Where to get Free braces in South Africa in 2022

Image of Free Braces or Cheap braces in South Africa.
Free Brace in South Africa.

We know braces are very expensive in South Africa. They cannot be afforded by everyone as the price of the cheapest braces is above the minimum monthly wage of an average South African. So we will discuss where and how to get free braces in South Africa.

Braces are dental appliances that treat abnormalities with your teeth such as crowding, crooked teeth, and out-of-alignment teeth. They are commonly worn by teenagers, however they can also be worn by adults. Braces gradually straighten and align your teeth so that you have a normal bite as you wear them.

Most people’s dental arrangement is not proper which causes them to have some disfigurement on their mouth. Difficult in chewing and biting your tongue is also a common problem which led people to buy braces. Even the smile is affected so the only solution to this is to see a dentist who can help you to rearrange and put your teeth properly with the aid of braces.

How do you really know you need braces?

If you have teeth that are visibly crooked or crowded. Or you have difficulty flossing between and brushing around crooked teeth or you frequently bite your tongue or cutting your tongue on your teeth. Or maybe your teeth don’t close over each other properly when your mouth is at rest. Then you know you need braces.

The type of Braces available in hospitals

  • Traditional metal – Metal brackets and cables are used in these cases. They are linked to a person’s teeth and can be adjusted as needed.
  • Ceramic – In terms of shape and size, they are comparable to classic metal ones. These, however, are made of ceramic material, as opposed to the usual ones. The substance blends in with the natural color of the teeth, making them less visible.
  • Lingual – They look like standard metal, but they’re attached on the inside rather than the outside. As a result, they are difficult to notice from the outside.
  • Invisalign – The most distinct type is this one. Unlike the others, they use a series of custom-made, translucent plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth rather than brackets or wires.

How much is the cheapest and the most expensive braces?

The cheapest price of braces in South Africa ranges from R3000.00 to R10 000.00. Despite being the cheapest its still too much for an average person in South Africa.

The most expensive braces ranges from R20 000.00 to R100 000.00. This obviously cannot be afforded by the middle class even businessman and woman will think twice about getting one at this price.

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Prices for braces depend on the quality and types. To get started you need to pay the orthodontist consultation fee, X-ray and alignment costs. Below we have listed estimated prices and services to get braces from a dentist.

  • The first consultation, including costs of x-rays, diagnostic photos cost about R2,600
  • Inside or lingual braces cost around R42,000
  • Outside or labial braces cost around R25,000
  • Optional tooth-coloured brackets; upper and lower cost about R2,800 and R1,800 respectively.
  • Post-treatment x-rays, photos, and retention appliances usually cost around R2,900.

How to get free braces in South Africa in 2022?

When you think of getting free medical related aid, you most probably think of government hospital. But when it comes to free braces, you cannot find them at government hospitals for free. They are not totally free but there is a solution. So, to get free braces you need to subscribe to a health insurance which offers an option to get braces.

Not all health insurances offers the option of getting dental care. So, take caution and consider that point, verify that the medical insurance you vouchering or buying offers braces medical aid or dental medical care. You can check their policy it must clarify everything.

The following is a list of health insurances that offer free braces:

Discovery Insurance

It m is a health insurance that offers dental care according to their policy. As pay for their services every month you also pay for dental care. The company takes care of orthodontic benefits from an individual’s savings account. As a result, South Africans can get complete dental treatment as part of their health insurance plan.

Momentum health insurance

South Africans can sign up for free braces in South Africa through Momentum Health. Furthermore, the insurance company helps pay for dental procedures through the individual’s dental benefits, which are included in the Health Insurance plan.


One of the health insurance firms that provides free braces to South Africans is Medshield. Upon pre-authorization, the corporation covers the entire cost of an individual’s orthodontic treatment from their daily benefits. It is essential to get advice before enrolling in this health insurance because the process might be complicated at times.


Bonitas medical assistance is comprised of a network of over 4,000 contracted doctors who provide premium healthcare services at a fixed rate, resulting in lower co-payments. This medical insurance is a good option for people looking for low-cost braces in Johannesburg. The Denis dental protocols are used by the medical aid to reimburse the cost of orthodontic procedures.

Do government hospitals offer free braces?

Braces are also available from government hospitals. However, as stated in the preceding paragraph, they are not free. Braces are provided by the government for both children and adults.
The only requirement for doing so is that you have one of the following: Centrelink Concession Card, Department of Veterans Affairs Concession Card and School Card.



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