a little boy who was left behind by his parents.

Litlhonolofatso litlhakanyane was hooked up by his sister for auditions before joining star quality
Litlhonolofatso litlhakanyane was hooked up by his sister for auditions before joining star quality

He received recognition for his acting abilities when he first started appearing on Scandal as the brave young boy who looked after Yvonne’s elderly mother. Tebello is a bashful youngster in real life despite appearing to be quite confident on film, according to Litlhonolofatso’s real mother, Palesa, who is extremely proud of her son.

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How much is Litlhonolofatso earning per month?

According to sources such as briefly.co.za and safrolebs.com. The young child actor is estimated to be earning a salary which ranges from R15 000 – R20 000. According to star quality, his current role is that of a lead so he is probably earning that much or more. However, we don’t yet have an accurate figure but those are industry figures. As for his net worth, he is estimated to be worth around $20 000-$30 000. Roughly R250 000- R350 000.

Future endeavors

Though Litlhonolofatso also known as Tebello is an actor who is earning a lot from acting, he still have other dreams just like a normal child.

Tebello from Scandal wants to be a Lawyer when he grows up
Tebello from Scandal wants to be a Lawyer when he grows up

This is what he had to say pertaining his dreams; ” Although I really want to remain with Scandal for as long as possible, I want to finish school, study law like my sister  and build a lot of companies that will make me a lot of money,”

Social media

Litlhonolofatso has no Twitter, Instagram or Facebook as of yet. All the pages in his name are most likely fan pages pretending to be him. However, we do hope he will be on YouTube when he’s old enough.


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