Rapulana Seiphemo biography, return to generations, producing Paradise stop and more

Big-time South African actor Rapulana Seiphemo (4 November 1967) is well-known for his exciting portrayal of Tau Mogale in the serial soap Generations 16 and now The Legacy. In addition, he has a talent for writing, filmmaking, and lecturing.

Rapulana is without a doubt one of the most famous and well-traveled performers in the entertainment business, with unrivaled credentials.

His large following of devoted followers sincerely admires his family, wealth, and filmography. So, read more about him below.

Biography of Seiphemo Rapulana

A picture of Seiphemo Rapulana
A picture of Seiphemo Rapulana

Full name: Seiphemo Rapulana
Date of birth: 4 November 1967
Place of birth: Meadowlands, Soweto, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Education: Texas A&M university
Height: 1.75m
Occupation: Actor, Editor, Producer and writer
Known for: Paradise stop, Jerusalem and White Wedding, Generations as Tau Mogale
Net worth: $15 million
Nationality: South African

Early life

Rapulana Seiphemo, South Africa’s most well-known Tswana actor, is undeniably attractive for his age, as attested to by the numerous Rapulana Seiphemo images online. What is Rapulana Seiphemo’s age? Rapulana, who was born in 1967, is approaching his 56th year. Even at his advanced age, his youthful looks never fail to bring a smile.

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Education of Rapulana Seiphemo

At Meadowlands in Gauteng, South Africa, the actor and editor were both born and reared. In 1991, Rapulana went to Anchor Comprehensive High School, which was located in Orlando West, Soweto.

Rapulana played Tau on Generations The Legacy
Rapulana played Tau on Generations The Legacy

He then enrolled at Texas A&M University, a college station in Brazos County, Texas, in the US. Rapulana majored on Bachelor of Arts (BA) courses while he was a student. Rapulana later earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1995 and has expertise in English, acting, sociology, theatre production, and psychology.

Personal life

Unlike on Generations: Rapulana was married to his longtime love, Olga Rubeiro
Unlike on Generations: Rapulana was married to his longtime love, Olga Rubeiro

In 2003, Rapulana was married to his longtime love, Olga Rubeiro. At the Royal Swazi Sun in Ezulwini, Swaziland, the two fell in love, and they have since fathered three children together. Katlego, a daughter of Rapulana Seiphemo, is the most well-known of the trio of kids who keep the couple in good spirits. Katlego began acting at a very young age, proving that she is in fact her father’s child.

Other personal matters

Rapulana was among those who were involved in a terrible accident that left three people dead and him in the intensive care unit back in 2016 as they tried to escape a carjacking attempt. In other developments, the actor is rumored to have left Motsweding FM earlier this year due to conflicts with the station’s administration.

Career highlights of Rapulana Seiphemo

The actor first gained notoriety in 1989 when he captivated the Market Theatre stage production audience with his performance in the movie My Children, My Africa. Rapulana made notable appearances in high-profile productions like The Merchant of Venice, The Piano Lesson, The Blacks, and Saturday Night as his career developed.

The Tau Mogale actor actually loves cooking in real life
The Tau Mogale actor actually loves cooking in real life

Tau Mogale, a position as a teacher at the Federated Union of Black Artists Academy, more commonly referred to as Fuba Academy, was awarded to him upon his eventual return to South Africa in 1995. He began teaching at Sibikwa Community Theatre Company the next year before beginning to lecture at Wits University in 1997.

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Net worth and Salary

The lead actor earns money in a variety of ways, including one of his most lucrative films, Tsotsi, which had a $3 million budget but brought in 11.5 million USD at the box office. His monthly compensation, according to sources, is around R55,000.

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Social Media

He is on all social media platforms under the username “@rapulanas. He uses this very same username on all the three major social media platforms, facebook, Instagram and twitter.


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