Ditebogo Ledwaba AKA Mbali from Generations full biography

Ditebogo Ledwaba (born May 5, 2001) is a South African award-winning television presenter, actress, and singer. Best for playing Mbali on Generations: The Legacy.

She has bolstered her entertainment career with impressive performances.

Moreover, she has been entertaining television viewers and is quickly rising through the ranks.

Biography profile: Ditebogo Ledwaba

A picture of Ditebogo Ledwaba
A picture of Ditebogo Ledwaba

Full name: Ditebogo Ledwaba
Date of birth: 5 May 2001 (22 years)
Place of birth: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Education: Pretoria High School for Girls
Alma mater: Wits University (Hons. TV and Film)
Height: 1.49m
Occupation: Actress and Singer-songwriter
Known for: Mbali from Generations: the Legacy
Musical stage name: Ditebogo Ledwaba
Instagram: @ditebogoledwaba
Nationality: South African

Early life and Education

Ditebogo Ledwaba was born on the 5th of May 2001. So, as of 2021, she is at least 22 years old. Growing up her parents tried to provide her with the necessary support.

The actress has been in the entertainment industry since she was a child. She has since appeared in numerous films and other professions.

The television personality was born in Pretoria, South Africa. Ditebogo Ledwaba finished her studies at The Pretoria High School for Girls in 2019.


She also attended the Star Struck School of Acting in Gauteng. After finishing high School she went to the Witswatersrand University where she got her degree and Honours in TV and Film.

Personal life

Aside from acting, Ditebogo is a singer-songwriter. Aswell as a netball player. She has shared a lot of her pictures playing netball.

While not many people may know her sound, she has released quite a few tracks on her own.

Furthermore, Ditebogo is a book worm and has revealed that she enjoys reading non-fiction books a lot.

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Ditebogo Ledwaba Career

She made her first appearance in the drama series Generations in 2020. Viewers of the show fell in love with her character, Mbali, and decided to make their feelings known in real life.

They discuss her role on social media and other platforms, and everyone has something to say about her.

Ditebogo Ledwaba who plays Mbali on Generations The Legacy
Ditebogo Ledwaba who plays Mbali on Generations The Legacy

She was cast in the spy thriller film The Red Sea Diving Resort earlier this year. Gideon Raff is the writer and director of the film, also known as Operation Brothers.

Her other acting credits include the role of Alheri in the upcoming television series Commandos. She played Malu in The Professionals.

In 2018, the actress was cast in the film Beautifully Broken, directed by Eric Welch. She took on the role of Umuhoza.

Lockdown Music

Her popularity grew as a result of her role in the SABC1 television series. As previously stated, she is not a new face on the screen.

But, has been on screen since she was a child. She was hired as a YoTV family presenter on SABC1 in 2020.

While the country was on lockdown, the actress dedicated all of her time to music.

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Height of Ditebogo Ledwaba

She is recorded to be 1.49m tall according to her current agency at artistconnection.co.za where her CV is available. It also shows her full filmography and eductaion.

Social media

She is on instagram like most celebrities these days. As a result, she has big fanbase from her South African fans, with over 100k followers as of 2023. And goes by her eponymous username @ditebogoledwaba.



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